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IS THIS LOVE???? ( Epi-16) (Kkb, yhm, Matsh, Dehleez, IPKND)

Good morning friends. First of all a very big thank u to all of u for making my come back so special. I am really over whelmed. Tq so much dears. And again sorry for making u wait one more day. From today my ff will be regular.



Ishitha comes with a sad and a shock face. Our girls inquire her what’s wrong? She told them some thing and all in same shock. Just then clerk entered and gave Ishitha a list of names and asked her to read it out. Ishitha started calling out the names. She read Ishaani, Pragya, Swadeentha, Kushi…. And some other 15 names. All stood up. Ishitha ordered all of them to pack their bags. Entire class were confused. Just them HM enters. She announced that now these called out students will be shifted to Layer 1 class room for next 2 and ½ months. They will be seated in a separate class and they will have exams daily. Morning session exam and evening session study time and doubts clearance. Whole 10F was shocked. Now they all gonna miss their dear friends. The one beautiful class is gonna split now. Ishu gang was also pretty upset as they should leave their friends there. With a heavy heart and sad face they packed their bags and started moving in line. They were transported to next block. Ishitha leaded from front followed by Ishaani and others. They entered their new class room. Their head mam was sitting there. Ishitha only watched her and asked Excuse me mam, in her bold voice. Just then whole class who were seated there turned towards her. She too saw into the class and was hell shocked…… Teacher asked her to come in. But those words didn’t reach her ears in her shock. Ishaani standing behind shook her to get in. It was then the entire gang got the shock transmitted.

Yes our boys layer 1 were already seated there. They all looked at our girls. Its been nearly 3-4 months since they met. But still the same feeling of excitement and nervousness prevailed there. So now for next two months they all r gonna be in the same class. Gonna relive their 9B moments. All those past incidents and fights flashed in our girls eyes. Ishitha entered followed by ishaani, pragya and swadhu. Swadeentha was the most happiest one in this split as now she is close to aadarsh. While others r nervous. Boys had a three seated bench while for girls its only two seated. There were only five rows of bench. Raman occupied 3rd row of boys side. 4th row was filled with Purab, Ranveer and Aadarsh while last row has Aakash and Abhi. Coming to girls side Ishitha occupied 3rd row with some other girl. Next is Ishaani with Swadeentha and last row went for Pragya and Kushi. Along with them last row was also occupied by bulbul and her friends as last of girls alone is quite long. All seated. Ishitha had no clue of all these things. She was completely lost but one thing is clear in her mind. We all came here for studying as we have board exams in 3 months. Just then principal entered and wished our toppers all the best. Lunch bell rang. Mam went out. Some other boys and girls also went for canteen. But both boys and girls gang was fevicol fixed.

Finally Ishitha gathered courage and stood up. Just then purab too stood and while passing he hit Ishitha’s shoulders. She stared while he apologised. This iriked bulbul and Raman. Mean while all his friends started taunting purab and again the history repeats. All girls gathered near one corner of class. All were dumb struck as they didn’t expect this sudden shock. Then Ishitha started. Its been hardly 30 mins we reached this class and those monkeys already started. Meanwhile swadeentha didn’t listen anything and day dreaming. Ishitha pointed at her and told this monkey too started. All laughed. Ishitha and Ishaani adviced all to be in senses and concentrate only on studies. All nodded yes. They went back to their places. Now all gathered in one row and seated facing opposite to each other to have their lunch. Just then boys entered. Ishaani kept her bag in the way and didn’t notice. While boys walked Abhi slipped because of that bag while Pragya held his hand and stopped him from falling and in the mess he kicked the lunch box of ishaani and it fell on her. Abhi was shocked. Ishaani got tempered and started scolding Abhi. Cant u see and walk. R u blind. Just now we thought all should be fine and immediately problems came. Hearing this purab said one should have common sense to keep bag inside. Ishaani fumed while Ranveer laughed for this counter unknowingly. Ishaani stared at him and he became silent. Mean while all along pragya was still holding Abhi’s hand. Its then Ishitha signaled her to leave hand. Then she made Ishaani calm while Abhi asked sorry to Ishaani looking at pragya. Then Aadarsh from back whispered that Ishaani is there. While pragya laughed for this. Boys gang then went and settled. First day itself their cat fights has got inaugurated.

Its first period after lunch. Tomorrow is their testing exam. Its mathematics. All were seriously working out. But Aadarsh is not interested. So he took a piece of chalk and threw it on swadeentha. Kushi watched it from behind. The chalk fell on swadeentha. She turned to see who but cant find. She told this to Ishaani. While Ishaani noticed Ranveer was playing with chalks. She thought Ranveer threw it and threw back the chalk on him but it hit Raman. Raman turned and saw Ishitha noticing him. Actually she was thinking something and was looking there. Raman took the chalk and gave it purab saying Ishitha called him. Purab was confused and showed the chalk to Aadarsh. While he turned and stared swadeentha. Kushi and pragya noticed all this and were laughing hard. Meanwhile Purab called Ishitha and askef her why did she called her. She replied she didn’t while purab stared at Raman. Raman giggled. Just then HM called Ishitha and asked her to give some announcements to class. She came and asked everybody to listen. Raman wantedly didn’t listen. This irked her. She pointed out Raman and said If some kings are so busy in their work they can go out instead of staying here. Whole class laughed while Raman fumed. She told about next days timings for exams. Finally that day came to an end.

Precap: Ishitha helping Raman. Ranveer helping Ishaani.

I know guys this epi is bit boring and short. But tomorrow I will make it interesting. So now time for commenting friends…….

Credit to: Shree

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