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Is this called love? episode 29

If it happens then it will happen…..

Abhi called her ” How are you?” Pragya ” I am fine….U are still angry with me right?” Abhi ” Why do u think so?” Pragya ” Then why are u asking that how am I?” Abhi ” Ya angry for spoiling my mood but now I am ok!” Pragya ” Very very sorry! U know na…I always talk like this but I will try to control….I have to control especially after getting your precious prize!” Abhi ” So u saw it?” Pragya ” Of course! U know I was deeply disturbed?” Abhi ” Disturbed?” Pragya ” Yes! For the first time I felt winning something is disturbing…” Abhi “Strange! U should be happy for what I have given u! But u are feeling disturbed?” Pragya ” I was disturbed by the happiness from getting the prize! It was really unexpected and I was so happy that it disturbs my heart with your love…” Abhi “Oh! That kind of disturbance….Ok then u will have to face it from now onwards!” Pragya giggled hearing that…Abhi ” That was loud!” Pragya ” What is loud?” Abhi “Your smile!”
Pragya ” U will have to face it from now onwards too!” Abhi ” It’s my pleasure baby!” Pragya ” Baby again!!” Abhi ” Ya u are my baby!” Pragya “I think we both have forgotten what we want to talk about!” Abhi “Oh ya! About him…” Pragya “Did Bulbul told u that he was standing opposite of my house?”


Abhi ” I know this even before Bulbul told me! This is not his first time…” Pragya ” U mean u know that this is happening for very long! And u never informed me about this?” Abhi ” I will tell u everything now…I saw him that day when I was climbing down from the terrace after meeting u secretly at night. He was holding onto a camera too! I realised that he was there to see u! But after seeing both if us hugging each other, he looked sad and I guess he didn’t notice me as I saw him from being inside my car…” Pragya “It would have hurt him a lot right?” Abhi “Yes that’s why I thought of helping him to forget you!” Pragya “ But u know what? I have a feeling that….I don’t think this can work out! Let’s end this! As in your plan and all!” Abhi “ Why? We haven’t even start to execute it! And you are ready to give up that easily?” Pragya “ If it never works out! Then there will be more pain that he will be facing! Why can’t u understand that?” Abhi “ But u can be positive! It will work out!” Pragya “ What if it doesn’t? I feel that Certain things are better when we are leaving far away from it….so I have decided that I want to leave all of this….” Abhi “ What do u mean leave all of this?” Pragya “ I will leave from here! I mean I will go overseas for a while! May be leaving from here…will make his thoughts of me to leave him…..” Abhi “ What kind of stupid idea is this?” Pragya “ No! This is the only way!” Abhi “ If u leave from here, then it will make his condition worse…then he would feel bad that because of him u are leaving…. And I will also miss u badly! U never realise that!” Pragya “ I know but…what else u expect me to do? I am confused…I cannot enjoy the victory of our love with someone else’s failure of love….” Abhi “ Why do u think like this? His love is not a failure! His love is genuine and it can win even if it’s for someone else!” Pragya “ So u think he will win in his love?” Abhi “ We can make him win but just have to be careful! It will be better if u leave your stupid idea and join me to execute the mission of love….” Pragya “Ok I leave my stupid idea aside…” Abhi “ This is why I never tell u before that I saw him…I know u will be worried to the extent that some stupid idea like this will come up!” Pragya “ Can u don’t keep on repeat it’s a stupid idea!” Abhi “ Why? U are feeling bad for it ah?” Pragya “ Yes!” Abhi “ Oh! So sorry baby! I will call something else for it! Not now but when we are meeting next time!” Pragya “ Ok! So how must I help u with the plan?” Abhi “ Follow him! But I think we don’t have to that as I have already hired a private detective to that!” Pragya “ Then what we do?” Abhi “ We have to talk to a very important person!” Pragya “Oh! I know who is that!” Abhi “Get ready for that tomorrow!” Pragya “Ok sure baby!” Abhi “Hey! Now I am a baby for u?” Pragya “Yes u are my Abhoo baby!” Abhi “ What Abhoo? It’s not at all nice! It sounds weird!” Pragya “ No Abhoo! It’s very cute!” Abhi “Whatever! You are in a weird mode now and I just have to say bye for now before u come up with another weird nickname! Bye!” Pragya “ Noooo!” He ended the call and saw himself in the mirror and thought, what is Abhoo? It sounds like Boo! I always used to tell that when I was young! Especially when someone fails to do something! Is this called Karma for what I have done when I was young?

Pragya, the name is so cute…Abhoo! Let me save this name in my phone for his number! Yes he is my Abhoo baby!

The next day Abhi came to Pragya’s house to pick her up…..Sarla ma “I know both of u all are leaving somewhere but after when u two came back I want to talk to both of u all regarding marriage! I have called Dadi too!” Abhigya were shocked hearing that and Pragya “ Why Ma? Why do u need to hurry for this?” Sarla ma “What do u mean I am hurrying? You are already old enough to get married and this can’t continue like this…Already our neighbours are asking with whom are u going out often? Do u think I can just say Abhi is your friend? How long I can handle their talks?” Abhi “Auntyji! I can totally understand your situation and once we are be back, we will discuss everything!” Pragya “ But Abhi….” Abhi “ We can talk about this later as we are already running late!” Sarla ma “Thanks Abhi!” Abhigya left from there…….

Who is the important person that they are going to meet? And will they agree to marriage this time? If it happens then it will happen…What will happen? To know all that please wait for the next update……

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