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IKRS: Is love possible? Episode 3

So here goes the episode..
Vidha practice dance and Viplav smiles looking at her. When Dhaani raises her head up to see him they have an eyelock which was unfortunately disturbed by Raj. He says oh wow you both are practicing so seriously, I never thought that you would be so serious Viplav… they look at Raj, Dhaani takes back her hand and goes from there. She sees Kamini coming to Viplav. Kamini says hi jaan and hugs him, Dhaani sees them and thinks oh god!! Shameless people! Viplav asks so how is your preparations of dance going on with TP? Kamini says yes its good but he is not at all interested in dancing, kaash mujhe tum mile hote as my partner… life partner.. Viplav and Raj giggle… and Viplav says ab jaa nautanki mat kar! Kamini taps Viplav’s shoulder. The scene ends…

Two ladies are walking on the street and they clash with each other. They look at each other and are shocked as well as surprised! The lady says Kanak!! The other lady says Dulaari!! They both are happy and hug each other. Kanak says we met after 10 years! How are you? And how is your life going? Dulaari says I am good! How are you? How is jeejaji and your son?? You have never made me meet my jeejaji… Kanak says we all are good! Dulaari says if yes then you with your family have to come with me for dinner at my house! Kanak says what is the need? Dulaari says no ifs and buts you have to come! See this is my address. I will be waiting for you. Kanak smiles and they leave. Dulaari comes back home and makes preparations for dinner.


In the evening,
Dhaani dresses up well as Viplav’s family is going to come. Viplav refuses to come when kanak asks her. He says mom you know naa I am not at all interested in these things… kanak says ok beta as your wish… dulaari comes to Dhaani and says all preparations done? Dhaani says yes! Dhaani asks but who are they? Dulaaari says kanak is my childhood, school friend! Dhaani says oh.. just like me and Riya.. dulaari says yes.. now come down they must be coming… dhaani says yes! In some time they come and all have talks and dinner… kanak praises Dhaani.. dulaari asks why didn’t your son come? Kanak says actually he does not like these things he is not interested in meeting anyone except his friends… I tried to convince him but of no use.. dulaari says it happens in this age its ok… they have dinner and the scene ends…

Next day,
Its time for dance practice ? Viplav calls Dhaan for practice. He says practice hai bhul gayi kya?? Dhaani thinks why does he call me? Cant he be with that chipkoo Kamini! Dhaani goes with him to the hall. They practice holding each other’s hand, looking into each other’s eyes but Dhaani looks down.. Viplav holds Dhaani’s waist when a current passes in Dhaani’s body, she could not take it anymore that’s why she takes off her hand from him and runs away from there… Viplav says are kaha bhaag rahi ho?? He thinks what happened to her? But then who cares?? She is really weird! Dhaani thinks what happened to me suddenly? Later when there is a lecture, viplav comes and sits beside her. He asks why did you run away? Dhaani doesn’t reply. Viplav says anyways who cares? I was just asking but this stubborn girl does not even want to reply! Dhaani is hurt by his words. She says how rude can you be? Don’t you have any values or what? Sometimes boasting over money, or sometimes hurting people.. what do you think about yourself? You have money so you are great! But listen I am also rich but I don’t boast like you! Viplav is irritated by her words and says shut up! Just shut up! What do you think of yourself? Are you great? You always have problem with anything related to me! When I was dancing with you, then what happened to you ha? I didn’t even say anything then why did you run away from there? Dhaani starts crying… viplav says this s good you girls only know to cry nothing else! Viplav goes from there in anger! The episode ends…

Precap: Viplav feeling bad for what he said to Dhaani..

I am happy that you all are liking this ff. but I guess todays episode was a bit boring.. but stay tuned for good episodes.. and do drop your comments..
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