Hey all this is JoAn with a one shot jus came across this coz it co incised with my life and most of us are in the stage of getting married if not now someday we will surely get married this story is about arranged marriage have we ever thought that when we fix up an alliance we hardly give the couple two to four months to converse and open up and get to familiarize with each other before marriage and in old days it was a taboo to let the couple talk before their wedding so lets see how it works in the cute couples life…’
A Red Dressed Bride beautiful like a flower is all panic stricken and fearful sitting on the bed twisting and twirling sweating proufousley takes a diary and writes “I MARRIED A STRANGER” thats our Radhika..

Radhikas pov:”what do i do , do i tell him im scared or tell him im not ready”. A tall and handsome guy enters the room thats the groom and thats our Arjun he tells “radhu i thought i should sleep in the couch tonight” a flash of Radhu and her mum Radhus mum”choti when ur husband says he doesnt wanna sleep with you then thers a serious problem with you and you have failed as a wife” flash ends she jerks with Arjuns voice “Radhu wont you ask me why?” Radhika jus stares in his eyes with mixed emotions and Arjun says”radhu ur my wife not a pr*stitute”.
Radhus pov:”i really din know wat he meant my mind din work fine”.
Arjun:”and if we sleep together wen we don know each other wat different would u be frm a pr*stitute well sleep together when both of us want to and that would be the day ill make love to you i definitely wont have s*x with a stranger”.


Radhus pov:”despite how scared i was i giggled, tears rolled down from the corners of my eyes, people say it amazes when we shed tears when we are happy” and she dozed…
next morning Radhu comes out and enters the kitchen and was shocked and scared to see Arjun making coffee Arjun sees radhu and says:”Radhu are you fine?” Radhu says: “why are you cooking ?? “Arjun says “Come on i love cooking see im fine doing it” Radhu jus blinks and Arjun says “Radhu ur my wife not my slave” flash back Radhus mum “choti when you let your husband cook you’ve failed as a wife”flash ends

Radhus pov “i began to open up little by little i din share big secrets but i started talking to him” once he asked me an important suggestions on his office project and my jaw dropped but i quickly remembered” flash back Radhus mum was helping her Husband with his work and he behaves rude and tells her to shut up and not interfere and just stay whiten her limits”flash ends “i started suggesting and he listened i used to shed a lot of tears at home i used to do that here to but the reason and feelings wer different i felt confidence growing in me i never thought i can ask him whether i can go with my friends for trekking but i did i looked at him and said” Arjun can i go with my friends for trekking and i wont if you don like i will drop the plan and i promise i wont do anything stupid and ill be back when u need me” Arjun got pissed and says” Oh Radhika how many times to tell ur my wife and not my slave you don have to get my permission for everything” and walked away Radhu slowly walked to Arjun and told “listen im sorry im learning pls be patient with me my mums given me 1001 list on how to behave like a wife and how ill fail if i don follow them and my dads given 1001 list when to shut up and im learning” Arjun laughs aloud and says”Sorry Sorry i apologize for laughing and for my previous behavior ill keep that in mind but you need to promise me youll remember your not in your parents house let the past be the past”Radhus pov”he touched me on my shoulder for jus one sec it was very comforting it was his first touch and it was honest and i loved it my parents gift was marrying me to a stranger, i sometimes brought my friends home we enjoyed and boozed too one day it was a saturday night our day of fun me and Arjun were drinking wine when suddenly he asked me ” Arjun”Radhu tell me wat do you want to become” Radhu” i wanted to become a writer” Radhus pov ” i saw tears in his eyes they were priceless ill never forget it even after years ive never seen him happier and i never thought he also wanted to be a writer” Arjun “will you do that for both of us??” Radhus pov”i jus gave him a nod, That night i was crying like never before and i covered my face with the pillow and cried like a baby suddenly i saw Arjun standing by the door i jus ran and hugged him tight and cried like a baby then i kissed him on his lips and dragged him to the bed. Arjun” Are you sure it isnt the wine doing it?? ? “. Radhu”are you sure you arent a secret Gay” :p ” it was so typical of me but i had to say it i thought i orderd to him”. Radhu” i have to tell you something”. Arjun”What”. Radhu”im not a virgin”. Arjun” Ahh!! come on i thought you had Aids ? ” Radhus pov” and he bent and kissed me it was exotic and we made love after 3 and a half months of our marriage next morning the suns rays gushed on me i smiled at last nights events and looked at my husband who was once a stranger lying next to me i got up took out my diary and took the page where i wrote “I MARRIED A STRANGER” in black i took out a blue pen and wrote ” AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM” below it because i really had fallen in love with him, i promised myself to write but i din now wat to write but now i did i was going to write about “US”. thus ends with Radhika closing her book and looking at her baby Nesam who was giggling at her mumma and Arjun walks in baby jus throws her hand up in air to be lifted by her dad and the screen freezes with Arjun hugging his wife and kid.

hope youll like it i promise to update my mmz from were u left sorry guys had been really busy and SAMMY NITI happy birthday guys <3 <3 :* love youll

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