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I don’t believe in LOVE…..swaragini part 12

hello guys i know i am veryyyy irregular ut what can i do i have to do studies also.did u all miss me? but i miss u all alot and i am sorry for alot of mess but i uploaded in hurry because i have to pack my luggage therefore i am sory.and sory for short update

Swara was sitting in the mid of bad wearing red heavy wedding dress in sanskar’s room.she looked around in the room.nothing was changed no roses no decorations.because he refused to do any changing in his room.he don’t like changes.
swara in mind: what am i doing here.dadu what have u done.u made me burden on him.he hates me with unknown reason and he accepted just because of your health.her eyes get filled with tears.
swara:why am i sitting here and waiting for him so that he can come and taunt me.i will always be burden on him.
she slowly stepped down from bad and walked toward wardrobe nd pick white shalwar kameez.
swara in mind:now i can’t even wear jeans and tshirt. she pouts and goes to change the dress.



sanskar entered the room and frowned seeing the empty bad.he goes and sit on the bad just then swara come out and stand in front of mirror and start combing her long shiny hairs..sanskar looked at her and get freeze.
she was not looking hot she was looking cute in that white dress just like angel.his angel.at that time swara looked at sanskar’s reflection.her hands stopped in mid.
they remain in that position for more than 1 min.it was so unpredictable.swara turned and lay down on bad without saying anything.sanskar glares at her and also lay down and put hand on his eyes.
swara suddenly without looking at him:why did u said yes?
sanskar looked at her and said:for what?
swara gets up and said:for marriage…
sanskar in caring tone:why should i have said NO?
swara gets angry and said:because u said u hate me and we should never married to person whom i hate.
sanskar with close eyes:i never said i hate u.i said i hate your type of girls.
swara blinked at him several times.isn’t it the same thing.you or your type of girl.swara wanted to kill him with her bare hands.she huffed and throw pilow at his face and lay down facing opposite direction and closes her yes firmly to control her anger.
sanskar jerked up when pillow hit his face.he looked at pillow then at her back but for surpise he instead of getting angry chuckled at her childish behaviour and lat down again keeping pillow under his head.a wide smile was present on his lips.
after sometime swara open her eyes,turned and looked at the ceiling after sometime she turned toward sanskar.he was sleeping peacefully.
swara in mind:he is sleeping so peacefully.it is his room na.if this will continue i will turn into insomnia patient my teddy bear is also not here.she again turned and looked at the roof.after half an hour she get tired from turning from one side to another so she tried to get up but for her surprise sanskar hold her arm and pull.swara went flying on his chest.
sanskar looking at her:where are u going at this time?
swara pouting:i am not getting sleep.
swara irritated:what do u mean by why this is not my room or my teddy bear is also not here.i don’t get sleep without hugging him.i am going to get it from my room.
sanskar hold her from waist and pull her more closer to his chest.swara heart start beating fast.
sanskar:close your eyes and sleep and now its our room.
swara felt immense happiness when he said ‘our room’.she put her head on his chest and his warmth surrounded her from everywhere.
swara in sleepy tone:sanskar u should have said NO for marriage.u did wrong.and her eyes dropped down fully.
sanskar in deep tone:i didn’t do wrong.he kissed her on head and hugged her tightly.swara smiled in sleep.

swara open her eyes because of sun rays falling on her face.she looked around to recognize the place.she hugged her teddy bear tightly.
swara:why is my softy so hard today.she looked at sanskar and her eyes got wild open.
ans she screamed with full force.
sanskar jerked up from his deep sleep due to her yell.he quickly put his hand on her mouth and looked at her wild open eyes.
sanskar irritated:what the hell swara? why are yelling in morning.swara quickly remove his hand.
swara angry:what are u doing in my room?and get off me.she started hitting him.
sanskar hold her arm and placed them on bad looking her completely.
sanskar with narrowed eyes:do u have short term memory loss.if u have then let me tell u.we got married yesterday.we slept together on this bad.and if u are going to yell like this every morning then i will again think about my marriage with u.
everything get registered in swara’s mind and she cursed herself for yelling like this.she smiled at him.
swara:sory for a second i forget about our marriage.sanskar shook his head and get up from bad.
swara giggling:but u don’t worry i will buy cotton plug for u
sanskar looked at her with questioning eyes.
swara:u can put them in your ears before sleep na.so that your sleep should not be disturb at morning.swara laughed loudly looking at sanskar’s expressions.
sanskar goes to take shower smiling.
sanskar mumbles:pagal…..

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