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I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 8

Anjali saw Arnav at garden..so she went there to see him..he was chatting with his friend Akash..
Akash:Hey see..u saved one puppy na?someone captured it..and uploaded it on facebook.
Anjali & Arnav(at the same time):What?
Akash shocked..he expected this reaction from Arnav but not Anjali.
Anjali:U saved that puppy?
Arnav:Haan..tho kya?
Arnav:Ufff..I am leaving.
Arnav left..
Aakash:Dhi shall i say u something.
Aakash:After seeing u..he changed a lot..he never think about care,sister,family..but after the day u dropped him school..he changed a lot..when he was child he cried a lot..i asked him about it..he walk away..always he run from all these questions..but now i think now he wanted to know answer..will u be his answer..will u give ur love dhi..
Anjali:I am feeling guilty..i thought so wrong about him..i lost my brother, family..now i will never let him to lose his family.will u do favor for me.
Anjali called Ambuja amma and discussed something about arnav..

Nxt morning..
Anjali:I need some help.
Shyam:how may i help you?
Anjali:I need puppy.
Shyam:oh..its not a big deal..will buy evening..
Anjali:Not for me..its for someone..
Anjali told everything about Arnav to Shyam..He need some help to overcome all his loneliness..I want to replace all his sadness to happiness..
Shyam:U so caring..u doing all this for someone..I think he lost all his love for this day..for this caring sister..don worry..he will be alright..
Anjali:Hope so..


Deliver boy knocked the door..
Delivery boy:Sir ur Delivery.Puppy
Arnav:What the?

To be continue….

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