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I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 4

Arnav: what..don u hear what he said..i don want to speak with anyone..get lost.
he shut the door..anjali irritated..she knocked the door..Atlast she used some wood to break the door..and before that it opened..she stopped
Arnav:Have u lost it.
Anjali:No..but u.
Arnav:what Rubbish
Anjali:yes u lost ur brain..Thats why u throw your garbages in road instead of trash..how could u be so irresponsible. ur carelessness are the reason of many diseases..jzt..
Arnav:Shut up..i don want any lectures..here take those money..and get out..
Anjali:How dare you?u cant buy anything wit these..can u buy ur happiness..ur mom’s care..dad’s love..sister’s..
Arnav:i don need anything and iam happy with this..Go to hell.
he shut the door..Anjali thought again to break the door..but she went..
(In Anjali flat)
Anjali had oil and applying it on her hair..
Anjali:uffff…cool Anjali..he was useless..if you think about him..u lose ur breathe..cool cool..
Then she saw some girl who played with one little boy..she went there..
Anjali:u both brother sister eh?
Girl: yes..he was my cute bro..
Boy:she was my best sisssy..
Anjali:u like her so much?
Boy:haan..she was my bestie
Girl:Actually our mom dad busy with their works..wen i was small..my mom dad were always busy..had no time for me..but when he born..i decided that i never leave my bro to feel like me..i care him,teach him,play with,give all my love to him..
she kissed her brother’s forehead..he hugged her..
Anjali went to her flat and slept.

To be continue..


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