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I am always there 4 u.. I dont need anyone episode 3

After finishing dinner Anjali called to her ashram..She share her first day experience in school and also told about the two guys she met today..She said “if my brother was alive today his age will be same as these boys..but he definitely be like the first boy i met..i don’t want my brother irresponsible..by speaking she noticed one car in parking and then she said “will speak after sometimes” she went there.It was the same car, she saw evening..he asked watchman about the car’s owner..he say it was one boy’s car..He was rich and used to go for school, outings in that car.she went to his place and ring the calling bell.His servant open the door and asked her what she wants..

Anjali: I want to see the boy in this flat.
Servant: He is not in the mood to speak with anyone..you may go now.
Anjali: just five minutes
Servant : No.
he locked the door..she again rings the bell continuously..servant open and says that he will get angry on me bcoz of u..ask her to go..and locked the door.she again press the bell..door was opened.


To be continue….

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