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hum tum bane ek duje ke vaste (os) intro

Hello im a silent reader.i love edkv and shraman very much.thank you riya di and nandini di. im writing with other account.so there is the intro of my first os

suman tiwari-a middle class and naugty girl.loves her sister.her parents died when she was only 10.her nanu(grandfater) raised them
shravan malhotra-a rich and sareef (decent) boy he loves his family including his brother pushkar
pushkar malhotra-brother of shavan.loves his brother and his wife. hates his parents for some reason (not hate but don’t like them)
preeti malhotra- wife of pushkar.loves her family .a calm girl who tolerate every thing . opposite of sumo
nirmala malhotra- a pati vrata woman .mother of shavu and pushkar
ramnath malhotra-father of shavu and pushkar.a selfish man.treats his wife like a servant pretend to be a decent man
rest of the characters will be introduced later

sorry if there are any writing mistake
nandini di and riya di can i add you in this os

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