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Hippie’s Angel Epi-2 (Naagin)(Vishkanya)(KRPKAB)(KKB)

Hippie’s Luv..”AgarTumSaathHo”(Tamasha) in bg.. LightGreenPupils of his eyes opening with his hands catching the fish which is jumping above the river..The Fish is changed into Pink(ColorofLuv)..LightGreenEyed Dev with a smile changed to sitting frm lying on the hanging bridge..(actually on Assam..)n throw the fish into river..
Mohan hears the song frm Rhivanya’s place n realized the LuvKing is awaking..while getting song change in Rhivanya’s place…
Loc:Rhivanya’s home..
Ritik give a chocCake to Shivanya by kneeling in his one leg..”HawaHawa”(RockStar)in bg..
Suddenly,Song changes….
“TuHai”(Mohenjodaro) starts to play..
Shivanya is surprised..Ritik also realized Dev is coming…
N see the speaker ..n the song automatically goes to speed mode like a mashup..
N thinks”Dev..U know about my style already..”
Dev smiles while getting tiz..

Dev’s hands r changing into Pink..He smiles n thinks”Malay..U play with me..”
Loc:Topmost of the unknown building..
Malay waving his colours of luv towards Dev place..by his fingers..
N he feels the magic of colors goes not towards Dev,bt towards himself(Malay)..
Dev’s lips smiles n said”TrikChikTrik..3..2..1… See Who ‘ll win tiz game..” n also “I again want to meet the two unpredictables.. .. … ”
“I m behind U”A voice only get…by Dev..
“PaPapow..”(RockStar-SameSong) in bg..
Dev said”Bt U r in front of me”…


A finger touched n calls Dev’s shoulder..
“I m in ur back,Dev”
Dev Turns back n see him..He said”Welcome to Abhi,the Rockstar’s house”..
The place is slowly changes into Abhi’s house..
Dev smiles n thinks”Where is Twister?Sure He ‘ll wait to meet his co again”
Hope U like this frndzz..
Tanqqq frndzz for sharing ur thoughts n for Ur reading…
Got 15hrs of work the day b4 ystrd..Tatsy I fall in sleep without control..So,late updating..Plzzz forgive tiz…
Kindly read “Where is DevShi??” N also all frndzz ffs..Tanq..
Hippie’s Angel Epi1: http://www.tellyupdates.com/hippies-angel-epi-1-naaginvishkanyakrpkab-soon/

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