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Hippie’s Angel Epi-1 (Naagin)(Vishkanya)(KRPKAB Soon)

Loc:2nd floor of a building..Evng…
“Meowww…”A sound makes Ritik’s Angel awake..
Her eyes strts opening…
While opening,Shivanya,Ritik’s Angel was shocked n her lips smiles”What r U doing,Ritik?”
Ritik plays “Hawaa Hawaa (Rockstar)” in speakers n actually in Spanish Cowboy style n makes Spanish style of dancing..bt hides something behind her..”Pappapaan pow…Trik..Chik..Trik..3..2..1..”
N Take a ChocCake “Happy B’day,My Queen..Our Story Strts..”
Shivanya smiles n said”Urs naughty goes high today”..
Ritik said”Like U,Senorita”

N with the cake,He kneels in one leg before her..
Loc:A wide n narrow oneway path on the roads of HimachalPradesh…reaching 11pm..
A girl is running..Some crooks tried to chase her..n wrongly get into tat path..
A rod is coming in flying from behind them n attacks the goon one by one..like a remote control one..
The goon is shocked while seeing the blue eyes in front of them..Actually,the blue eyes control the rod..
The blue eyed Jean clothy Hippie takes his step n towards them..The girl is running n hides behind him..Blue pupils turned into red..The head of the goon identifies him n said with a fear”Mohan Bhai..We ‘ll never do tiz again”


Mohan turns back n asked the girl”Where is Ur home?”
Her eyes seems like a fountain..
Mohan said”I willn’t forgive U all..If I ‘ll see any one of U again,I’ll rip ur heads”in loud voice..
The goons r running one by one..Mohan makes the girl to reach her home safely..
Loc:A road ..Buildings on both sides..
Another hippie on the most top of the tower of building..n plays a tune frm the antenna using as a guitar strings..
“U didn’t forget me for Ur future,Ritik”
Hippie,Malay thinks with an undefined smile..

Hope U like tiz frndzz..
Dev Soon on 2nd epi…

Thank U for reading n write ur thoughts after reading…

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