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Now we r entering into real plot of EVERY RELATIONSHIP HAS ITS COLOUR
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Shiv enters Sona’s cabin.
Shiv: mam today 4.00 O clock appointment got cancelled. They informed just now.
Sona: whose appointment?
Shiv: Mr. Dev Dixit.
Sona: Don’t hyper me shiv. Whats wrong with him. Did he think that he is the only business man? Ok now arrange that employee meeting now. And don’t irritate me.
Shiv: yes mam.
He leaves. After 3 hours. Again he comes to her.
Shiv: mam an important matter.
Sona: Tell me shiv.
Shiv: Mam again Mr. Dev Dixit needs an appointment.
Sona stares.
Shiv: No mam this time he himself called. He requested too much. Y cant lets give them one more chance.
Sona: shiv r u serious. He already cancelled the meeting two times and u r supporting him. Whats wrong with u. Y r u taking his side now?
Shiv: Mam nothing like that. Actually Ishwari Companies are very good and best next to us. And I heard that they also work very sincerely and honestly like us. So only….
Sona: Hmm. U r telling. Ok final chance. Fix appointment after two days at 3.00 pm. And shiv this is final time.
Shiv: yesmam. Thank you.

There finally Dev got relaxed and this time he don’t want to miss the meeting.

Next day…. Brindavan…..

Sona and suman were leaving from house.
Suman: so u r not coming.
Sona: sumo its formality only know. I hav attended ur real degree function ryt. Today an important meeting is there dr. So pls ( she holds her ears)
Suman: ok fine with a pout face.

In college……

Its suman’s last day in college. She is gonna get her final internship certificate. So to make her final day memorable she decides to play some prank on her juniors. Afterall she is the Students President. She along with her friends targeted a junior student and planned something.
Suman: ok as soon as I whistle u should pull that rope.
Friend 1&2: ok sumo.
Suman saw that boy coming and whistled. The rope was pulled. In the entrance the water balloons from the bucket fell on that boy and he was completely drenched. Suman and her friends went near him and started laughing. That boy raised his head and stared at suman. Suddenly suman’s friends stopped her and pulled suman to stop. Suman then noticed and got a bit shocked. It was not that boy whom they want to prank. But instead its our hero SHRAVAN. He fumed at her.

Suman: oh no meinae kya kardhiya.( what hav I done)
Sir iam extremely sorry sir. We pranked some other boy and u came instead. Very sorry. Pls forgive us.
Shravan: didn’t speak a word and left the place in much anger.
Sumo gave a breath of relief.
Shravan went and changed his clothes. He then searched for his sister Ria. She is also studying in same college but UG final year. Its also last day for her. He then reached her block and was shocked to see Ria crying and Suman teasing her badly. Ria just then left that place. Shravan was in top rage mode. He went to her.

Shravan: what kind of a girl u are? A devil in disguise. Don’t u have sense?
Sumo got confused.
Shravan: How dare u to tease my sister.
Suman understood that he is Ria’s sister.
Suman: Oh actually sir don’t mistake me…. Actually we….
Before she completes he bursts out her. This angered sumo.
Suman: Oh hello Mr. Palm tree hold on. Y don’t know what happened and bursting here. And by the way Iam students President. I don’t want to give u any explanations.
Shravan: Oh I see then wait and watch what I can do.
Saying this he directly went and complained to Correspondent. He called suman and scolded her very badly in front of Shravan while he enjoyed the scene. Suman fumed. Then they came out.

Shravan: So Ms. President even now wont u give any explanations?
Just then Ria comes and hugs sumo and says plan success. Shravan was confused. She then notices Shravan there.
Ria: Bhaiya aap?
Shravan: What r u doing Ria she teased u so much but u r hugging her?
Ria: Looked in confusion and laughed loud. Bhaiya u too got fooled ah. Actually it was all our plan to fool some other junoir guys. Today is our last day right that’s y me and sumo di played this. And suman di is my best companion bhaiya. She is so sweet.
Shravan’s face turned pale hearing this. But still he didn’t even ask a sorry to her and went.
This further angered suman. Just then all final year students were asked to assembled in hall for their final convocation. All assembled.

On mic: So here we welcome our chief guest, very young achiever, MD of Ramnath group of industries and companies Mr. Shravan Dixit.

These words further irritated Suman. This khadoos was chief guest ha? No…. He insulted me for the first time in my life in front my teacher. I will teach him a lesson. Wait and watch Mr. Macaca fascicularies. ( Macaca is the scientific name of monkey )

Program started. All started getting their certificates from shravan’s hand.

On mic: And now comes our college’s best outgoing student, university topper Ms. Suman Bose.
Suman came to stage. Shravan didn’t gave any damn and just gave the certificate to her. But suman wantedly kicked his leg while posing for photo. Shravan stared at her. Suman in low voice wishpered. Look Mr. Now wait and watch the power of Ms. Suman. Saying this she left the stage. The function reached final stage. At last They welcomed chief guest to address the gathering.
Shravan went. He holded the mic and and gonna start but then a sound came from mic “drr!rrdrrrdrrr krrrrrrrrr” whole auditorium laughed. Again he started but now “ tup tuuuuuuup daaab” sound came. Shravan was irritated. For the third time when he started “ “Dhoomajalae dhoomajaale……..” came. Shravan left that mic and seated without speaking with embarrassment. It was suman’s work who wantedly cross wired mic. She then came out of sound room and flashed her hair while shravan watched it from the stage and fumed. She smiled.


Sona: so suman atlast u r graduated. How was todays function?
Suman: Don’t ask di. Waha mujhae ek Macaca mila tha.
Sona: Macaca hahaha if u hav given this name then iam sure he must hav done something big to u.
Suman: yes di. He irritated me so much. Now lets not talk about it.
Sona: teek. Come lets dine.

Two days later……

Ishwari companies……
Tina: sir today we hav….
Dev: yes tina I remember. Today its very important to meet Ms. Sonakshi Bose.
Tina: yes sir.

Suddenly dev gets a call. He was hell shocked. Tears rolling from his eyes. He immediately rushed to hospital. Ishwari fell very sick and was in ICU. Her BP, sugar, cholesterol and homeostasis every thing out of control.

In Jeevan hospitals……
Dev: Dr. Jeevan Kapoor how is my mom.
Doc: Not in a good position Dev. Her health is totally spoiled.
Just then Tina calls dev.
Dev: Tina cancel all appointments. No more cross talks. He shouts and cuts the call.
Tina: but sir Ms. Sona….. Kiiiiiii call cut.
Tina again informed Shiv about cancelled meeting. Shiv told Sona.
Sona: Haadh hogayi. Shiv here after never ever give my appointment to that unpunctual company. Understand!!! Now lets do our work.

In hospital……

Doc: Mr. Dev ur mom hav ignored her health so long so all her systems got collapsed. Her diet was very much damaged. She even have cardio vascular problems. Very bad Mr. Dev.
Dev: cries. So doctor what should I do now. Give me the solution.
Doctor: firstly her diet should be controlled. So that we can deal with her further. Her BP, Sugar should be controlled too. For that u need to appoint a best nutritionist for her who would stay full day along with her so that even the amount of water she should drink would be monitored. U need a best doctor for this as ur mothers case is very complicated.
Dev: yes doctor. I will do what u tell. But my mother should be alright. U urself tell me doctor I will even get a best nutritionist from foreign too.
Doctor: no no Mr. Dev. Wo galthi mat kijhiyae. Ur mom is used to indian food. If u get foreign doctor then their style will not match us and it leads to further complications. We need a best indian doctor with our style of food habits.
Dev: then tell me doctor. Refer any of ur hospital doctors.
Doctor: yes dev I was thinking. Actually my hospital nutritionists are inexperienced and not so best. So I was thinking.
Dev: tell me doctor. I will get any body for my mom.
Doctor: Actually there was one doctor. She is the best in this. If she attends ur mom then ur mother will be perfectly alright in just 4 months. She has handled even more complicated cases than this. She never fails. U know Mr. Dev she even attended our Ex. President APJ Abdul kalam. Even our CM was her patient. She made my hospital so popular.
Dev: Then contact her.Tell me who is she doctor.
Doctor: No dev now she is no more working here. She left the job 4 yrs ago. Now she is no more a doctor too. But I am sure if she handles this case then all will be fine. But I don’t think she will do this.
Dev: No doctor tell me who she is. I will make her accept.
Doctor: That’s not easy Dev. I think even u would hav known her. She is Ms. Sonakshi Bose, only doctor who holds a Ph. D., in nutrition and dietics.
Dev: Sonakshi?? But she
Dev : but will she remember her doctor job. I mean she left it long ago.
Doctor: will u ever forget ur mother tongue. For Sonakshi her doctor job is like that only. That is inseparable from her. So Mr. Dev u try ur luck. By the way do it within 4 days because till that we can manage with saline. After that ur mom’s diet should start.
Dev: Yes sir I will.

Dev immediately calls Tina and asks her to make an appointment. But tina informs him about decision of sonakshi. Dev immediately directly goes to her company.

At lobby……

Dev: I am Dev Dixit. I want to meet ur MD immediately.
They sent Dev to Shiv.
Shiv: Yes sir how can I help u?
Dev: I need to meet ur mam.
Shiv: sorry sir mam refused.
Dev: Hello. For two mins just inform her.
Shiv: Sorry sir now its 5.00 pm. Mam already left office.
Dev: ok give her number I will talk.
Shiv: sorry I cannot give her number without her concern.
Dev leaves angrily. He immediately calls Tina and gets Sona’s house address.

Precap: Meeting of dev and sona…..

I am a selfless person who values friendship more than life.
Life is so simple and not to make it complicated….??

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