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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shravan sits in the car. I will tell Sumo everything. Aditya asks him to wait and sits inside. Please drop me too. my car is busy in dropping people. Shravan says I am going to CP. Aditya says it is perfect drop me on the way please. Shravan does so without a word. Aditya thanks him but Shravan drives away without saying anything. Aditya wonders if what this man is. He always he short tempered.


Shravan is driving when Aditya’s phone rings. Shravan is irked as he takes a u turn.

Sumo is talking to Nirmala ji. I am so happy you are here. Don’t go without meeting me. I am bust at the moment. Nirmala ji says I know. You are doing it on by yourself. They agree to meet after wedding. Nirmala ji tells Sumo to take care of Nanu. Sumo is in thoughts.

Aditya is talking to the

chole kulche vendor. Shravan gives Aditya his phone. Aditya thanks him. Now that you have decided to be my angel then I will make you meet my angel. She is my girlfriend no. 1. I don’t make anyone meet her. You are really lucky. Shravan says thanks but not interested. Call your mom ok. He sits in the car. Nirmala ji comes to the venue. She can be easily seen in the car’s rear view mirror. Shravan is looking at his phone when she heads inside. He does not see her and neither does she.

Nirmala ji hugs Aditya. Why aren’t you picking your phone? I have been calling him. Aditya tells her that he forgot his phone in the car of his friend’s brother. He is a big Sadu. He never laughs as if something has gone terribly wrong. Nirmala ji says I know what you have told him. Aditya says I dint say anything wrong. You are my first girlfriend. Nirmala ji smiles. Who will agree to meet me if you will talk like this? When will you make me meet your love interest? Aditya says it will happen real soon. Khichdi is boiling. It will be ready soon.

Shravan is upset on Aditya but realises that he is angrier on Sumo though. She isn’t understanding anything He tries her number again but she does not pick up. He wonders why this is happening.

Sumo tries to cheer Nanu but he is worried for her. She reasons that he has raised her to be strong. Why worry then? nanu says how will you get married if Manju and everyone leave for America. I am old. I wont be able to do anything. Sumo explains it well to him. I am strong enough to tackle anything. If they go then I have you. I don’t have any worries till you are with me. he reasons that he isn’t blessed to be immortal. I will leave you one day. She gets sad. Don’t say so. I wont let you go anywhere. You cannot talk like this. Think what will happen to me. How can you say so? Promise me you will never say it again. She helps him in lying down and massages his legs. Nanu stares at the ceiling blankly. Sumo repeats she wont let him go. nanu thinks it is destiny. no one can change it. I wont mind it once you marry to a nice family. Sumo is upset thinking about Nanu’s words. She caresses his face when he falls asleep. She looks at him emotionally and then goes.

Sumo comes to her room. No Nanu, I cannot think about me without you. I don’t care about society and its norms but you will always be with me. She notices Shravan’s missed calls. She calls him back. Shravan stops the car to talk to her. He gets concerned hearing her voice. What happened? She lies that it is nothing but he is sure she has been crying. She lies again. He asks her if she thinks she can lie to him. why do you even try? (tumhe lagta hai tum mujhse kuch chupa sakti ho? Tum koshish bhi kyun karti ho?) She too thinks about it. It is very difficult to hide something from you Shravan. (Tumse kuch bhi chupana bahot mushkil hai shravan). Shravan speaks of the childhood times when he used to come to her after getting hurt. I knew you might not be able to do something but you got to know. I gave you that right. Wont you give me that right today? She cries. How can Nanu say it? He asks her again. she shares what Nanu said. He is everything for me. I don’t know what I will do without him. I wont be able to live without him. He assures her he wont go anywhere. Your love ties people in such a manner that they cannot leave you. don’t think about it. people say so in weak moments or troubled times. Nanu loves you. he wont go anywhere. She is worried if something happens to Nanu. I will be left all alone. He tells her not to even think that ways. I am there. I will be with you. they both go quiet. She says I am fine now. Tell me why you called. He says I forgot. She knows he is lying. You think you can lie to me? Why do you even try? Say it. He agrees to tell but some other time. It isn’t that important. She asks again but he stays put. Don’t upset yourself thinking about all that. Everything will be good. Stay positive. Take rest now. She says hmm. He tells her to sleep. She points out that she will sleep when he will keep the phone down. He sweetly says I wont do it till I hear you snoring. She says I don’t snore. He reminds her that she cannot win with him in arguments. You call me egoistic. She smiles. You want me to lose? He sweetly requests her to do so this time. She smiles sweetly and agrees.

Pushkar tries Shravan’s number but it is switched off. Everyone at home is worried. Varun calls his friends to check about Shravan and so does Pushkar. They find no clue. Lala ji asks Pushkar to call Sumo. You should have called her first. She is his best friend. Kamini adds fuel to the fire. You should have called her first of all. She is Shravan’s best friend after all. They might have sat down to discuss the preps. Ramnath panics upset. What will they talk about at 2 am? Kamini shrugs. Pushkar calls Sumo.

Sumo is in deep sleep. She is surprised to see Pushkar calling her at this hour. Pushkar asks her if she has any idea where Shravan is. Sumo denies. I had a word with him at 11:30 last. Pushkar shares that Bhaiya left at 11 pm from home. Sumo is shocked to realise that Shravan was in car when he was talking to her. Pushkar ends the call. Sumo wonders where Shravan was going to at that hour. why dint you reach home yet? She gets up up and picks her car keys. Massi asks Sumo where she is going at this hour. Sumo tells her that no one knows where Shravan is. I will just check.

Sumo, Pushkar and Ramnath are looking out for Shravan on road. They hope Shravan is fine. Sumo thinks he wanted to say something to her. Maybe he will be on the way to my home. She finds his car and informs Pushkar. He agrees to come right away. Sumo knocks at the car’s door. Shravan has fallen asleep. He is surprised to see her there. What are you doing here? She shouts at him. Have you lost it? What was the point of putting me to sleep when you were in the middle of the street? Everyone is so worried and I. She hugs him and cries. Please don’t do it ever again. He agrees not to do it. Pushkar and Ramnath come just then. Ramnath is upset seeing them thus whereas Shravan looks happy.

Precap: Ramnath says I hope you dint forget your promise Sumo. She says I promised you that I will never tell my feelings to Shravan but it not that the feelings will be over. Love has happened after all. What to do now?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Cassandra Souzaa.

    How can Sumo choose Aditya, he looks like fikka dal and Namik looks like mutton masala. When all is said & done you have to be tough as nails to love one man and marry another. Sumo follow your heart and not your head.

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