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Ek Duje Ke Vaste 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

All the elders come to Nanu’s room. He has called them here. Nanu says you recalled all your pain but have become so selfish. You forgot that the girl you wish to leave behind is doing everything for you only. You love your freedom and desires but you cannot think about the girl who is managing your daughter’s wedding responsibilities all by herself. You wont see anything but your own selfishness. Mami tries to say something but Nanu cuts her off. You don’t have to act. I had taken this decision long ago. I dint want to ruin the atmosphere. Why should I care when you don’t? You all can go anywhere you wish but I wont leave this house. I have spent my life here. I will die here only so don’t ask me to come with you. no one worries for Sumo so don’t act to care. She is


my daughter. She will stay here with me without anyone’s support or favours. He coughs. Mama ji asks him to sit but in vain. Nanu says she is innocent. She cannot see the wrong side of relations. I am able to tell you my decision as she isn’t here or she would have fought with me. I told you my decision. Enjoy the wedding now and your freedom. He coughs again. they try to take care of him but he tells them to let it be. The sooner I get habitual to be without you the better.

Shravan thinks what this is. Why isn’t she picking my call? He calls Sumo again. preeti picks it up. He wants to talk to Sumo but Preeti says she forgot it at home. she is super busy. She doesn’t have time to even drink water. He is irked and ends the call. I am also not free if you are this busy.

Nirmala ji calls Nanu. I am sorry as I was busy in meetings back then. He talks sadly to her which worries her. He invites her for Preeti’s wedding. You will be hurt as Ram will be around but it is good to have your loved ones with you. Will you be able to take out some time for this old man? I will like it. She says is everything fine there? You seem worried. Has something happened there? Please tell me. He replies that time teaches you a lot. She agrees to come but on two conditions. I will come there but will not stay at your place. I wont be able to join you for the wedding. I will meet Preeti and wish her luck for future. Nanu agrees. It will be good enough that you will come. She nods. Take care of yourself. They end the call. Nirmala ji is sure there is something wrong. What could it be?

Aditya tells Pushkar about some ritual which is very important. Pushkar declines. He makes Shravan join them. Aditya asks Shravan to explain it to his brother. He is fulfilling all the rituals of his in-laws but not of his friends. Shravan asks about the ritual. Aditya says it is bachelor’s party. Pushkar fears Preeti’s reaction. Aditya asks Shravan to explain it to Pushkar. Shravan replies that it is Pushkar’s wedding so he will decide what he wants and how. ADitya calls himself a person who can tell future. I am saying that this will be perfect and right. Pushkar says do you see me getting beaten by Preeti in future. Aditya says no one will be at home at that time. They will go to attend a wedding. It will only be the 3 of us. Pushkar smiles. This is why you have been pushing for it. Aditya says party is on then.

Tiwari family looks after Nirmala ji. She tells everyone to look after the preps. I am here only. They all leave. Nirmala ji says I know you somewhat. You dint say anything yesterday but I cannot be wrong about it. Something is bothering you. Tell me please. Nanu says you are right. I will talk to you later. Let this pass happily. She nods. I will wait. I am here in Delhi only. Tell me whenever you feel like. My son is also here. He has come to attend his friend’s wedding. Nanu expresses his wish to meet him. Nirmala ji agrees. She asks for Preeti.

Nirmala ji gives gift to Preeti. Pushkar is a good guy. I am happy for both of you. Some relations are made by God. You both are alike, sweet and simple. Where is Sumo? Preeti has no idea. She is handling everything singlehandedly. I haven’t even seen her since last evening. She is managing everything so brilliantly. All this wouldn’t have been possible without her. Nirmala ji speaks well of Sumo too. She is doing everything when she is so young herself. Preeti nods. The house where she will marry will be really lucky. Nirmala ji smiles in agreement.

Aditya asks his friend to be ready for the party. He gets call from his mother. She asks him what could be a beautiful surprise for him. He says it would be if you will say you are in Delhi. She smiles. It is true. I have come to a friend’s place for some wedding occasion. I haven’t seen you since days now. He calls her Senti Ma. They finalise a neutral spot for meeting at 9pm.

Pushkar comes to the hall but is all sweating seeing too many people including girls there. Aditya leaves him with the girls. Shravan sits down on the stairs. Pushkar asks Aditya who these girls are. Aditya says they are my friends. I thought to make you meet girls once you get hooked. Aditya encourages him to talk to one of the girls. He sits down next to Shravan on the stairs. What’s up? Shravan says Pushkar dint want to go. Why you insisted him to go? Aditya explains that he knows what’s in everyone’s hearts. Pushkar wanted to go. He needed a push. He speaks of the logic of guys getting attracted to girls. You too must like someone? Shravan keeps a straight face. Aditya gets a call from someone.

Pushkar gets tensed when he gets Preeti’s call. He excuses himself to attend the call. She says its one hour already. You dint call me. Where are you busy? He lies that some friends came over. She asks about them when a girl asks Pushkar to come. Shravan intervenes. He tells the girl to wait for some time. Preeti asks Pushkar if he is hiding something. He denies. I love you. She buys it. they say I love you to each other. Shravan speaks against Aditya. You are lying to Preeti before marriage only. I told you Aditya is not the right guy. Pushkar says I am wrong than him here. Shravan nods. Be careful now.

Aditya asks Shravan why Pushkar is all quiet. Shravan says it is because of you. He had to lie to Preeti. Why did you have to interfere? Aditya gives his logic. People are scared of walking on the path they want to walk on. I guide them. Shravan taunts him to go to the girls then. Help people and increase your experiences. He tells Shravan he is a one woman man only. My setting is on right now. Shravan asks him about it. Aditya replies that he is in love. Can you not see it on my face? It’s a man to man top secret. Don’t tell anyone, ok? I will get it this time. Shravan decides to talk to Sumo asap.

Precap: Shravan gives Aditya his phone. Aditya thanks him. Now that you have decided to be my angel then I will make you meet my angel. Shravan says thanks but not interested. He sits in the car. Nirmala ji comes to the venue. She can be easily seen in the car’s rear view mirror. Shravan is looking at his phone.

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