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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 4

Surprise!!!! Aj pakka surprise pe surprise hi hogi. K so I made this epi a “weekend twist” because I wanted to see all of ur reactions. Nd all of u did almost killed me with ur words coz of tht. So I thought two surprises. 1st- It’s an early post (haha I could’ve made u all wait till Monday night) nd 2nd- idk, figure it out

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Recap: Shravan and Suman both in the backyard

She was a meter away from the ground and tried not to fall grabbing his suit reflexively, when he bent himself and held her by her waist for balancing out. Their eyes were locked. Her vision was filled with a handsome face covered with light beard. The brown lenses and the prominent cheekbones. For sure those were her weaknesses.

His eye image, on the other hand, was covered by a small, innocent but rather a confused face. The soft cheeks had managed to bent muscle and smile. Those natural pink lips. Perfectly stain-free. He could feel the smoothness of her hair which lied down towards the ground and some got stuck between his rouge hand and her midriff. Everything was so perfect. And most of all her eyes. Those hazel eye balls covered with darkness. It wasn’t dark circles. It was all smoky. Mysterious… The half-gone blended mascara and liner’s texture was still present around her eyes. He couldn’t believe someone could be so simple still beautiful.

Soon both realized that it was a public encounter and they weren’t in a suitable position but still couldn’t stop staring. When he was lost in her simplicity, she was trying to figure out that way too known eyes. Shravan stretched himself up not breaking the eye contact and also pulled her up by her waist. Now they were standing face to face. Her hands were fixed on his suit collar (chest) as she struggled to remain in the same level as him (He is lambu after all!) while he statically wrapped himself around her midriff still bending his head towards her face.
It was him, she understood. Those brown eyes were his. Years back these use to be hidden behind a thick framed glass but now they are exposed. And she could not stop herself from staring. She needs to break the contact; her heart is beating too fast. She can hear those beats.
Sumo *Struggling with the words as her voice died away long back*: Woh….woh…mai woh file….yeh file….uncle ko….nanu ne…. *took a deep breath* I’m sorry

Shravan fingered like he heard this voice before. The soft tone directly penetrated through his veins. The smile was also well known. And most of all, those hazel eyes….How can something be so familiar? He did have deep connection with it. But it wasn’t a time to think. She said something and he must reply: uh?

Sumo moving her hands from his collar: Sorry…*hesitated* maine hani dekh…
Shravan came back to sense and painfully removed his hands from her waist. He knew he wanted to hold on. Managing to get out of his trauma: it’s okay *stepping backwards*
Sumo sensed waters rolling off her eyes as she turned around quickly. She was crying. For what? Meeting her best friend after 10 years? Not being prepared and facing him with messy look? Bumping off him and proving she is careless? She started taking big steps and walk away from him as soon as possible.

He was looking down. He knew her somehow. But how? Who was she after all? He looked up for one more glance however could just see her back. But it was enough. He knew who she is. She is the same girl. Her straight hair still flowing down her back. The same orange kameez. It has to be her.
Shravan: Excuse me….

Sumo carried on walking not carrying about his call
Shravan: Hello……Excuse me
Her breath was faster than ever. Why is he calling her? Did he recognize her?
Shravan followed her and she could feel that. Unwillingly, she turned around and his heart flattened. Her side face. It’s the same. It’s her. He felt like he was the king of the world. He saw her face. Perfect. The touch of simplicity. Yes a girl is there who entered a party in a casual outfit and no makeup. (Look at the last two paragraphs of epi 3) He couldn’t stop smiling. For sure the smile made Sumo even more uncomfortable.
Shravan trying to control his happiness and act bold: Yeh file toh rah gayithi *handing her the file*

She tried to hold it but her hands, like her thoughts, were not stable. It shook as she almost dropped the file when he held both her hand and the file. He could feel the warmth of her skin. How lucky those street people would be who gets to feel her hands every day. Both shared a long eye contact for the second time and this time too it was hard to break it. Sumo managed to come in normal state and remove the file with her hands from his saying *thank you* in the weakest voice.

Party over- Pushkar and Shravan in his room
Pushkar: Kya bhaiya kaha fasadia tha? Woh sare ladkiya toh ekdaam……..*Shravan giggling* Apko hasi arahi hai? Kher mujhe bhi hasi e arahithi un sab bhootni oko dekhka. Kitna sara makeup aur kya heavy heavy gehne. Saach batau toh aici koi ladki hai e nahi jise simple ka matlab malum hai.
Shravan started thinking of her appearance in the party….

Pushkar: Mujhe yehi nahi samaj aati ladkiya ita over hygiene concern kyu hotehai? Woh toh aapne sunihi hai. They judge people by their status. Kitna galat hai.
Shravan thinks of her with those street people
Pushkar: Aisa koi ladki kya paeda bhi hua joh simple ho, apni status ki kader na karke saab se miljhulte hoo. Dusroka madat kare aur khudki bademe zyada na soche.
Shravan: Agar mai kahu ki mai kisiko jaantahu joh simple hai, dusroke madat kartehai, aur status ya fir class par bishwas nahi karte, toh?
Pushkar: Toh fir uski hath pakro, mandap pe jao, aur shaadi karlo.

Shravan: Kya chote
Pushkar: Thik hi kahrahihoon. Aici ladki barbar nahi aati. Maine toh ajtak sirf do hi dekha hai. Ek Nirmala aunty, aur dusra Sumo……Anyways bhaiya mai toh bas yaha aapko humara ajka party ki family pic dene aaithi. Yeh loo. *Giving Shravan a photo* Mai sone jahtihoon
Pushkar leaves

Shravan looks at the picture and smile. Finally all of his family is together in one pic. The words of tht client stuck his head “Complete family toh tab hogi jab ap shaadi karnege” wait…..The photo. What was that? There was someone near the pillar on the background. It was a girl. Her face wasn’t clear but she was wearing something orange. Instantly, Shravan’s face got covered with a 40 bolt smile. It was her. Wow….She is in our family, he thought.

Precap: Suman loses control over her feet and falls off Shravan. They both roll on the ground. Eye contact.

How was it? So the 2nd surprise is……….I’ll post long epis (this one was long too). How was this epi? Wasn’t the ShraMan encountering a kinda surprise too? Look…..I gave sooo many surprises so pls surprise me with ur comments… Consider me for mistakes….I tried……Nxt epi will be up within two days…

L!fE iS sHort, bReaK RuLEs, ForGiVe qUicKly, ki$S sloWlY, LoVE truEly, laUgh unContRollAbly, @nD nEveR reGreT anYthIng tHat mAde yUo $milE.

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