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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 3

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I knw I said I’ll post it on late Friday or next week but……I had to post it, NOW. U all were requesting so much that I couldn’t stop myself. But kept some scene for a weekend twist. Excited for ShraMan meeting? So here it is!! (DON’T MISS THE ENDING)
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Recap: Shravan is impressed seeing someone’s generousness though he is unaware of the fact that the girl is non-other than Sumo. Sumo comes to Malhotra house to give

Ramnath a file and is shocked knowing there is a party
Malhotra House
Ramnath: Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for joining us tonight. Today is the luckiest day of my life. My son is back from London after 10 years and now a world famous lawyer. Please welcome him on stage
Shravan smiles and walks to the stage. Everyone claps.
Girls: Omg!!!/Kitna hot ladka/ Give me a cold drink asap. I’m burning/He is so charming/Merit oh lottery laggayi yaar/ I found my prince charming.
Shravan: I owe my success to my dad. Whatever I am, it’s bc of him. Besides him there is of course my supportive family and Su…..
Stop Shravan wht r u doing? She is no one to u now. How can u think of her? He said to himself in anger though he managed to cover with a fake smile
Ramnath: Aur?

Shravan: Nth. Papa, we are a complete family now.
A client: Nahi beta. Complete family toh tab hogi jab ap shaadi karnege. Waise kaici ladki chahiye aapko?
Shravan instinctively started thinking of those hands. The half-smile. The sound of her laughter. It isn’t the right moment to think of her, he muttered blushing and said: koibhi….. dhanka

Sumo was hiding behind the pillar near the entrance as those girls in designer gowns walked by. She couldn’t stop herself from crying due to frustration: Khudko dekh! Yeh orange kameez woh bhi bina dupatta ke. Tujhe aaj hi woh dupatta dena tha? Yeh sadi lakdiya toh ekham hot chicks ke tadha lag rahehai. Shravan 10 saal London pe the, India ke oi choti shahar me nahi, toh obv woh kisiko kameez pe nahi dekhna chahegi. Yaar Sumo toh ekdam gadha hai..Gadha nahi gadhi
Someone asked from the back: Mam….
She jumped in fear. Shit!!! Someone noticed her. Trying to cover her face she turned around: Oh!! Ramesh Uncle bolie *in a relived tone*
*Ramesh the waiter/servant*

Ramesh: Oh Suman mam. Drink?
Suman: Nahi nahi. Acha Ramnath Uncle aur baki saab kaha hai?
Ramesh: Living room pe.
Sumo: Aur…..aur SHra….van?
Ramesh: Saheeb toh Pushkar saheeb aur ladkio ke sath lobby par hai
Ramesh leaves
Sumo: Ladkio ke sath!! Yeh fatu aab ladkio ke sath rahtahai? Nahi Sumo aj tu mar jana lakin use mat milna. Aab kya karu? Ramnath uncle toh living room me hai saabke sath. I won’t go in front. Ek kaam kartihoon. Mai yeh file uncle ke room par rakhdeliho. Haan mai backyard se jatihoon

Girl (1): Wow Shravan u became so tall and handsome.
Shravan: Thank you. You are also looking very pretty in this dress
Girl(1) blushing: Aww thanks. Designer hai. I love these designer clothes.
Girl(2) to girl (1): U knw aaj mai shopping jarahi thi nd imagine kya hua? Ek bhikarine mera hath pakra. Ewww. I washed it 10 times with soap and went for spa. I can’t resist them
Shravan had flashbacks of her giving the dupatta to that man
Girl(3): Kinta hot ho yaar
Shravan: Not like u
Pushkar whispered in Shravan’s ear: Bhaiya!!! Kya line shine sikhke aae ho. Aab toh ap flirt bhi karleto ho
Shravan mumbled: Pushkar tuh insab koh handle kar. Mera yaha daam ghutrahi hai. I need fresh air. Mai backyard jarahihoon.
Shravan to the girls: Ladies mai abhi fresh hokar aatehoon

(Shravan Sumo both in backyard)
Sumo walking hiding her face with the file. She stopped and said to herself: Tuh yeh kya karhahi hai? Aise file muke saamne rakhegi toh saab ka attention tujh par hoga. Tui jaldise bhag.
She kept the file in front of her face and started walking fast. She couldn’t see what’s in front of her and soon her quick walk turned into a slow pace running. She had to reach Ram’s room asap without coming across someone

-Screen change-

Shravan talking to himself while walking on the backyard: Girls can’t resist poor people! Aaj maine kya dekha? I’m damn sure aj jobhi dekha woh saab galtise dekha hoga. Aisa kuch nahi hua kuiki koi ladki aisa hai e nahi. All r self centered and ‘status’ concerned. Woh café wale ladki bhi uske staff par bharak rahithi. Jo maine tab dekha. wohi sach hai. Joh maine baadme dekha traffic ke time par woh mera imagination tha. Aisa koi ladke aajtak paida hi nahi hui joh gareeb oke shath khana khae, aur “party” pe bina saje, simple aur normal bheshpar aaegi. It’s impossi…….

The file dropped on the ground.


Precap: he could feel the warmth of her…

That’s all for this week. Sry guys ek weekend surprise toh banta hai. Nxt epi will be great nd I promise that. I already wrote tht though I won’t post it coz it’s a surprise. For now, just keep on imagining what might have happened. Btw how was this epi? Sry if there is any mistake. (I’m not too gd in hindi) Did u like it? Pls comment and share ur feedbacks.

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