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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Love, Friendship, or Something More? Epi 2

Hiiiii. K so I was thinking of posting 3 episodes per week. IDK. Lets see how does this epi end. If u guys react okay type then I can relax and post the next part next week but if U guys get too much excited then I gotta post it soon. So here read it:
If u haven’t read the 1st part yet:
Epi 1

Recap: Shravan stops by PCT and is left disappointed by Sumo’s behavoir
She walked to those homeless people who were seating next to the road and greeted them with great kindness, then called out her staffs one by as they brought fresh oriented food to her. Those tearful eyes which craved in hunger were now shining as the food came towards them (Poor ppl) Then she took out a plate for each and offered everyone food. A very old man was seating down there in a corner in ragged cloths. His was so old and ill that he didn’t even have enough power to hold the plate and eat. She couldn’t resist. She covered the man with her dupatta. Then took the plate and started feeding him. They smiles. Laughed together. There were no different between them now. No class, no status. All same.
Shravan couldn’t believe his eyes. How could he misjudge her? For now all he could do was curse himself for his fault. But then again he made himself strong believing she was rare and not every girl is same. And the girls he overcame so far were cheap, selfish, narrow minded, and most of all a cheat. They never understood feelings. But the girl in front of him……she was different. She not only understood feelings and also appreciated it. She supported the people whom no one supports. For a while he left like she could support him too…he was lost. Lost in his thoughts….
A man: Bhaisaab jaaneka mood nahi hai? Traffic toh clear hogayi. Aabe nikaal na humebhi bohat sadi kaam hai
Shravan managed getting out of his thoughts and started driving. He knew that he was leaving something behind. But what? And the question was……who was she? He couldn’t even see her face properly. It bothered him so much. He wanted to see her. Now…..He would. Someday, he’ll knw who she is. And now he knws where she comes everyday :p


Tiwari house:
Sumo was cleaning the house when she noticed a blue folder wrapped with thin rope. There was a small sticky note pressed against in. She took the note and read it:
“Sumo tu nahi aasaki isiliye tujhe yeh kaam derahihoon. I trust u. It’s a very important document regarding Mr. Dharesh Tripti (a client)’s case. Pls ise Ramnath ko dedena jitni jaldi hosakeen. Ho sakeen to haj hi. Aapna dhayn rakhna.
Sumo didn’t even think for a while. She was waiting for this moment. Yah finally she’ll meet Shravan there. She went in front of the mirror and smiled saying to herself: Sumo aj tuh use milegi. Daas saal baad. Toda sajna toh bantahai.
She took the hair straightener and rolled it across her smooth hairs. Then dipped her eye lashes with thick mascara and covered those perfectly hazel eyes with a coat of eye linear. Now what to wear? She opened her closet and scrolled through every single dress which was there.
Preeti was right. I should’ve bought some fancy clothes. Aab kya karu?
Suddenly she recalled old memories
***Flshback: Sumo was applying lipstick when Shravan said “Tum aur sajna savarna!!! North pole aur South poe ki tadha opp hai. Tumhe make up ki zaruraat hani hai. Ladke nahi sajthe!”
Sumo: Tu mujhe ladka kaha? Nd wht do u mean by I don’t need make up?
Shravan blushing: U r beautiful the way u r. Don’t apply all these for fake identity
Flashback ends***
Sumo’s smile fades away. She runs to the mirror and rubs her eyes hard. She doesn’t wanna give a fake impression in front of Shravan. She didn’t change. She is still that Suman and hopes he is that Shravan too.
Sumo: I don’t care. I’ll go there in this dress. Anyways my reason isn’t to meet Shravan; it’s to give Ramnath Uncle this file.
She leaves for Malhotra house unaware of the party

Malhotra House:
Ramnath: Nirmala saab kuch ready haina? U knw my important clients are gonna come.
Nirmala: Saab kuch ready, har koi taiyaar lakin jiske liye yeh party who kaha hai?
Shravan was in his room lost on his thoughts. He couldn’t get over it. Her hands feeding those old people. The way she smiled and greeted them. The noise of her laughter. Something was there. Magical. But her face. How did she look? He could only manage watching left side of her face. If half of it is addictive then the whole face would make him die.
Pushkar enters: Yeh kya bhaiya aab abhi bhi taiyaar nahi hui? Everyone is waiting for u. Guests are on their way. Kash Sumo aasakti. Bechari marrahithi
Shravan getting out of his imaginations: Marne de. India ka sound population kaam hoga *neglected tone*
Pushkar: Kya aab bhi. But it’s true. Yoh toh ekdam bak bak bak bak. Kabhi chup honeka naam bhi nahi leeta.
Shravan: Tu jaa ab. I’ll come in five mins
Sumo parks her car and gets out. She was left speechless. Malhotra house was decorated with colourful clothes, bright lightings, white roses.
Sumo to herself: Don’t say it’s a party. Ughhh Sumo tu ek phone kar leti. Ya fir woh make up aura cha dress pahenkar aati. Kyu!!! Aab in saab sundar ladkio ke beech Shravan tujhe ek kaamwali sochegi. No. I’ll give the file to Ramnath Uncle and leave. I won’t meet him today.

Precap: Shravan……Suman……holding hands…..their eyes…..(guess out the rest)

So how was it? Should I post 1 more epi this week or should I keep this epi as suspense for nxt week? Sry if there r mistakes all over. Don’t forget to comment and share ur feedbacks.

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