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Dilip Diary

Dinesh Mishra use to be my idol with his expensive car, watch and mansion home. I just wanted to be just like him. But I never knew being just like him would cause a price and that price would be my life and my family.

All I wanted fro my father was a laptop he would say it was too expensive, that these things were not needed at school. I would say to him look at Dinesh, he has a laptop, why can’t I have one. My father would say don’t go there, do not compare me to your cousin, mark my word where he is headed it will bring destruction and I don’t want you to hang around him, he will take you to the wrong path.


When I was going to school, my cousin came in a limousine. I go to him, how did you get a limousine, your one lucky guy, I wish I could have what you have. Dinesh said get in the limousine our driver will take us to school and I’ll tell you how to be me. He ask me if I will do his job I would make an easy money. I ask him what do I have to do. He told me I have to sell these package at school to these kids. He gives the list of names I ask him what was in the package. He said they were candys. I peeked in, they sure look like candy. ( Warning, they look like candy but there mix with drugs.)

So when I was at school I gave candy to the one that were listed but only problem was, they were all girls no boys, not fair. I ask Dinesh why do girls get candy and not boys. He said I was not allow to ask question when doing the job he said besides boys get money is that not better, I said yes. When Dinesh gave me money I went and got myself a laptop. I hid it from mom and dad but I told my baby sister Deepika, and I told her not to tell mom or dad.

One day Dinesh said I was officially a member of his team. There team was called the hawk brothers. He put a hawk tattoo on my back to make it official. I was only 15 year old boy trusting my cousin only that my trust for my cousin would be broken and that my father was right, Dinesh was taking me to destruction.

The destruction started when I gave my little sister candies, who is only 5 year old, I wish I never gave those candies because it killed my baby sister. The doctor said she was overdosed with drugs. My parents were crying they didn’t understand how Deepika got drugs. They ask me did I give my sister drugs. I told them I thought they were candies, I never knew they were drugs. My father ask where did you get candies I said some friend gave it to me. I told my dad I need to see that friend to conform if he knew that the candies were mixed with drugs.

I went to Dinesh only to see that Dinesh had a gun pointed at the man. I hid myself and listened to there conversation. The man said he wanted to live a better life for his baby son, but Dinesh said once your a member of hawk it’s for life and if you think of leaving then well you die. He shoots the man on the head, he dies. Then Dinesh goes outside. I get out of the hiding place and go toward the man, I see that he has the same hawk tattoo. I am very afraid of what he will do to me. I need to tell my parent the truth. I needed to know why the girls were given drugs what was the motive. But then I hear another gun shot.

I go outside to see who he had shot, Dilip sees Dinesh leaving in a white car. I go toward the BMW car, what I saw was shocking. Dinesh had shot the mans baby boy, this was the most horrendous thing that Dinesh had done. I check the baby’s pulse, it still had a pulse but a weak one. I take the baby with me, running just to get to the hospital. I see a school bus I run toward the crying for help. Thank god they stop, I told them I need to take the baby to the hospital he’s been shot.

When I was at the hospital, I was worried for the baby, that baby taught me that life was precious no laptop or money can replace it.

The doctor said we took the bullet but we couldn’t save the baby, the police came to me and ask me what happen. I needed to rectify my mistakes so I told him everything. I knew Dinesh would come after me but I didn’t care, he took two innocent life. My sister and the baby, who could have had a good life if not for those drugs and gun shots.

I came home, wanted to see my sister for the last time, we had Deepika cremated. And thrown her ashes in the river. I made a promise that if I had a daughter I would get her in the self defence class, so that she can fight the evilness that is happening in this world.

I told my parent that it was Dinesh who gave me the drugs and that I was selling at school only to the girls. My father said I warn you about your cousin, he is dangerous and those girls get raped when there drugged, I was shocked, I went to the room and got the laptop and told my father to burn it. I now know that money should be used for need not for want it will only get you greedy.

Dinesh on the other hand was out for revenge when he found out that I blurted every crime of his. He attacked my mother and killed her. It was me and my father left we had to make a escape. Thank goodness there were two men who needed the ticket to New Delhi. I gave them our ticket and they gave us a ticket to Rishkesh. The sad part was that there train had a bomb. And my gut feeling tell me that it was Dinesh who planet the bomb. He somehow found out I was going to New Delhi but he never knew that I switch the ticket with those guys.

I made my home at Rishkesh and opened a small business called Mishra Market. In five years I married Ria Sharma and then one year later we had a daughter named her Riddhima and now she if pregnant again . Life could have not been better.

When we were in the train heading to Rishkesh Ria went in labor she gave birth to a baby boy (Ankush). But Ria didn’t make it and the baby was crying for milk, the mid wife said that there was a girl who lost her child and that she could provide my child milk. I couldn’t see my child so weak so I agreed with the mid wife. When the girl was done the mid wife gave the baby to me. She said I will introduce you to the girl, she has to go with you for the baby sake. The girl came toward me and said hi my name is Mala Gupta and I said my name is Dilip Mishra.

So for Badi Maa name I was think Manjari Sathya choice or Shanty Devi Sammy choice or Shashi Kala Ritu choice from these three which one should I choose please do comment on this one.

Hey Nitu happy belated birthday, I know I’m late but I did wish you on other friends ff. just thought to wish you on my ff.

I was thinking of putting Mala and Dilip story together both of them have suffered from there past only these two can heal each other.

I know nobody like the baby getting shot but this did actually happen. I watch it on TV how this gang shot the baby because it was crying and he just ran away. Some people are monster. I cried when I watched it but luckily there was someone trying to save the baby he ran to the school bus asking for help thank god they helped but the baby didn’t make it when he reached hospital.

Thank you so much for your comment you give me energy to write and silent reader thank you for reading, bye for now ta ta..

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