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Devakshi rocks!!! (PERFECT COUPLE ) OS

Hey me ESME LUNA GREENWOOD is again to do my bak bak and torture you guys with my writing.This time I am shooting an OS from my virtual pen. Today my fan fiction ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( FUNNY AND ROMANTIC ) #2’ got published. The first comment on my ff was very discouraging. I was told this episode is a bit boring and I am giving much importance to my character ‘Esme’.my answer-yes I am giving importance to my character because I am such a die hard fan of this show that I want to do a role in it but since it is not possible in the real show.so I am doing it in a fan fiction. i was told to add some drama. I am not feeling bad but yes I was a bit ‘senti’ after reading that.now I am fine thinking everyone has right to express their views.
Since I am so funny.so I thought these 2 things.

1.bang bang !! Radharani has constructed a secret room in ishwari villa where she has kept sona.dev weeping very badly. Sona is nowhere!!!!


2.comparison of my fan fiction to twilight.
Dev Dixit – Edward Cullen
Sonakshi Bose-Bella Cullen/Swan
Esme(my character)-Edward’s ex-gf type what was her name I guess irina.
Dev and Sonakshi’s child-Renesmee
Ha ha……
Now come to my Devakshi special one shot.


Sona and Dev’s marriage is happening. Sona is in a beautiful ethnic lehenga with blue highlights. Dev is in an awesome sherwani.
♥♥♥A perfect wedding of a perfect couple.♥♥♥
All the rituals are done.Now time for wedding night.

Sona is sitting on the bed folding her beautiful legs.***hey don’t think that she is still in full clothing. ***She has veil on her face.
Door opens.Hero I mean dev’s entry.Kuch rang pyar ke….plays in bg.He smirks seeing Sona…closes door……comes near to his love.
He tries removing the veil from sona’s face but she has already caught his hand.
Sona pulls back her veil romantically-parde mein rehne do parda na uthao….parda jo uth gaya toh bhed khul jaayega.
Dev romantically too-parda jo uth gaya toh bhed khul jaane do.
***author-parde mein rehne do is a famous old hindi song.***
Dev moves his face closer to sona.They are about to kiss.
Suddenly a voice is heard sona! Sona! Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi music which was still playing stops…..again plays.sona! Sona!….again music stops.Someone(not seen) pushes sona.she falls from bed…..realises it was a dream.
Asha-ho kya gaya hai sona tujhe pehle toh tu badi jaldi ut jaya karti thi. Aaj kal itna chillana aur jhakjhodne par bhi nahi uthti.ki holu sona kaam par nahi jaana kya??? (What has happened to you sona before you used to wake up early. These days you don’t wake up even after shouting and shaking.what has happened don’t you have to go at work? ??)
Poor mom doesn’t know her daughter is in love with a prince charming.
Sona-oh yes mom.i will go and freshen up.

At ishwari villa after sunset

Assume nobody is at home.Sona is in kitchen working on a chart.Dev comes and pulls her to the kitchen counter….puts his both hands on the kitchen Counter…one hand near her left waist other one on right.
Dev – captured and kidnapped.
Sona-i know how to escape.
Takes a knife and shows to dev……
Sona-now ok.
Dev-ok darling (kisses her cheek)
He goes to fridge, takes out a water bottle and drinks some water.
Sona comes near to him… shows knife
S-move…and locks him to the kitchen counter. ….the way he did.
She looks into her eyes…puts her hands on his shoulder……soon there lips touched…….the kiss was a simple one in the starting…..later it became a passionate one…they kissed and kissed…..
Sona starts moving her hand from dev’s shoulder to his neck…they are still kissing. …..and her fingers reaches the destination. …dev’s shirt’s first button.she opens the first one….Dev stops kissing her…looks into her eyes.
He smirks…..again began kissing her…..now lifts sona from his perfect hands and takes her out from the kitchen…
Sona-hey waat rrr uunnuu doin…..I was just kidding. (Unable to speak because dev is kissing her….without uttering a single word. )
But dev is in full mood today.
He takes her to his bedroom, closes the door with a BANG….puts her on the bed.
Dev smirks….opens his second and third button…sits next to her on the bed- don’t move.i need to search you for concealed weapons after that knife incident.(speaks romantically.)****author-hey dev just gimme a glance of yours too.******
He starts moving his hand from sona’s hair to her back where the dori of her suit is
tied…intentionally takes time to move his hand from that part.She shivers….
To her surprise…..dev stands up…..takes her hand…..pulls her in a tight embrace and asks for a dance.

***********OS ENDS**********

Now tell me one thing after writing this OS am I permitted to ‘flirt’ with Dev in my ff ””’Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi FF ( FUNNY AND ROMANTIC )#3”” ???? I know I know devakshi made for each other and yes DEVAKSHI ROCKS!!!

Write what you liked in this os what you disliked below in the comment box. Till then goodbye.

Thanks for reading



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