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Devakshi – Break Ke Baad #67

Recap: Dev met an accident. Sonakshi couldn’t meet dev in hospital. Dev whispers her name in pain. Dr. Sinha asks Sonakshi to consult Dev. Sonakshi agrees

Link of previous episode:episode-6
Sonakshi is packing her necessary things from her cabin. Nidhi enters
Nidhi(with a smile on her face) : so you are going…?
Sonakshi: Hmm…
Nidhi: just a day ago doctor you were not agreeing to go…but your are going now…may I know the reason of sudden transformation…kahin phir se ex ke liye pyar to nhi jaag gya…huh ? (the love for your ex might have grown suddenly…huh? )

Sonakshi turns with jerk as if she was to give a straight answer to Nidhi to shut up her. But she stops and for self analysis she goes in her thoughts….


Nidhi puts hand on sonakshi’s shoulder to pacify her and bring her out from her thoughts: meine yeh sawal iss liye nhi phucha rhi ki aap mujhe jawab de…balki aap khud ko btaye akhir wajah kya hai….(I am not asking this question so that you answer me…I want you to answer yourself…what is the reason?)
Sonakshi: wajah sirf ek hai …Dev….koi pyar nhi jaga hai…(the reason is only one…Dev…and no love kind of thing have raised)
Nidhi: mam ! you don’t need to lie to me…
Sonakshi: I am not lieing…koi pyar nhi jaga hai…kyun ki pyar kabhi khatam hi nhi hua tha… dev humesa mere dil mein the aur aaj bhi hai…aaj unhe meri jarurat hai isliye mein ja rhi hun…(it isn’t like love have raised…because love never died…dev was always their in my heart…today he needs me so I am going…)
Nidhi: Mam ! sir will be alright…you don’t need to worry…
Sonakshi: hmmm…bus dev thik ho jayein…(only dev gets well soon)

Divya enters…

Divya: mam ! I just got to know…you are going to Dixit’s … please bring me with you…
Nidhi: you are not required….
Divya: mam ! please…. Mr.dixit is at home …. He might need a nurse… I can assist you!
Please….And she made a puppy dog face !!….
Sonakshi: Ok ! You can come along….!

Sonakshi sits in car. And looks out of the window


Flashback: (Ok ! I am going to dictate few scenes of the real telecast…)
Song plays in behind
***Power cut***
—bdle se din hai meri badli si raatein
kai dino se meri mahki hai sanse, mahki hai sanse—

Sonakshi going to washroom and dev makes sound….and he laughs aloud…Sonakshi just stares him

***Coffee Shop scene***
—-pehli dafa hai ki mujhme tu jhalka hai
pehli dafa hai ki mujhme tu chhalka hai—-
Dev: Ms.Bose heart ek organ hota hai…part of body…wo baat nhi karta…

***Orange Shirt***
—-mere rango me kuchh dhang hai tere jaise bhi—
Dev: ek dum santra lagunga
Sonakshi giggles in present and Divya looks her in confused way.

***Proposal scene***
—-kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi—

Dev: aap kehti hain na mein kuch share nhi karta…. Aaj… apke saath… meine apni puri zindagi share kar li…
And sonakshi had a broad smile “”

Sonakshi comes out of her Dev World as they reach ISHWARI MANSION
Sonakshi steps out along with Divya
Sonakshi: Divya! Tum aage chalo…(you move ahead)

Sonakshi looks around and feels the time they were “Together”

Divya enters Ishwari Mansion with the required luggage.
Radharani: Haye ! Haye ! kahan ghusi chali aa rhi ho…dekho(oh ! oh ! where are you going inside…look !)
Divya: mein Mr. Dixit ke liye aayi hun…(I am here for Mr.Dixit)
Radharani: thik hai ! thik hai ! wo upar wala room hai.. (ok ! ok ! his room is upstairs)
Divya: thankq
Sonakshi enters just then…
Radharani: Dekho ! aur bhi koi hai…aaye (look! Someone else is also coming)
Radharani gives a sarcastic look to Sonakshi making her re-entry even more complicated.

Everyone collects there to give a shocked look at sona.
Sonakshi: wo…….main…..(I ….am…)
Ishwari: Dr.Sinha ne bta diya hai…(Dr. Sinha have told us)
Ishwari was not actually very happy but she couldn’t show it up as it was about her son and she wants him to be ok at any condition….she even don’t care if she had to bear sonakshi for that
Nikki and Ria welcomes her with a warm hug
Sonakshi too embrace them. And Divya looks at all this confused.

Divya enters Dev’s room and starts up to set up a rod for glucose supply…
Radharani: Arrey ! rod lekar kahan ja rhi hai…(where are you going with this metal rod…)
Divya: isse yahan laga kar network ke wire dalungi….(after fixing it here I am going to lay wires for network)
Radharani: kya…???????? (what????????)
Divya: auntyji ! I was just kidding…..majak kar rhi thi….
Radharani: Auntyjii???? Madam bol…. (call me madam)
Vicky just enters
Vicky: and you can call me Vicky …Single but ready to mingle
Radharani: mera beta ! (my son!) and caresses his head
Divya: So sorry !…Aisi maa hai toh tu bichara single hi marr jayega…! Tu biwi ki jagah dusri maa dhundh ! (so sorry !…if you have a mother like this you will die single…beside finding a wife you should find another mom)
Radharani: jada bolegi toh ghar se bahar nikal dungi…(if you do lot of chatter…I will throw you out)
Sonakshi comes from behind.
Sonakshi: jiss tarah mujhe nikala tha…(just like you threw me out)

Radharani gives a pissed off look to Sonakshi…

Divya bend down to take out Glucose bottles…and open a drawer to get some sharp thing
Radharani: yeh kya kar rhi hai…nazar hatti nhi ki…(what are you doing now….as I looked away….)
Divya: ek sharp cheej dhundh rahi hun….(I am searching for something sharp)
Radharani: milli..? (found?….)
Divya: hain ! but your nose….jo bar bar mere kam mein ghush rahi hai….(yah ! but your nose….poking again and again in my business)
Sonakshi: divya !!!
Radharani and Vicky leaves the place fuming !!!!

Sonakshi stands at the door looking or should I say staring Dev…
She remembers… Once dev said that his everything is on her face. She can feel it today her everything have just shifted on his face…
Divya: mam! Is the chart prepared…?
Sonakshi: yah ! here it is….
Divya looks dowanstairs and confused for the way to kitchen…Sonakshi senses that
Sonakshi: Go down ! and take a right….
Divya turns and say in very confused manner : how do you know that ?
Sonakashi: hmmm….wo ….
Divya: Oh sorry ! I forgot….you told me you worked for them earlier…
Sonakshi gives sigh of relief !
Dev shouts in pain….

Sonakshi goes for his rescue and Divya to kitchen.

Sonakshi: Dev ! I you ok ? ….bahut dard ho rha…(is it paining a lot…)
Dev: bahut….(lot…)
Sonakshi holds his hand…as if she can too feel the pain…
Sonakshi: mein pain killer dun kya….? (should I give you a painkiller?…..)
Dev: ab nhi ho rha….(it is not paining now…)
They both get lost in each others eyes…
Dev: so finally you are here…window se aayi… yah balcony se…(you came from window or balcony)
Sonakshi: ji nhi…door se…front door se…!! (no I came from the door…front door…) I am YOUR nutritionist Mr. Dixit
Dev: oh no….and whispers in low volume… chala toh biwi bnane tha aur family doctor bna baitha hun (who I wanted to make my wife have turned into family doctor)
Sonakshi: Kya kha…? …agar mere khane ki burai ki hai Mr.Dixit ! then I am sorry Ek week tak toh mein aapko torture karungi… ( what you said?…if you are complaining for my food then I am sorry Mr. Dixit you have to bear me for a week…)
Dev: Ek week!!!!… (for a week…)
Sonakshi: Bahut lamba waqt hai…? ( long time?……)
Dev nods in no…
Dev: bahut kam ! mein toh zindagi bhar tumhara torture jhelna chahta hun…(very less….i want to bear you whole life…)
Sonakshi and Dev looks at each other with teary eyes…

Yeh lamhein hazar se hote hain
Rang pyaar ke
Laakhon phool bahaar ke
Hote hai rang pyaar ke
Dekhe hai phool jo khil ke kabhi na khile
Dekhe hai dil jo mil ke kabhi na mile
Kuch rang pyaar ke hai aise bhi
Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi
Precap: Dev in Operation Theatre “Fingers croseed”

Hey Devakshi’ans ! Sorry guys…TU Website was down… otherwise I was to upload it yesterday itself…
So…here is the episode hope it will make you weekends lighter…
Forgive me if I couldn’t stand up at your expectations.
Mr. Comment Box is looking at you with eager eyes…hope you will beat him with your thoughts…expectations and all the messages  

And obviously what you think is next to come….!!!

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