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Guys I would like to thank u for ur comments which motivated me to write so many episodes, but this ff has to be ended soon as my exams are on the way.. Stay tuned and keep commenting..


Suhani chases yuvraj.. He runs out.. She follows him and finally catches him.. They smile and have an eyelock.. She feels shy and turns around.. Yuv holds her hand..
It starts raining heavily..
Yuv turns her towards him and makes her to face him..
Thundering and lightning begins.. But yuv is surprised to see that there is not even a tint of fear on her face.. He stares at her..

Su looks happy and bubbly like before.. Yuv gets mesmerised by her..
He pulls her closer and asks- u’r not feeling scared?
Su looks at the tattoo and replies buttoning his shirt- y will I be scared? U have filled so much of love in my heart that therez no place for fear..
They smile..
Suddenly su starts sneezing and coughing..
Yuv- r u ok?
Su nods..
Yuv takes her inside the farmhouse..

Shaurya calls karan and tells about Sam.. Karan is shocked and says Sam, suhani and soumya are best friends.. Shaurya is shocked..
He calls Sam and asks- do u know suhani?
Sam- yes..
Sh- how?
Sam- we were friends..
Sh- were??
Sam- yes..
Sh- then y r u helping me by going against ur friend?
Sam- to take revenge from her..
Sh- for what?
Sam- I loved her always.. When a guy betrayed her, I proposed her.. But she rejected me saying that she considers me as a friend and won’t ever trust any guy.. But shez with yuvraj birla today.. She didn’t even think about me once.. I hate her..
Sh laughs..

Yuv takes her to the dining table.. He makes her sit on the chair and goes to the kitchen.. After sometime, Su is surprised to see him bringing samosa, Mexican salad, and a few more items for her..
Su- u made it?
Yuv nods and smiles.. Su asks him also to join.. He sits and feeds her..
Su (smiling)- its yumm….. After we get married, u cook for me ok..
Yuv smiles by heart hearing this..
Then she feeds him but he stops her and asks her what did she just say..
Su- u heard it right.. I will marry u..
She feeds him..
They have their dinner..

Suddenly su sneezes again..
Yuv gets up and says- u sit here, I will make special tea for u..
Su raises her eyebrows.. Yuv smiles and turns to leave.. Su quietly gets up, turns him towards her and kisses his cheek.. Yuv is surprised.. He realizes it and they smile..
Su- let’s make it together..
Yuv nods..

After having tea, they go to the bedroom..
Su sees the jug empty and goes down to fill it..
Yuv removes his shirt as its completely wet..
Su screams loudly..
Yuv (in mind)- what happened to her?
He rushes down towards the kitchen calling out her name..
Yuv- what happened?
She continues to scream.. He covers her mouth with his hand..
Su realizes yuv is shirtless so she looks down..
Yuv- why did u scream?

Su points towards a corner.. Yuv turns to see.. There are 2 lizards..
He puts his hand on his forehead and says laughing- suhani, u’r more dangerous than lizard..
Su smiles..
Yuv- sorry..
Su- for what?
Yuv- u will have to sleep in wet clothes as therez no option now.. I should have arranged for that too but……..
Su- whatever u have done, thats more than enough for me..
They smile looking into each others’ eyes..

PRECAP: Shaurya turns on the TV and plays the news channel.. All get shocked..

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