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Ajab sanskar ki Gazab swara part-2

Hii frndzz tysm for ur lovely comments and keep supporting like this.. Guyzz I thought to start the story by a shayari so if u like it then tell me..

Maangi maut zindagi mili,
Andheron mein bhi roshni mili,
Poocha khuda se kya hai sabse haseen tohfa mere liye,
Khuda se uss tohfe mein aapki dosti mili.


Part – 2
@ Bf table
Everyone is sitting on the chair and doing breakfast..
San- so sid howzz ur business going on.
Sid- it’s perfect.. Only Some legal problems were there..
San- don’t worry I will solve it..

Suddenly sanskar receives a call it’s from rishi…
San- sid..today we are forgetting something.
Sid- what???
San- it’s the birthday of Indira.. Rishi informs me..
Sid worriedly – oh sit.. how can I forget her birthday.
They both stands up from the chair..
Sujata- aree where r u both going first complete the bf..
San- no mom.. We have to go now otherwise earthquake will come.
Sid- yess aunty ji. Sanskar is saying right..
Sujata – But beta food..
San – Mom give food to this fat go ragini..
Ragini angrily shouts bhaiiiiiiii…
Sanskar grabs the car keys and left the place with sid.
Ragini is crying like a child and sujata is consoling her..
Rag sobbing- Mom. I will not leave bhai.. he is so bad.
Sujata- stop crying rago beta..
Then in ragini’s phone a message pop out. She opens it. The message is from sanskar..
Ragini smiles and says bhai is so cute..
Sujata surprisedly- Recently u say that he is bad and now cute..
Ragini hugs sujata and says mom ur son is devil cum angel..
Sujata playfully hits the head of ragini..

Rishi, Manpreet, Neil, Siddharth and sanskar gather at xyz resort..
Manpreet- bhai she is not receiving the call..
Sid- And she will not receive it becoz we forget her birthday and I am damn sure that she will be angry..
Rishi- we know her anger sid but now what can we do to cool down her anger..
Neil is new in sanskar’s gang so he don’t know Indira- guyzz who is this Indira???
Everyone shockingly look at Neil and together says u don’t know her.
Neil nods in no..
Manpreet shockingly comes to Neil and holds him by his shoulder and says – u really don’t know her..
Neil scaredly – noooooo… I only know one Indira. The prime minister Indira Gandhi…Is she is the same indira.
Sid afraidly – aree.. she is more dangerous than the prime minister.
Rishi- yess.. when she will come out of the house everyone shuts the door of their house..
Manpreet- Liers get 100 miles away from her..
Neil- But who is she and how can I recognise her..
Sanskar comes to him smiling – u want to recognise her..
Neil nods in yess..
San- See there.. And he points to east side.. And he gave a tight slap on his face..
Neil crying – why u slap me??
Rishi smiling – becoz this is the sign of indira..
Sid- But now sanskar what can we do to cool her anger..
San- I have a plan.
Rishi – what plan..
San- listen and he tells the plan..

@xyz place

A girl wearing salwar suit (as same as the cover pic) walking around the market. Some boys start whistling in a flirty way.The girl turns and they stop whistling..She goes towards the boys and says
Girl- who starts whistling seeing me??
Boy1- what will u do haan??
Girl sweetly- Nothing much only I want to see his angelic face..
Boys becomes so much happy and the person who whistle comes out.
Boy2- I am the person who whistled..
Girl turns towards that boy and says Oh so u r that person..nice I am impressed. Plzz for me whistle once more..
Boy2- u like it okay I will. And he again whistles.
Girl- chiiii.. This is the way to flirt with someone. If u will flirt like this na then donkey will also not get cajoled with u..
Boy3- so what we will do??
Girl- I will tell u first stand in line.
All the three Boyz stand in line..
Girl- Now see there..
All the Boyz see there where the girl points..
As soon as they see there they get a tight slap on their faces.
Girl angrily beats them with a stick and says- u want to flirt.. now I will make ur so worse condition that u will not even able to see at the statue of any girl…
All boys are wincing and shouting in pain..All boys somehow manages to escape from there.
Girl- Oye.. stop stop where u all r going..

In fear all hurriedly leaves from there..Everyone gathers on the spot and a father of a church comes to the girl..
Father- u teach them a good lesson child…
Girl smile – no father I just do tit for tat..
Father- what is ur name child??
Girl- INDIRA..
Father kept his hand on her forehead and says – god bless u..
Indu- thank u father.
Then she receives a call
Indu rudely – coming.. I am just on the way.
Indu looks for her car and goes to sit in it drove towards home..
She reaches home and his dad Mr.Rajbeer shekhawat says
Raj worriedly – Indu beta where were u?? It’s ur birthday beta..
Indu angrily – oh god it’s miracle my so called dad learned my birthday
Dad tensedly – But beta where were u??
Indu with same tone- it’s none of ur business.
Raj angrily – it’s my business indira becoz I care for u I am ur dad.
Indu- oh dad.. today u got time to learn that u r my dad ok just forget it tell me one thing did u follow any duty of a father hmm.. 10 years before when my mom dies.Then no one was there with me.Then i need u the most but u were not there for me.and what u say haan care.. before 10 years when I need u very much then where ur care gone haan… Where ur this is so called love.. And now I know u r showing this fake love becoz u want me to marry ur frnds son na becoz from that ur business will expand..
Dad- no beta.. It is not like this.
Indu with fake smile- I know u Mr.shekhawat and ur fake emotions…
Raj beer has no words to say anything becoz he knows that every word which she is saying is truth..
Indu goes from there to her room..
Indu is very angry first on his dad and second on his frnds..
Indu angrily – wow!!!what a frnd I got they even don’t care

In the meantime her dad also left and indu comes to the hall sit on sofa
Indu angrily- wow!!! God what a frnds do u gave me.. see na those stupids don’t even bother to call me once and wish me.. Ok fine if they not wish me then I will not celebrate my birthday..
Then someone knocks on the door.
Indu- kaka..plzz open the door..
A servant opens the door and comes with a parcel..
Servant- Indu baby a parcel is came for u..
Indu surprised – parcel.. who send it??
Servant- unknown person..
Indu see the parcel and says so big what is in this??..

She Opens the parcel and finds a cute teddy bear.
Indu- wow so cute..
She finds a note.. she reads it.
A beautiful gift for a beautiful person..Happy Birthday indira..
Indu happily – who send this beautiful gift? I want to meet that person..
She again reads the note..
If u want to thanx me then come to xyz place..
Indu- who is he/she.. of course I want to thanks him but should I go to that place what if that place is danger for me???

Guyzz what is ur opinion Indira will go or not.. My opinion is that if any unknown person call u to come at unknown place then we should not go there. But readers chillax becoz this is my story anything would be happen here u will get fun only…
Let’s see going to that place is safe for indira or dangerousssssssss………………..
To know rest of the story keep reading.. And plzz guyzz comment..hope i not bored u and if bored u then really sorry…

Credit to: ekta

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