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After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-13

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hello my all sweet and dear friends. i had decided that i will not end this fanfiction. i respect everyone decision a lot. so coming to the point are you liking the story or not. and thanks for the precious comments.and ya i am enjoying my honeymoon. when i am free i started to write the story. ok now i will start today’s episode.
episode starts.
recap: ashok-ishita talk regarding raman. and adi & ruhi’s hate towards bhalla.


bhalla mansion
adi: and mr raman bhalla you and your so called family is the reason for all this mess.
raman came and slapped adi. everyone was shocked.
ruhi: how dare you to slap my brother.
raman: he is my son.

adi: enough mr bhalla. i am not your son. i am not related to any of you. you know what as ihhi maa left you everyone will leave you one day. and you deserve that only.
ruhi: bhai stop wasting time to give lecture to them. i don’t want to stay here.
raman: you both cant stay here. until now i beared all your nonsense. but not anymore. i myself will throw you out from here.
raman dragged adi & ruhi outside and threwed them out of the mansion. everyone was pleading them not to do like this. but he didn’t listened anyone. all started to go inside.
ruhi: wait mr bhalla. i want to tell you one more thing. that today you had shown your standard. and you know what you don’t deserve anyone.
adi: and we promise you we will give you a pain. the same pain we are suffering because of you from last 7 years. the pain to be away from your loved ones.
by saying this they went from there. it was raining heavily. they went to khanna mansion but security didn’t let them enter in. but by luck ashok saw them from balcony and brought them inside. they were fully drenched in rain. ashok called ishita & abhi down. both were shocked to see them. ishita cant tolerate anymore she went and hugged adi ruhi. both were happy to get their ishi maa. suddenly ruhi get uncosious. they took her to ishita’s room.
ishita: abhi call doctor fast. see ruhi is not opening her eyes.

ashok: relax ishu doctor is coming. he is on his way. but adi how you both are in this condition.
adi: actually raman bhalla throwed us out from the house. he tell them the flashback.
ishita: how he can do this with his kids. i will not leave him. because of my ruhi is suffering. adi you go and get changed. otherwise you will catch fever.
adi: i will not go away from you ishi maa. i get you after long time.
ishita: i am not going anywhere. you go with abhi. and change and come back. ok.

episode ends.
sorry for short update. for some days you have to bear the short updates. sorry friends i am not able to comment individually. accept my sorries.

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