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A Day at School – Twinj OS (by Shreya)

A Day in School – Twinj
Hello hello….I am here with my first OS ever!
I’ll tell you everything later..Firstly OS.
Its all in Twinkle’s voice.

” I woke like daily at 4..bathed and sat on my table with my book..completed my Economics lesson…it’s 6 am now…I got dressed in my school uniform.. A black checked skirt and white shirt with black tei and my high ..very high ponytail.. Yup I am student..a 9th student…I gazed at myself in mirror.. Of course god has worked a lot on me…To make a girl with
beauty, brain , responsible, jolly and what not.. Bas  cooking nahi aati..(Just that I donno  cooking)
My mother called me for breakfast I wished all gm..had my bf and left hanging my bag at my Right shoulder after bandaging my right wrist with a crepe..yaa..actually I got bit hurt from a football yesterday.
I came out of my house and called for Mahi , my friend who lives in a house just beside me..ahe is my classmate and a very good friend of mine.
She too came…and then we cycled to our school..On the way..We were joined by Yuvraj.. Our classmate..even he was wearing our school uniform, white shirt , black pants and black tie.
(Not that beardy Yuvraj) He also lives near my colony.. But I Donno why he joined us today..somewhere I know.. And coz all know that he has had a crush on me..but I ignored the fact that he was with us..coz if he comes to know that I came to school with UV ..then it will not go good for sure..
We reached school..UV left with his friends and me and mahi were chit chatting while approaching our classroom… And yes I saw him..he was talking to his friends.. Abhay and Praful.
God but why isn’t he showing his face??..no problems..I took my seat.. The second one in the row.
And guess what he came and took the seat with Praful the one just beside mine.
“Hey ..Hi Kunj..morning ” I said be4 he smiled and repriprocated.
We took our seats.. I with Mahi and Kunj with Praful.
1st period – English
English period means that Kunj ke stupid tantrums to make all laugh are gonna start..I Donno what he gets on deliberately making himself look Silly and make all laugh..but I like him..he is a veryyyyy good friend of mine..since last 3 yrs  .
And yes the moment came after our attendance.
He stood and said..”Sir”..Our English teacher ..Mr. Kaushik..he is Mahi’s Father but I have always been his his favorite student… ” Yes Kunj..say”..”sir ..Chai  jhoothi hai..what will we say that in English “..he said..Oh my!!..this guy is insane!!.. Is it a question to be asked during a literature lesson!!.I could hear laughs around ..and this Kunj..even he was controlling his laugh..”.. Kunj..from where you bring all these??.. Its ‘the tea is defiled’”.. Sir answered..” Sir one more”..Kunj said..”hmm ask”..said sir..”sir its..Ghiste ghiste atthanni ghis  gyi”..the moment he said that ..the whole classroom bursted out laughing and so does this Jhallah…”kunj”..sir Angrily exclaimed.. “Sorry sir..I know somethings suit in Hindi only”.. He said and sat.
Just then our School peon came and informed Sir that he has to meet Principal urgently.. Sir went .
Abhay said..” Kunj today’s was amazing ”
“I know “.. He replied they had some of their boyish talks..and then Kunj came to my seat..and as he came mahi got up and sat with Kaysha….God why did she left..Kunj sat beside me on my seat but I was reading my book but was noticing and hearing all ..after all girls have six senses.
” Are you miffed with me Twinkle??….and ..and what happened to your hand?”…he held my right wrist and asked..”..”Ohho..I am fine..its nothing just a minor strain…” I pulled my hand back and again started reading my book.”Kk..I know You are miffed with me..coz of what I did yesterday.. “..he asked before I replied..” Kunj..You are my friend and I want to take your proposal casually”..I said this turning my book’s page and again started to read…”What do you mean by casually Twinkle? “..he asked..” Kunj ..”..I continued facing him..”..I don’t come to school to make a boyfriend.. I am here to study ..so..as you know.. It has and will always be a NO”…” I know.. I understand.. That’s why I am not forcing you….Its just that I can’t hide my feelings for you…We were friends, we are friends.. And if you wish we can always be friends.. “…I smiled after what he said …and then he left…..
Oh Kunj!!…I breathed and again started with my lesson.


2nd period- Library Time!!
My favorite place..I just went and was searching for the perfect book to read…and Kunj was also doing the same…I chose Mein Kampf..and as you all know… Its a very thick one…” Silly.. “..I heard a voice calling me that!… I turned.. And saw Kunj standing behind..” Is ur mind out of you??”..he said snatching the book from my hand..”Kunj..I’m gonna read it..and may I know from when did you started reading books??.. And that too Autobiography? “..”..hey bhagwan..Twinkle its a library.. Yahaan toh kam bol..come..”.. He said.
I quietly followed him..he made me sit on a chair and handed me the book, and said..” Can’t you take care of ur hand?? ..and you know no one can say after having a glance on you that you are a BOOKWORM.. “..” Haha..very funny..I don’t need to show my determination and my studious nature from my clothes and style… Is it important for every child who loves books should live like backdated and a bald type life??..”..I replied.. “You and ur answers.. No one can beat you…Take care, and call me if you need.”
He smiled And left…Aww shooo  shweeeetttt…
Every time this guy makes me think… How can someone be so nice , so cute , so caring…oh God Twinkle stop thinking about this JP….Ya He is a JP..Jhallah?Mad) Phyco!!..hehe..I am blithed to have a friend like him…but the only problem is..He wants to become something more that Just a friend but I am least interested!.
I rubbed all my thoughts.. And yes I got indulged in my Book..muaaah..I just love it.

4th Period- Economics.   (Haan..ab din bhar Kunj hi thodi hi naa hoga..She studies too)

Yuvraj came to me and Kunj As We both were sitting together.. After all..Today we had an economics verbal test and as always.. Kunj padh kar nahi aaya..(Kunj din came studying!).. So I was explaining him the answers so that at least he will speak something till Our Eco teacher Mrs. Saharia comes.. I could notice Kunj’s frown when he saw UV coming towards us..uff this guy..!!
“Kunj..”.. I called..” Kunj!! “.I again called a bit louder..he listened to me..and yes as I was starting to tell him answers..oh God..this UV came.. Aaarrgh..
” Hey..Twinkle must say your answers are amazingly awesome.. Yaar too gud!”..Yuvraj said..”Thanks”..I replied apparently to avoid any type of interaction coz if Kunj clinches his frown..oh God then I am sure that today a big war will surely take place…”What were you doing with her answers? “..oh shit Kunj asked Yuvraj.. Uff..” Nothing.. Actually I asked Mahi to give me Twinkle’s notebook so that I can do work!”..he replied.. What the hell was that!!?..Mahi gave my notebook to YUVRAJ!!..I am not gonna leave this girl.. I was looking at UV shocked.. Kunj understood that he took my notebook without my permission.. Oh my my …He snatched my notebook from Uv’s hand and gave it to me…and asked me to continue…Thank God Yuvraj left before a blunder to take place….
But you know what I really adore this Possessive Kunj…and then Our eco test..thank god Kunj remembered the answers..but they are exactly what I told him..not even a word missed.!!.. He has a sharp brain..but Donno why all his concentration is in football and his Cricket… But I am really glad???

And then
5th period – Games…!!
But our PTI Donno was taking time..at last he came all children ran towards the playground as an ice cream walla is there…yes an Ice cream wala..I remember when for 1st time Kunj took me for an icecream date cycling.. But then I din knew that it was a DATE!!.. only this guy is there who can make fool of me..I was unknowingly smiling!…
“Why are you smiling alone? “.. Yes Kunj asked sitting on my seat’s desk..I too sat with him on the desk…its always fun to sit on school desk..right?
” nothing.. Just..”..I got interrupted.. “Leave it..why are you not playing??.. All ur girlfriends went”.. He asked..” Yup..they went.. I wanted to talk to you”..I said..(only they were in the classroom.. kunj can never leave twinkle alone!)
“Why don’t you give me ur contact no.?..” He asked..”why should I..if I will give you then you are gonna irritate me at home too..and will not let me study , moreover I don’t own a mobile.. So better I bear u in Only School!”
“Hmm..say..”.. He said sitting straight and putting his hands on his laps.
” Kunj..how did you remembered every word which I told you?”..listening this he started laughing..”Seriously twinkle you are such a jhalli.. Hahahah”..Nooo..again if I call him Jhallah that never means that he will call me jhalli!.. “Say naa”.. I said …he got a bit serious and said..” Teri kahi Hui koi baat main kabhi nahi bhool sakta!”..(I can never forget what you say!)…uff.. this guy..why?..I knew the answer!
He stood and jollyly said..”We’ll talk later…now I have to solve some equations with Yuvraj “…oh Shit..” but Kunj…. Kunj..”..I shouted…. Oh god.. How can he run so fast…he went.
And in chess room I found two boys sitting face to face..with chess in b/w..surrounded by several girls.. Who were supporting Kunj..and some girls and boys supporting Yuvraj.
I rolled my eye..breathed out and went to them..I sat beside UV….and yup..Just look at Kunj’s face..he signed me that if I will not get up ..he will surely kill UV!
I understood what he wants and sat beside him.. He smiled…
“Will you win bcoz of girl support?.. Girl power..kunj ?”.. UV asked..” I’ll win coz of my girl’s power..”..he replied.. “Aaaah..”.. Yes yes I Punched him hard..but preventing anyone’s notice.
I got up and left..
” Where r u going? ..I’ll loose!”..he said to stop me.
I stopped and said …”Haar jaa..(loose)”., showed him tounge and left.
I knew..after that too..He won…after all…he is Kunj!.

Last period-Arts

I din talked to him from last 3 periods..He just irritates me a lot..
I was painting and all of a sudden I g
Heard a voice …singing.. “There far pe aake tham gye..naina namazi ban gye…
Ek duje main yun dhal ke aashikana aayat ban gye …
Main aur tum….”.. I recognized the voice.. Kunj hi tha..hey bhagwan.. Can’t he let me do something peacefully??..
He continued and thank God ended..” Ho gya… Are you done with ur dare??”..I said still busy painting.. Din paid any heed to his tantrums coz I knew he was playing TDS with his friends.
“Yeessss”.. He replied blithely..” Then you can go back and let me be in peace “..I apparently said on which he a bit gloomly replied..” Tu mujhe bhav (bhao) kyu nahi deti?”..(sorry no translation.. It suits in Hindi only.. Read)..”Accha..toh bata 5 rupe main bikega yaa 10 main..ya tujhe neelaam kar doon?”..I threw back…hehehe..To good yaar..You are just too awesome!! twinkle..
He left !

Now after school I was returning ..but noticed that my crepe’s pin wasn’t there.. I tried to find it but all in Vain..Kunj came and gave me that pin saying that it was lying on my desk..I thanked him and was trying to pin my crepe again… But that led to immense pain coz I unknowingly applied force.. “Aaah..”.. I exclaimed..
Kunj took that pin and pinned my crepe.. While he was doing so..I looked at him surprised!!..
Tip..A drop fell on my palm..I looked up Is it going to rain??..But no sky was clear.. Wait wait I noticed tear in Kunj’s eye..but before I could speak …he left my wrist and went…..
He vanished and I looked at that tear on my palm.

Hey guys… I know thoda..nahi bohot boring tha..
But pehle revealing the fact…
In this story-
Twinkle – is me..Shreya.. Shreyani
Kunj – Is Ashutosh ..my friend.. Only Friend okay..!!
Yuvraj-Piyush..my classmate
Mahi- Dhwani …

So its my story…
Yeh mere saath hota hai..
I Donno if you liked my ff or not…
Do tell in your comments
Plzzzzz comment and tell that I should write more OSs or not…
I hope I din wasted ur time…

And I wrote it as a compensation for not reading and commenting on any ff so far…kya karu..exams are from Tommorow so that means No TU..
But will surely read all after this week..or will try to read in between too…
So sorry..
And Angita.. Dear I din added that ddlj wala incident but ..baaki sab likha hai…hehe…

Love you allllll
Plz do comment

Nakhre karti nahi..
?Ho jaate hain…Sab mujhse pyaar karte nahi…
Sabko ho jaata hai..?

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