hey guys!! here is the chapter 2

Lucus (pov):

Due to weakness her legs were shaking.she was about to fall but i quickly went to her to support her. Her face rested on my chest for couple of seconds and the feeling I had in that couple of seconds was mysterious to me. she slowly turned her face towards me. And now we were sharing an eye contact a memorable few seconds again. and slowly her eyes closed and she becamed unconscious in my arms. but i was still admiring her. its not that she is the first beautiful girl i met infact i had seen innumerable beautiful girls and even slept but her beauty is attracting me. though she is in a really miserable state, she is looking gorgeous to me. her eyes were swollen as if she was crying from a very long time. Her gown has tourned from many places reveling her skin. there were many bruishes and cuts on her feets and hands, twings & leaves were intangled in her hairs, her brunette colour hairs were also very much messed up. by seeing her state any blind can say that she is in a terrible state. “wait!! how can a blind person can see?” i was feeling stupid at my own thought.but on a serious note,i was feeling like her soul was asking for help. looking her i was feeling bad, its the very first time that i am feeling bad for a damm human.

my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of two pairs of heavy footsteps towards me.i took the girl in my arms in a bridal style. i turned to see the owner of that footsteps. they were two humans one has hockey stick and other with a sharp narrow knife. “hey man!! give that girl to us”said the person who has hockey stick, “if you love your life” added the other. LIKE, really they think they can even touch me or that girl, until i want. they are the damm humans after all. “give that girl to us, you MORON.” said the person who has knife. how dare he said moron to me, The prince of vamparia that also a normal damm human. this moron word had raised my anger on cloud nine. and in anger, i growled and shown them my fangs,by seeing it they runned with a vampire speed…hehe …like they had seen a monster. Wait, i am a monster…. i laughed at my own stupid thought.

i looked at the girl and took her in the woods. after some time, i realised that she was warm, though humans are warm but she was warmer. soon we reached the cottage. where i was from 2 weeks in search of my mate and to spend some quality time with my sister Princess krystal. princess was not at home. the girl was in a terrible state and her dress was also tourned so, i changed her dress and gently placed her on the bed. i had arranged a bottle of saline for her recovery. the bottle which we use to drink blood of virgin female humans, today i am using it for to save a virgin female human.then i sat next to her, figuring out what had happed to her and why she is in such a terrible state, and that goons.

After couple of hours, i was feeling little bit thirsty. It was the first time that a girl is near me that also unconscious and icing on the cake that also virgin, but I dont want to harm her now or to take her blood now. because she is too weak and if i tried anything, she might can die too. so i went to drink blood that princess had kept for us. soon, it was day time, and she had till now didnt opened her eyes. my sister princess also arrived by now. i narrated the story who is she might be and how i found her. she was overwhelmed by the news that she may be my soulmate.

she is the one who keeps my all secrets all wear abouts everything. thought she is not my real sister, but the bond we share i dont think that a real brother & sister can even share. in her i founded my sister. as vamparia world dont allow her to come in our world so, i usually come to meet her and to do my part time job ie to find my mate….hehe just kidding. now i think my search is going to end.





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