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The magic of love, part 14

Next day:

It was Suhani’s program at the orphanage, for Birla Company.

The show was superb and the charity event was a grant success. Yuvani were very happy about this.

Yuv: Wow, Suhani, congrats! The show was amazing, thank you.

Suh: No, thank you, thank you for giving me this opportunity and the show’s idea too, it wasn’t lonely mine, you helped me in developing it, so it is ours!

He smiles.

Yuv: I want to give you a treat for this success.

Suh: but there is,

Yuv: A need for it.

She smiles.

Yuv: But mind you, no samosa.

She made a dull face.

Suh: Then?

Yuv: Come.

He takes her to the restaurant where they first met and ordered ice cream.

Yuv: This is the first time our company is organising a charity event, usually it is modelling or fashion based shows.

Suh: Mm, in fact I was happily surprised when you told me that you are doing such an event.

He smiles.

Yuv: But this is really nice, I enjoyed a lot, kids are so lovely.

Suh: It is true that you had fun with the kids and enjoyed the event, but I see a sort of relaxation in your face, as if you are relieved from the burden of modelling shows…

Yuv: How did you?

Suh: So you have got some problem with modelling shows, huh?

Yuv: Not really, I mean not with the show, but with our main model.

Suh: Main model?

Yuv: Yes, she is preying on me.

Suhani started to laugh and Yuvraj looked on confused.

Yuv: What is there to laugh?

Suh: Nothing, it is funny, that some is preying on you!!

He fumed.

Yuv: Oh hello, what do you think? I am Yuvraj Birla, and girls are crazy for me.

Suh: Actually, you have to change that sentence a bit; girls are not crazy for you crazy girls are after you.

He fumes again and she laughs.

Yuv: To tell the truth, this preying really irritates a lot. It mixes professional and personal life.

Suh: Well, not really, I mean yes, she is mixing up her personal and professional life, but you don’t have to. Ignore her.

Yuv: I am trying, but sometimes…….

Suh: Happens…. We won’t be able to control ourselves always, sometimes, somewhere, we might just loss control of our mind.

Yuv: But the main issue here is that my Dadi is interested in the alliance.

Suhani became a bit upset hearing this, but controlled.

Suh: Oh,

Yuvraj shows her Soumya’s pic.

Suh: She looks good.

Yuv: And she is a nice girl, but not my type.

She nodes.

Yuv: have you been preyed on?

Suh: No, I don’t think that someone would find me interesting.

Yuv: (thinking) someone did, found you not just interesting, but special too.

Yuv: Oh, it is not that, I mean, you work independently, unlike me and you work with many people for short periods of time, so no one would have got time to know the real you.

Suh: Actually, that one thing is right, i mean, I never had a personal relation with any client, except you.

He smiles.

Suh: But see my fate the first friend I made turned out to be an idiot.

Yuv: Oh there isn’t anything odd in that, after all an idiot will find a friend in another idiot alone.

She fumes, and he smirks.

They laugh and had a nice time together.



Suhani tells Yuvraj about her illness.

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