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Sanky ki dulhania (part 8)

Now it got night , even now Swasan were in library

Ragini tried Swara’s number many times but her phone got switched off already,Ragini was getting very tensed for her and she was s

Just then Shekhar’s call came on Ragini’s phone.

Shekhar: Ragini where are u and where is Swara?? and this time no lie..!

Ragini: Baba actually Swara went in the city library ..my classes just ended and….

Shekhar: Wait wait Swara went to library??? and that to the city library why??

Ragini: Yes Baba I am saying truth..she went there because she needs a book which was for her assignment and it was not in our college library.. I searched her everywhere in the college campus and when I asked to the students of her batch   they said she didn’t returned yet..Anisha and I am going to library now.

Shekhar: U wait I am also coming to the city library.

Ragini: OK Baba.

Here in Library

Swara: Sanky u got afraid by a lizard how will u handle a crazy friend like me..??

Sanskar: I will try.. my best.! Well u r crazy but very sweet.

Swara: Tell something new.. I know I am very sweet.

Sanskar: Hmm..do u know today only we became friends and I felt very connected to u..I was very sad in morning but now I am very happy by talking u…u made me laugh. After books I got one more sweet friend. That’s u.

Swara: Everything is ok but don’t take book’s name in front of me..By the way why u were sad??

Sanky’s smile faded hearing her question.

Swara: You can tell me…u said me your friend so..tell me. See Sanskar I can do anything if I get determined ones except studies and about helping a friend so…I am master in it. Now tell me I will help u.

Sanskar : Swara actually the thing is that I..I love someone very very very much. But my dad..he won’t allow me to marry her it will be against her wish and u know he is a well known businessman. I can’t convince my dad..I am very helpless Swara.

Swara got shocked when she heard these words. She didn’t knew why this pain was brimming in her heart

Swara(somehow managing herself) : That girl also love u??

Sanskar nodded in yes while giving a faint smile to her.

Swara: This is a very small problem in front of me..What’s the name of that girl??

Sanskar: Kavita ( Kindly don’t pelt stones on the innocent writer now)

Swara: I will help u sanky don’t worry.

Sanskar: Thank u Swara

Swara(with dull smile): Sanskar no sorry and no thank u in friendship..

Ragini and Anisha reached the library and they saw the door of library was locked.

Anisha; Library got closed so where Swara went.

Ragini hold her head just then they heard some sounds from inside.

Ragini and Anisha looked each other.

Anisha: It’s Swara’s voice..she is inside with whom she is talking??

Ragini started banging the door.

Ragini: Swara!!! Are u inside?? It’s me Ragini!!

Just then Shekhar also reached there.

Swasan heard those sounds

They both looked each other and then rushed to door.

Swara: Yes Di I am inside…that librarian went lockind us inside by mistake. Sanskar is also here.

Shekhar: That librarian’s home is near only I know her husband also..wait I will bring the keys don’t worry Swara.

After sometime  he brought the librarian with him.

She opened the door and Ragini hugged Swara. Shekhar placed his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder.

Shekhar: Swara, Sanskar are u both ok??

Sanskar: I am ok uncle.

Ragini: Swara..Are u ok??

Swara nodded in yes and looked towards the ground, face was all pale.

Ragini lift Swara’s face up by her chin and made her look towards her.

Ragini: Swara what happened to u??
Anisha hold Swara by her shoulder.
Anisha: Swara are u fine?? Why your face is so pale??

Ragini then looked towards Sanky and asked her by gestures about Swara.

Swara(giving a fake smile): Nothing di..I am feeling very hungry and trusty… and being surrounded by books for this much long time isn’t easy for me…now let’s go home fast..

Shekhar nodded and they all went to their respective homes.

When they reached home..Swara sat for dinner after getting fresh and then she went to her room directly and sat on the study table and started studying.

Ragini looked her and found something was wrong with her. She never ever touched those books and today she is studying it’s very strange fact to digest.

  • Precap: Swara started falling for Sanskar

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I have started its season 2 there please if possible check it there.

Thank you for reading it.

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