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Samina Next phase of life part-1

Hi friends I am new here but I would like to write my small and simple ff . I am writing this ff on current track of samina

Author: After 2 years naina is still living in memories of sameer and wished tk meet him again by destiny After completing her 12th she got a scolarship to study in Delhi as she stood first in the whole state

Naina: see preeti i got a scolarship to study in delhi

Preeti: wow naina its great so now we will tell everyone at home

Naina: but preeti will they allow me to study further??

Preeti : of course naina they will as arjun bhaiya has gone u will also go

Naina: thanks preeti now we will go home

Author: As they reached home everyone was waiting for their results except rakesh as he had gone to meet arjun in college

Chacha: naina how was your result

Naina: it was good chacha ji i stood first in the state and also got scolarship to delhi


Chacha: very good naina so start packing ur stuff

Naina:what thank u chachaji

Chacha : ok now go preeti will pack ur stuff and dont worry i will convince rakesh

Author: Naina packed her stuff and got ready to go to Delhi and Anand  managed to convince rakesh and other family members But taii ji insisted naina to take preeti with her . Swati also had got admission in same college so three planned togther to go to Delhi

At railway station

Chacha : bye naina take care

Naina: bye chacha ji

Author: three of them left to go to Delhi But naina was not aware of the new turns coming in her life But she still has belief she will meet sameer one day

Will she able to meet Sameer??

What will happen next???

Check this on next episode👍👍👍👍


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