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Mrs. Smith who was watching the happiness of Anika from a distance now went close to her and sat beside her. Soumya too sat near Mrs. Smith.

“How are you two?” Mrs. Smith asked.

“We are awesome Aru Pishi (Bua)” Anika replied.

“Anika…” Mrs. Arundhati Chatterjee Smith was in tears looking at the condition of Anika. She was the one who was most attached to Anika from Chatterjee family.

Its about many years ago, a teenage (13 yrs) girl was brought by some men into the shelter of her orphanage. Anika was a silent girl always lost in her own world and not sharing anything that happened to her. Then Ms. Arundhati Chatterjee and now Mrs. Arundhati Chatterjee Smith was the owner of the orphanage though she was always close to every single child staying at her orphanage. Her orphanage was her life, she used to pamper every single child like her own child. She was of just twenty five when Anika was taken to her orphanage.


A stormy day when every child (only 16 children) were scared and was sitting close to Arundhati while she was trying to divert their attention from the out going storm to her funny stories. That was a huge storm destroying a huge mass and lives. That day as if almighty was trying to protect his creation by destroying them. An old man knocked at the door of her orphanage. ‘THE DREAM ORPHANAGE’ all the children clutched her duppatta more to not let go of her.

“I will be back, just a moment” Arundhati hardly managed to get up and open the door.

There was an old man with a girl with her head bowed down are standing.

“Madam… I got this girl, she has no one… please give her place in you orphanage” the old man pleaded. Arundhati called both of them inside and noted every details about the girl such as where the old man found her and everything else. Till the time not at least once the girl has looked up. All the other children were younger to the girl and were amused and happy to find a new friend or say elder sister to them.

The storm ended late at night. Arundhati was stroking the girl’s messed up hair and was trying to speak to her but she was all silent. She thought to give her alone time and got up but as soon she started to move the girl held the end of her duppatta and looked up. Tear stains were visible in the girl’s eyes. Arundhati sat back.

“What is your name?” Arundhati asked as lovingly as she could.

“Anika” the girl replied and again looked down.

“Anika… such a nice name you have, do you know what does Anika mean?” Arundhati asked trying to get into conversation with her.

Anika softly nodded a no.

“Anika is the other name of Goddess Durga, it means a graceful, brilliant and a sweet faced girl just like Maa Durga” Arundhati replied and Anika was looking at her face.

“Am I strong like Maa Durga?” Anika asked.

“Yes you are” Arundhati replied smilingly

“Do I have the power to fight with the demons those who destroyed my life?” Anika asked and the glow of her face increased, Arundhati understood something major happened but she opted not to ask then.

“Yes you have the power… now before everything, you have to eat something, come with me” Arundhati said and held Anika’s hand.

An invisible smile adorned Anika’s lips that was only known to her. She walked along with Arundhati. All other children were looking at her, being nervous a little she hid behind Arundhati. Arundhati smiled and introduced her to everyone.

The days were passing by, Anika’s stay, food and her share of love she was getting. She was growing as a girl, two years passed and she became much close to Arundhati. She started to call Arundhati as Aru Pishi. Anika was going to her school one day when she saw a girl of around ten years of age was scared and standing between a bunch of dogs.

“Please please don’t bite me” the girl said folding her hands in front of those dogs.

Anika ran and started to throw stone chips over the dogs lying on the road. The dogs went forward to bite Anika but they had to run as she was continuously throwing stone chips over them.

“You are fine?” Anika asked holding the girl tight in her embrace.

“Thank You didi” the little girl replied hugging Anika. The little girl was crying and Anika was trying to calm her down.

“Okay… okay you little fairy come with me” Anika said and she thought to take her to her Aru Pishi. The little girl looked at Anika and asked very innocently “you called me fairy? I am fairy?”

“Yes darling, you are fairy” Anika replied with a smile on her lips.

Anika took the girl to her Aru Pishi’s orphanage. Arundhati gladly welcomed the new girl.

“You know di… at my house, everyone blames me as a curse… my mom dad also only loves my brother… they don’t love me” the girl broke down and started to cry as Anika wrapped her with her hands.


The word di never sounded that much sweet from anyone’s mouth. Anika was very happy that day as if she has got her own sister.

“What is your name fairy?” Anika asked.

“Soumya… Soumya Kapoor” Soumya replied wiping of her tears.

“Okay so Ms. Fairy urf Ms. Soumya from now on, you will stay with us… haina Aru Pishi?” Anika asked excited. Arundhati nodded yes. Arundhati investigated about Soumya and got to know that Soumya was thrown out of her house as she was girl child. She felt pity for those who have lose such an amazing soul like Soumya.

Years were passing by, Anika’s and Soumya’s bond grew more strong. Soumya used to share everything, she also shared about her first boy friend with her Anika di when she was just of thirteen. Anika made her understand that love and making boy friends is just infatuation at that age. Soumya care fully listen to Anika and gave a thought to her words.

The next day she happily said that Anika was correct and she just like the boy. Anika smiled at her innocence and blessed her in the shelter of her sisterly warmth.

Anika turned nineteen and Soumya fourteen and then when the major twist took place in their life. Ms. Arundhati Chatterjee at last got agreed to marry a man who has a daughter of fourteen years and it was Dr. Smith and a couple came to adopt Anika as they have no children. Anika got adopted and many other children too as Arundhati wanted her children to be in safe arms before she goes away. Soumya and some children who were not adopted were sent to boarding school to complete their studies. As per rules of the orphanage Anika and those who got adopted were not allowed to be in contact with Ms. Arundhati so Anika’s contact broke with everyone except her sister, her Soumya.

After years Anika met Mr. Chatterjee (Anika’s boss, Mrs. Arundhati Chatterjee Smith’s elder brother) at her training camp when she perfectly won his heart. And her journey in CID started. Soumya got inspired from Anika and also decided to join CID. Anika helped Soumya in clearing the exams and Soumya too got into CID.


Now after so many long years Anika met Mrs. Arundhati Chatterjee Smith. She and her sister Soumya got back their Aru Pishi. Advika explained how Arundhati came to her life and became her mother instead of stepmom. Arundhati has a son of her own named Arkin Smith. Arundhati could no longer sit in front of Anika and she got up and ran away from her cabin. Soumya ran behind her.

The day passed and everyone went away bidding bye to Shivay and Anika. Anika was so happy that day that she got back the superwoman of her life.

“Shivay do you like Soumya?” Anika asked suddenly.

“Yeah… I mean no… what… what do you mean?” Shivay stammered fearing that she will ask him to marry Soumya.

“Arre get to the point, yes or no?” Anika asked.

“Yes… but… but as a sister” Shivay made puppy eyes while answering and then Anika understood why he was stammering.

“You… you thought that I will ask you to be in relationship with Soumya… hai na?” Anika asked laughing out and here Shivay looked down.

“Say say” Anika tickled him.

“Yes…” he said looking down embarrased.

“Dhat stupid… don’t you think Soumya is a nice girl for Rudra” as soon Anika completed Shivay’s head sprung up and with a wide smile on his face he replied “yes yes… she is the perfect girl for my brother”

“Yeah, Rudra also loves her, perfect match” Anika said and her eyes sparkled.

“Leave Rudra-Soumya, tell me am I your perfect match?” he said lowering the distance between their lips.

She pushed him and answered while blushing “not at all… I so wished to get a tall and handsome boy friend urf husband but here I got stuck with this man” she chuckled.

“Don’t you dare comment on my height” he said and again his Cheapda mode got switched on “am I not handsome?” he asked whispering.

“Thoru sa (just a little)” she replied and broke down laughing while his face fell and later he also joined her in her laughing session.

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