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Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse RAABTA (chapter 14)

The episode starts with Deep coming close to Arohi and and kissing her forehead. He then careses her hair.

Deep: Arohi…now u sleep, we will talk later.

Arohi: ok. ( She gets up and goes to the bathroom. After sometime Deep gets worried when she doesn’t come out. He forces the washroom door to open and gets shocked to find her unconscious almost drowning in the bathtub filled with water.)

Deep quickly brings out Arohi from the bathtub and lays her on the bed. He then begins to rub Arohi’s hands and feet and feels that her body is getting cold and sees her breathing heavily.

Deep: now what I am going to do,u are surely not going to like it but it’s necessary………

Next morning Arohi wakes up and finds herself under the blanket wearing a nightgown that was loosely tied. She finds Deep sleeping next to her holding her hands.

Arohi: is that what I am thinking turned out to be true? ( She wakes Deep up and confronts him about last night)

Arohi: Deep how could u? I was not in my senses but u were… I didn’t expect this from u.

Deep: think what u want to but to me I did what seemed right to me…( Arohi stares at him angrily)….

Deep: now u first listen to me…..

Arohi: what’s left to listen…I can’t still believe that u could do this. (She heads to leave but Deep pulls her on top of him and puts his finger on her lips)

Deep: shhhh….now u will listen and I will speak. Yesterday the juice u drank had wine in it. I mistakenly handed it to u as I thought it to be juice. After that u were dancing crazily and then when I got u to the room, u went to washroom and fell unconscious in the bathtub filled with water. I got u out of there and noticed your body getting cold so I changed your clothes without looking at u. After that I rubbed your hands and feet for it to become warm.

Arohi:accha, really….I thought something else.

Deep: I will never take the next step without your constent.( Arohi hugs Deep)

Arohi: I am sorry Deep….I am really stupid to think like that. Forgive me.

Deep: it’s ok. Let’s go for breakfast.

In the restaurant Ardeep finds the Punjabi couple scolding the waiter for giving them juice last night instead of wine.

Arohi: oh toh yeh chakkar hai.

Deep: …from the time we met the Punjabi aunty, our life took a u turn.

Arohi: yup let’s go…( They order breakfast)

The Punjabi couple came to Ardeep’s table and asked where they could join them.

Deep: actually….

Arohi: why not…..pls have a seat.

Lady and the man: thanks

Lady: from where are u both from?

Arohi: Mumbai….

Lady: what made u both come to Shimla?

Deep: we came here for our honeymoon.

Man: u are here for your honeymoon after 3 years of marriage…

Lady:aji, shadi ke baad in ko waqt nahi mila hoga honeymoon ki liye isiliye ab aagaye honge.

Man: maybe.( The waiter arrives and asks for breakfast order. Deep and he Punjabi couple give their orders)

Deep: Arohi won’t u order anything?

Arohi: actually I want to eat something sour

Deep: early in the morning?

Arohi: yes..( she talks to the waiter). Get something sour and a milkshake.( The waiter was surprised to hear her order)

Waiter: ok mam.

After a while their food arrive and Arohi eats pineapple with lemon and bread toast. She then drinks milkshake. The Punjabi couple and Deep look at her being surprised.

Deep: what’s with your appetite Arohi?

Arohi: I am not feeling well since the morning…

Deep: then just relax and don’t eat anything extra for now.

Lady: so did u come here for the first time?
Arohi: yes aunty ji.

Deep: Maine suna tha yahan ke barey mein. Yeh ek khoobsurat honeymoon spot hai.( I’ve heard about this place being a beautiful honeymoon destination)

Arohi suddenly feels nausea and rushed towards the washroom to throw up.

Deep tries to go after Arohi but the lady stops him…

Lady:I will see u stay here.

After a while the lady arrives with Arohi and Deep gets concerned…

Deep: are u ok Arohi…. let’s go to the doctor

Lady: that’s not need…I have a news that will blow off your mind completely.

Deep( being confused): what news?

Lady: congrats u are going to be Papa…( Arohi looks at Deep being shocked…. Deep stands in a shock as if he had touched a 440 volts current passing through him)

Arohi: auntyji there is nothing like that …

Lady: u kids nowadays does not know such things but….we know as we are experienced.

Deep: enough, it has been only 4 days that we are married. Arohi wasn’t feeling well because of the wine that got replace by our order.

Lady( being shocked): sorry…u should have cleared the misunderstanding.

Arohi: it’s ok.( Deep and Arohi both leave for touring around)

Arohi: thanks a lot Deep for trusting me…

Deep: u don’t need to thank me for that. I trust u because I trust myself…. I can never doubt u. ( Arohi looks on emotionally at Deep and they have an eyelock)

Both Arohi and Deep play with snow and click many pics.

They see another young couple and they chat together.

Man: hi I am Shivay…Shivay Singh Oberoi and this is my wife anika Shivay Singh oberoi .

Shivay: so Mr Deep Raichand…u are here for your honeymoon after your marriage. When did u fall for Mrs Arohi Raichand?

Deep: Shivay it’s a long story…come I will tell u..

Deep then begins to sing ….

Aao Sunao Pyar Ki Ek Kahani

Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani

Woh Bhi Hasne Lagi Thi, Yeh Bhi Hasne Laga Tha,
Dono Samjhe Nahi They Woh Jo Hone Laga Tha,( ×2)

Joh Bhi Kehna Na Tha, Woh Bhi Kehne Lage
Joh Bhi Sun-Na Na Tha, Woh Bhi Sun-Ne Lage(×2)

Arohi then comes close to Deep, looks at him lovingly and sings….
Aa Rahi Hai Hashi Mujhko Is Baat Par
Kis Tarha Pyaar Mein Dono Khone Lage
Dono Khone Lage…

Jaanne Wali Baatein Thi Anjaani
Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani
Woh Bhi Hasne Lagi Thi, Yeh Bhi Hasne Laga Tha
Dono Samjhe Nahi They Woh Jo Hone Laga Tha
Aao Sunao Pyar Ki Ek Kahani
Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani

Dil Ne Dil Se Aise Ki Manmaani
Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani
Woh Bhi Hasne Lagi Thi, Yeh Bhi Hasne Laga Tha
Dono Samjhe Nahi They Woh Joh Hone Laga Tha
Aao Sunao Pyar Ki Ek Kahani
Ek Tha Ladka Ek Thi Ladki Deewani

Anika: wow…such a cute love story…

Shivay: yes…( He gets a call)

Shivay: Anika I think we should start packing up….our flight is today night..

Anika: yes let’s go …( They both great Ardeep and leaves)

Arohi throws a snow ball at him and he also runs behind her to hit her with snow. Finally he gets hold of her and he comes closer and closer ……… suddenly Arohi pushes him aside and runs blushing… Deep looks at her and smirks cunningly thinking about something.

Precap: Deep closes Arohi’s eyes with his hand and brings her somewhere…Arohi removes his hand from her eyes and gets surprised to see…..

…..They were traveling by car when an old woman comes in front of their car.

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