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Ishq mein marjawan (ardeep fan fiction ) part 6

Arohi falls in deep arms Deep quickly takes Arohi to his car and rushes for the nearest hospital arohi has lost a lot of blood

Deep:I won’t let anything happen to you

Deep finally reaches hospital je takes Arohi inside he makes arohi lay on a stretcher


Suddenly doctors come the check arohi and tells the nurses to shift her to operation theater they ask deep to fill the formalities deep hols the collar of a doctor

Deep:If something happens to my wife I will kill all the people in this hospital

Doctor:Calm down mister deep we will try our best to save her

Bhabi and Nikku also arrives there deep assures them that everything will be alright he goes out with tears in his eyes he takes his car and goes to jail he enter the cell where tara is kept he rushes in and holds her neck

Deep:Tara!I swear if something happens to arohi I will kill you your brother and your mother

Tara:you cheater

Deep:if loving someone is being a cheater then I am a cheater

Deep goes from there he takes his car and goes back to the hospital he stoods by God statue and prays that nothing happens to arohi

In operation theater the bullet is taken out from arohi body but she have lost a lot of blood the doctor comes out and ask deep for O+ blood deep says that he also have the same blood group he immediately donates blood after an hour the doctor comes out of room

Deep:Is arohi alright

Doctor:She is alright we have shifted her to ICC

Deep:Thank you doctor thank you very much

He hugs the doctor in happiness he goes to arohi room and sits beside her

Chadaria plays while deep remembers all the moments spend with arohi

Deep:That’s your love you took a bullet for me

He kisses her forehead and sleeps beside her bhabi enters the room and comes near both

Bhabi:May the god be with you always live safe and happy

In the morning arohi open her eyes to see deep holding her hand

Deep:Finally you woke up I thought that iwill see that eyes opening again

Arohi:I knew that you will save me

Deep:Why do you always put your life in danger for me?

Arohi:Because I knew that your love will be enough to save me

Deep:Enough of that I have prepared breakfast for you

Deep and arohi both take their breakfast after 5 days in court room

Judge:After seeing all the evidence I sentence Roma Tara and Virat raichand to death

Both deep and arohi smile outside the court police is taking tara Roma and virat tara stops

TARA:One day you will pay for this

Arohi:We have suffered enough now is your time

Deep:Come arohi don’t waste time on useless people

Deep and arohi sits in the car and drives towards raichand mansion in the raichand mansion bhabi Nikku and deep’s father welcomes them and wishes them a good life ahead

Precap:Deep plans a romantic night for arohi on the day of execution of tara virat and roma

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