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I’ll snatch u from sky too (sequel) 42

Hello friends i know i’m again late i’m sorry for that but I’m sick since last week still i’m down big sorry for updating late.

Here’s the next update enjoy reading it.

Ignore spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes and continue reading….


“Lady gazing them all” hits the wall hard that Prince SSO words did magic on Anu. First his tears brought her back from death and now his words.

Queen was less that he too became her life. I’ve to do something big before this morning night comes.

Because out will be night but inside Rajput Mansion Noor will glow once again but i can’t let this happen i’m the Boss.”

Anika and Aarohi can never get close.

She rubs her hand diya roshani to deta hai lakin aag bhi lagata hai.

Lady cover herself and smirks.

Sahil” Anika di wait here i’m coming.

Anika” Sahil were are you going?

“Sahil runs to Aarohi forward his hand” Autograph please.

Aarohi” Autograph for what?

“Shivavy walk near Anika” tumhari esi ada nay toh SSO ko ishqbaaz bana diya hai. He address  Anika in husky voice.

“Anika gazes him” stop flirting with me otherwise from ishqbaaz say kabutarbaaz        bana dey gay phir aa, aa kartey rehna

“Shivavy playfully hits Anika shoulder” tootaye ap k uda aur kabutar SSO. But not bad may kabutarbaaz aur tum meri kabutari then i will sing

Dil diya hai jaa bhi tujhe dey gay , dil diya hai jaa bhi tujhe dey gay tu ek wari AAa, Aaa

Anika” Shivaay Singh Oberoi”

Shivaay” jaaun don’t act stone that don’t feel michmich act like Anika jis ke dil may taan taan hoti hai”

Anika about to speak something when Sahil voice dirvert them.”

Sahil” you are the one and one to whom Anika di didn’t show her Tadi. Aur itni  aisay say ap ki baat maan li warna di to SSO ki kanji ankho say bhi nahe darti”

All start laughing

“Shivaay giggles pat Anika shoulder” hahaaah Anika di ki Tadi ki to tarkari ban gayi.

“Anika gazes Shivaay” stay in your limits. She walk to Sahil hold his hand come with me Sahil.

“Sahil questioning Aarohi” Who are you to Anika di.

Anika “gets shocked”

Song plays

Kaun Mera, Mera Kya Tu Laage
Kyun Tu Baandhe, Man Ke Man Se Dhaage
Bas Chale Naa Kyun Mera Tere Aage
Kaun Mera, Mera Kya Tu Laage
Kyun Tu Baandhe, Man Ke Man Se Dhaage

Aarohi” gazes Anika and smiles i’m her….(Anika cuts her)

Anika” you are none to ASR”

Aarohi” smiles dies”

“Anika draging Sahil ” come with me sahil i’ve to talk to you.

“Sahil walking behind Anika” if she’s none to you than why you listened her?”

“Anika turns back kneel down” Sahil did you remember there was sundri bua what she was for us. And till what have to do?

Sahil”  that moti bua was nothing for us we hate her but still you have to listen to her because she threaten you that she will kill me”

Anika” exactly same she’s i hate her”

All faces gets black and white

Sahil” but di….

Anika” your di is not afraid of anyone infact this world is afraid of ASR. So now you got answer to your question come lets go from here. She holds Sahil hand start walking this place is not save for us  and  specially for u that’s  why i stayed back for Sahil only”

Sahil” turns  gazes Aarohi and then Anika.”

Aarohi” if i’m none than give me prove”

Anika” what i did early in morning was not enough for you that what you are for ASR. Anika hold Aarohi hand and pull it down.

 I’m Anika Singh Rajput who don’t have the habit  of repeat herself but if people like you have the habit of listening again than why don’t you recored it for yourself and repeat it again and again till it don’t get in you”

Aarohi” like you are in me”

“Sahil let’s go from here now hindi serial will start” Anika clutches Sahil hand drags him.

Aarohi” today is the second day of challenge”

Anika” stops.. ha? What second day of challenge,  which challenge and when did first took place?

Aarohi ” gets shocked and thinks what Anu didn’t remember “

Anika” lair always lies.

Rudy” Anika bhabi see this.”

Anika” gets shocked to watch the video she throws the fone on floor”

All gets stunned to their place

Aarohi” close her eyes to control herself”

“Challenge ha? Throw it i’m not afarid of anything ” Anika speaks in anger

Aarohi” its not only challenge but bet also that i’ll surely win and after winning at 7pm you  infront of all have to tell whole world who i’m to you”

Anika ( thinking)” time ? When you never came on time what i’ll.?

Sahil” Anika di dar gayi?

Anika” looking at Sahil with fade smile. Open up the challenge.

Shivaavy (thinking)”  i know you Anika you won’t let Maa lose Anu. Today’s your birthday and i know maa will get you back as you to want too get back to her. Only 9 hours more ASR than you won’t exist only Anu and Anika will bliss.”

Sahil” what’s the name of challenge?

Aarohi”  As you are treasure for me same will be the Treasure hunt that you loved to play “

Anika” that has changed into hatred for me.”

Bhavya” team up now”

Anika” i don’t need any team i’ll play alone”

Aarohi” i’ll see that and i will play it alone as well”

Anika” ruffles Sahil hairs but with fire in her eyes.

Dev” Anika beta but how?

Anika” ASR is team in herself and i’ve spend my life alone so i don’t need anyone too now. So lets start the game”

Aarohi pov” you won’t be alone  now Anu i’m for you. And don’t i lost this game but i’ll get to back”

Anika” you set the clues”

Aarohi” sign all to do the arrangments”

After few minutes

Rajput Hall

Chanda” guiding rules to both. Six clues so six differernt places and first turns is of yours di and you have 3 minutes for each one”

Aarohi” here’s your first clue…….  you look at me and find yourself

Anika” runs touches the mirror”

Aarohi pov” stands behind Anika  and smiles” i don’t know Anu what will happen today but i only want to bring you back. Today you will again born as Anu”

Anika” moves aside  takes  her second clue…….Whats runs all day but never gets tired

Sahil”Anika di your champa”

Anika” quite Sahil it’s not champa”

Sahil” champa hai na ap us ko kitna bhagay per woh…….

Anika” Sahil k bachaye . She runs after Sahil.

Sahil” hides behind Aarohi shows tongue to Anika.

Anika” Sahil! Come out otherwise i’ll….

Sahil” caught me di now you can’t caught me see i can run with stumbling”

Anika pov” smiles that’s what i want Sahil”

Shivaay” Anika one minute left

Anika” ap koi ghantee jabu ho?

Sahil” Arrey Anika di ghanteeya to ap k dil may bajati hai SSO ko dekh kar”(bells ring in your heart seeing SSO)

Chanda”  hits plate with spoon Taan”

Anika” eyes gets widen she gazes Shivaay”

Shivaay” smiles reciprocates the gaze”

Chanda” Anika  dil ki ghantee k sath time nay bhi ghantee baja de.

After few minutes

Anika” looking for her last clue near pool.

Lady” So queen want to recreate their sweet memories but me will add bitterness in their memories. Anu birthday will become worst day.

They all don’t know how much Anu hate herself. Narfart kartey hai hum khud say sirf nafart hahahaaa i hate you ASR……

Anika” finds last clue ….. It might rain, come find some shelter 

Chanda” Anika what happened are you alright?



“Anu’s baba look rain lets play” Anu pulling her baba out.



Dev” No! Baba’s Anu you will get cold”



” Anu won’t get cold” Anu pulling her baba cheeks put me down Anu’s baba.



Dev” Anu come lets get umberlla first” 


“Anu ordering her baba to put her down”

Dev” puts Anu down”

“Anu innocently puts dev hands on her hand” Aun’s umberlla is Anu’s baba she  says with cute  naughty smile on her face.

Dev ” Anu wait”

Anu” come baba come she start running in rain hahaaah baba”

Flashback ends

Anika” still lost in thoughts”

Dev” Aarohi it will work are you sure”

Aarohi”Anu is lost in thoughts”

Dev” i hope so Anu comes to me”

Shivaay” what does that  riddle connection with you Dev uncle?

Devi g” for  Anika  her baba is her umberlla beta”

Gayu” Maa! Your plan is khirkitod”

Aarohi” khirkitod??

Shivaay” Maa! it’s Anu language.

Aarohi” glances Shivaay”

Shivaay” i mean Anika”

 Anika”I don’t know and time is up too lets go in she walks in full red”

Dev” with broken heart gazes all”

Aarohi” put hand on Dev shoulder. Don’t lose hope”

Shivaay” it’s good uncle that she lost this challenge too and then Noor will glow at night”

Dev” smiles

Chanda”  smirks you will lose Anika you can hardly find four”

Anika” i don’t care come it’s her turn now let’s see she can get want she desiring for”

Sahil” Anika di you  will lost it. He address to Anika lamely.

Anika”  Sahil ! Other player is left”

Bhavya” let set the clues Anika di for M……( Anika give deadly look to Bhavya that rest of aa died in her mouth)

Anika” none is going to set clues for her i’m self will do that.”

Aarohi” i’ve no issue with that after all jeet to humari ho gaye”

Anika” aur haar ASR ki hui nahe”

Vanhi” Anika beta you will lose infront of my jiji”

Anika” Anni don’t trust your jiji this much

Aarohi” eyes gets moist”

Sahil” Anika di! Can i help you please”

Anika” sure Sahil you can come lets begin the game”

Shivaay” push Anika to corner what you are again upto Anika?

Anika” just chill Shivaay i’m just playing and i don’t mind if she takes your help in winning after all you both are………( Anika stops from saying more)

Shivaay” After all we both are what Anika? Say it why you always stops in the mid?

Anika” why can’t you……

Shivaay” Anika that’s your problem that separate SHIVIKA into Shivaay and Anika. If you would have completed those words months back too then we have been complete”

Anika” yup it’s my problem i can’t say it all but you were  completely perfect then why you didn’t fill those words that were left unspoken”



Shivaay” kyun k main sach suna chahta tha”

Anika” Aur hum bharosa chahtaye thy”


Nazdeek Hai Dil ke, Phir kyun lage milke 

Jaise ho milon door ho 

Jazbat hai anjaana, Mushkil hai samjhana 

Apna hai ya hai ghair woh 


Anika” walk away from him”

Shivaay” eyeing her with tears Anika just look back for once”


Ishq mai adhura sa, rooh mai hai poora sa…

Anika” stand behind pillar close her eyes Shivaay blue orbs flashes. She open her eyes that are bloodly red


Dard hai saari umr bhar ka… 


O jaaanaa… 

After half an our

Aarohi” where’s my first clue?

Sahil” passes flash card to Aarohi”

Aarohi” open it and reads  What’s the 14th letter counting backwards in the alphabet?

Anika pov” you won’t win that’s ASR promise who never breaks it like you”



Aarohi” smiles it’s letter M. 


Dev” where’s Anu? Sahil?

Sahil” suspense”

Shivaay” maa look at the back there’s 2nd clue”

Aarohi”  Until I am measured, I am not known. Yet how you miss me, When I have flown. What am I? 

Dev” Aarohi do you need help”?


Aarohi” no dev there’s still Time….  Aarohi yup my second hunt is time it’s time and time is shown on clock she runs to grandfather clock

Anika” you never came back on time but look i still gave you time”

Aarohi” opens the clock and gets her 3 clue dont be late! as here i will wait !

Aarohi rubbing her head and thinking don’t be late……..    she close her eyes Anu. She open her eyes and runs outside



All runs after Aarohi

Aarohi” opens the Gate

Sahil” smiles it’s not that gate where’s she waits but as you are late. Take a break than get the third hate.”

Aarohi” takes the note through which Sahil was reading all”

Dev” Aarohi! What you will do? Don’t take it light please play from brain not heart.

Aarohi” Dev! You know na when it’s about Anu only my heart works.

Chanda” Aunty g but you have to win at any cost”

Aarohi” nods positively”

After few minutes

Shivaay” Maa! You have to hunt last two clues at any cost if you say i can help you.”

Aarohi” No! Beta i want to do it myself for Anu”

Shivaay” Maa please time is short and Anika has to lose please try to understand”

Aarohi” agrees to take Shivaay’s help

Shivaay” what goes up must come down…find me on the ground

Aarohi”  gazes the ground and sky what it can be Shivaay

Shivaay” where’s Anika herself? How can she make it so difficult. He running here and there”

Sence shifts to back yard

“Anika laying on the ground”

Jis nay udaan bhair thi asman ko chunaye ki

Chand ko chumnaye ki

Sitaro ko jugun ki tarah muti may chupaney ki

Sooraj ko bhi ankhey dekhnaye ki

Per kya huwa us mom k aks ka jisay pathar ka mujasma bana diya.


Sence shifts to Rajput mansion

Chanda” time is out aunty g and now it’s last hunt if you didn’t find it than Anika will win”

Aarohi” you all go and do her birthday preparation. Thankyou Shivaay for your help but now i’ve to do it myself to win her back.

Shivaay” Maa! Are you sure”.

Aarohi” Shivaay! This is just a game if today i lost it i will win my Anu back.

Sahil” your last clue”

Aarohi” runs and snatch doll from Sahil hand

If you break it.  It do not stop working; if you touch it.It may be snared; if you lose it nothing will matter. But even after it’s am broken, It can always become________

Shivaay”  now what does that means”

Aarohi” close her eyes and whole mansion rotates around her…….


@ 6:40pm RM

A huge hustle and bustle going inside the mansion

It looks like that in real moon has kneel down to give all it’s glow to wipe out the dusk of years.

A big portrait of Anu is kept.To it’s left memories of Anu with  each Rajput’s are framed.

To lt’s right Anika memories with Oberoi’s are colored.

A lady in pink and blue saree giving instruction to all servants her face is glowing with joy and makeup compliment   her beauty more. Her eyes are blisses.

Gayu” Maa!

Aarohi” turns her hairs with her saree pallu waves in the air and the whole mansion gets filled with air”

Gayu” eyes gets filled with tears of happiness they both runs to Aarohi. Maa you are looking simply pretty and beautiful.

Aarohi” my princesses are too looking so pretty you both have grown up so well.”

Devi g” put black mark on Aarohi earbone. Make god keep my daughter save from all evil eyes”

Aarohi” takes blessings from devi g”

Devi g” smiles sada suhagan raho”

Pinky aunty” bharjai ji where should i keep these flowers”

Aarohi” caresses white roses her eyes blisses my Anu’s favorite flowers she’s like them so beautiful”

“Bhavya pat Aarohi shoulder” Maa, maa….

Aarohi” yeah! Anu……..”

Every one start laughing

Aarohi” what happened?

Bhavya” maa we are talking about something else and your needle is still on Anu”

Aarohi” blushes sorry beta woh actually……

Dadi” Aarohi beta this is enough of yours.”

Devi g” preeto what happened?

Dadi ” Devi g we are childhood friends but it does not means that you forgets that we are in laws of your grand daughters too.

“Aarohi cup dadi hands” Maa g i’m really sorry i in Anu loves have forgotten my daughters really home.

 I’m sorry maa g you tell what you want me to do for you Oberoi’s but don’t say that”

Jhanvi ” we know you Rajput’s are more rich then us Oberoi’s but…..”

Gayu” gazes each other with shock”

Aarohi” No! Bhabi ji it’s not like that trust me. I’m saying right na maa g( devi g).

Devi g” yes preeto never feel like that nor you should. But at least tell us what’s mistake we did?

Pinky aunty” you people didn’t do mistake but sin”

Rajput’s ladies gazes eachother with shock

Oberoi’s ladies brust out into laughters BHAAAAAAA………

Rajput’s ladies gets more shock

Pinky and jhanvi aunty crushes Aarohi in their bones hahaaah

Pinky aunty” bharji ji legs pullings of you”

Aarohi” smiles”

Dadi” join her hands infront of devi g sorry devi g it’s long time i didn’t show my acting skills.

“Devi g runs after dadi” preeto tunaye humarye sath mazakh kiya teri to aaj khair nahe”

Dadi” running here and there devi g tharo kamar lachka jawaye ge”

Devi g” shouts Preeto bus……

All gets numb

Aarohi” maa g

Devi g” swap her fingers lights gets off

Music plays….

Kicki lakki chiki lakk chum

Kicki lakki chiki lakk chiki chum

Kicki lakki chiki lakk chum
Ooii ooii ooii…

Devi g” stepping down from stairs”

Hawa hawai.. (Hey!)
Ooii ooii ooii (Hey!)

All cup their mouth seeing devi g shaking her kamariya

Devi g” dancing around dadi g”

Main khwabon ki shehzadi
Main hoon har dil pe chhaai


Dadi” start dancing”

Main khwabon ki shehzadi
Main hoon har dil pe chhaai


Both dadi’s start dancing surounding Oberoi’s and Rajput’s

Baadal hai meri zulfein
Bijli meri angdaai
Bijli giraane main hoon aayi
Bijli giraane main hoon aayi

Kehte hain mujhko
Hawa hawai.. hawa wwa..
Hawa hawai, hawa hawai
Hawa hawai, hawa hawai
(Hawa hawai, hawa hawai
Hawa hawai, hawa hawai)


Dadi” Aarohi beta since morning you were working so we did this drama so that for few minutes you get relaxed “

Aarohi” hug dadi my daughters are blessed that they got such good family. I wish every daughter should get family like you people”

Pinky aunty” not your daughters but we are blessed that we got you all. Rights mummy g’s

Dadi” every rights pinky g’s

Everyone start giggling

Aarohi” excuse herself and walk near Anika childhood picture.

Aarohi pov 

Anu today is the most beautiful day of our lifes specially of you but look you have forgotten it. It was just  word mother for me   but Anu when were born it become my life. Tough the first word you spoke was baba but when you called me Maa my world got it’s meaning.

Anu since last 20 years i was only alive for you. Your voice always echoes in my ears. But today i’m dying to listen Maa from you but you have stiched your lips”

Jhanvi” bhabhi g kitna tarap rahe hai Anika k liya”

Devi g” beta 20 saalo ki tarap hai aur phir Anika ko is haal may dekh kar kya beet rahe hai Aarohi per yeh koi nahe jaanta”

Pinky aunty” maata rani ek maa ko us k bachaye say aaj mila dey”

Sence shifts outside 

Shivaay” dev uncle i myself have checked the security but till we have to keep eagle eye. What ever  again happened earily with Anika it’s getting more now”

Dev” Yes! Shivaay you are saying right the day she came back from hospital from that day Anu is targeted again and again. Anu was saying correct someone went to her room and torture her. My child hands were in pool of blood.

Shivaay” everything will get fine soon uncle don’t worry “

Dev” i know Shivaay things will get smooth but it won’t till Anu don’t get close Aarohi we both had tried hard but Anu anger is not linning down”

Shivaay” have you talk to Dr? What he said?

Dev” Jeet has taken Anu blood sample tomorrow reports are coming then main hole will be incircled”

Maid” Sir! Maa g is calling you both in

Scene shifts inside RM

Dev” walk inside the mansion little tense but seeing his lady smiles widely”

Rudy “grinning seeing dev”

Om” why you are grinning?? Rudy

Rudy” i though only we obros are ishqbaaz but look Dara Singh Rajput how he’s staring his Aaru.

“Om makes unamused face hits on rudy head” Duffer Singh Oberoi it’s not naare may dhaaga. It’s nehle pe dehla.



And where this proverb fits in this situation”



Rudy” Arrey meraye bholaye say bread jasey soft say butter samjha kalo( karo)

Who’s he of obros?? Tell tell…. Rudy rising his eyebrows”

Om” father in law”

Rudy” exactly father in law… i know tu pouchaye ga to kya to main tujhe tere pouchaye say phelaye he answer deta hoon.

He’s kanoon ka baap aur woh kehatey hai na k father is father toh dekho zara O apni yeh Om puri say zayada lambi zulfao ko

anupam kher k jasey side per kar k dekho…

Dur say dekho gay, dur say dekho k tuh Dara Singh nazar aye ga aur pass jaa kar dekho gay to Romeo Singh Oberoi ka father in ishqbaaz Dev Singh Rajput milaye ga”

Aarohi” twist ears of omru”

Omru” wenched aaahh ooohhh”

Aarohi” aaah oohh what you both were calling my husband Dara Singh ha?

Omru” No, no were not calling your husband Dara Singh but we were calling him ishqbaaz. You look yourself how uncle is looking at you”

Gayu” Dadu! Look how Maa is gazing you”

Aarohi” Blushes”

Dev” passes flying kiss to Aarohi”

Aarohi” catches it and passes back to Dev”

Shivaay” yeh kya ho raha hai bhai ?

Tej” kuch nahe kuch nahe pyaar ho raha hai. He pulls Jhanvi close to him”

All pulls their respective partners close to them and dance.

Shivaay” dancing with both dadi’s.”

Aarohi” Dev only ten minutes are left”

Dev” hugging Aarohi from back gently rubbing Aarohi belly hmm only ten minutes then Anu came out from you. Our Ansh our life”

Aarohi” gently swinging how persious this same day was 29 years back we both from Devohi became MaBa of Anu”

Dev” And from than onwards you to stop calling me Devil Singh Oberoi”

Aarohi” Dev! It’s giving the same feeling of that day when from my womb Anu came close to my heart i can’t tell you how i felt when i kept Anu close to my heart that feeling was so un-nameable but today when my Anu will come close to me that feeling will be define”

Dev” peck her head i love you”

Aarohi” love you too Dev”. Now leave me let me check all the arrangments once again”

Scene shifts to Anika room


“Chand and Anni why you both are not letting me step out. What the hell is that?” Anika brusting out on both.

Vanhi” Anika beta we are doing this for you try to understand jiji is really angry. I’m saying right na Chanda. Vanhi winks chanda”

Chanda” Yes! Anika…. Vanhi maasi is telling truth to you aunty g has became volcano”

Anika” stop lying Chanda i know………( words dies in her mouth)

Vanhi” what you know beta? Tell us

Anika” mutters she don’t gets angry”

Chanda” Anika what are you saying please say it little loud we can’t hear you”

Anika” i said i want to go out. Leave me Chanda otherwise i’m going to kill you”

Chanda” main koi SSO nahe hoon jisay tum apni in qatilana adaon se maar dalo ge”

Anika” Chanda”

Vanhi” SSO ha Anika”

Chanda” sign Vanhi to leave”

Vanhi” Chanda lets go now and leave my daughter in her SSO thoughts”

Anika” having flashback of moments with Shivaay”

Screen freezes on Shivika


To be continue……..  what you guys think what will happen next? Put your thoughts too what Anika will do


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