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Chandrashekhar 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra wants to eliminate fear

Chandrashekhar 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra waking up and running out of the house. Jagrani asks him where is he going. Chandra joins his friends. He sees the foreigner and runs after the car. He says the foreigners will run soon, this gulel will make them away, don’t tell this to anyone. Jagrani asks Sukhdev to take care of Chandra, why did he tell Sitaram about him. Sukhdev says I didn’t tell him, I came with Chandra. She says tell Chandra that I m waiting, I will take food for your dad. Patwari checks arrangements. He welcomes the foreigner and says I have done all arrangements in the jungle, tent is also fixed, I have arranged kids for hanka.

Jagrani gets food for Sitaram. She asks him to love family as he loves his cycle. Sitaram cleans the cycle and asks her to feed food if she is done with

taunts. She asks him not to feel bad of Chandra. He says he has no fear, if he doesn’t learn tolerating tortures…. he has to learn bending down. Chandra asks do you all trust me. Sursi says yes, blindly. He says then you have to give a test. Tatya says tests are in school. Chandra says I have to see if you all stay fearless. Sursi says we are ready. He makes them stand and tests them by scaring. He hits the apple by the gulel. Tatya gets scared and gets falling. Chandra holds his hand. Tatya runs to beat Sursi. Chandra stops him. The kids feel hungry. Chandra says I didn’t had breakfast. They run to home.


Patwari comes. Varsha asks him to sit. Shambunath asks her to go in. She smiles and goes. Patwari says everything got ruined, Mukhiya is ready for hunting, but none wants to come for hanka. Shambunath says do something, Watson will be coming, take money. Patwari takes money. Patwari comes to talk to Mukhiya. Lady asks Chandra to have food. Patwari says Hanka will happen, we will give money. She refuses to send her kids. He says don’t argue with me, you have to go any way, take money and send someone, think well, else we will drag the kids. Chandra looks on. Tatya cries. Chandra says till I m here, you don’t need to get scared, I was taking your test, you don’t have to be scared, come with me. He says let the britishers come, this time they can’t take anything. He smiles and shows the circuit house. Tatya asks what will you do. Chandra says my gulel will stop them, look there, that Y shaped tree/big gulel will not leave them, we will pelt stones and those foreigners can’t come out.

Jagrani asks Chandra not to go near jungle. Chandra says we need a cycle tube. He says I will save you from going to hanka. Sitaram sees Chandra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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