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The magic of love, part 13

Bhavna calls Yuvraj and tells him about Suhani including him in her memory book. She was very happy.

Yuv: You are so delighted, even more than me!

Bh: Of course I am, I told you na, I want her to lead a perfect normal life. She deserves it.

Yuv: She does… But you two are too much worried about the other that you forget all about your life.

Bh: huh?

Yuv: Just like you are concerned for her life, her only concern is your life! She was very happy to see you with Sharad, and she is right, there is something, between you both huh?

Bh: Wh, what, there is noth, nothing like that.

He smirks.

Bh: You re diverting from the topic, don’t you want to meet her tomorrow?

Yuv: Yeah, where?

Bh: She goes to temple, every morning, if you,

Yuv: Of course I will. Thank you.

She smiles.


Next day:


Yuvraj went to Pratima.

Yuv: Ma, come let us go to temple?

Pratima looked at him.

Prat: Oh, so she is coming there, huh?

He smiles.

Prat: Ok.

They leave.

Pratima got inside and Yuvraj saw Suhani coming out, so he stayed there and was mesmerised by the sight of her.

She didn’t see him, she slipped was about to fall, and he held her. They were lost in each other’s eyes. Suhani breaks the trance.

Suh: thank you.

Yuvraj too came to senses and they moved back.

Yuv: of course I had to catch you, otherwise the poor temple floor.

She smiles at first and then realised that he was teasing her.

Suh: Youuuuuu

She beats him on his hand. They smile.

Suh: So, do you come here regularly?

Yuv: oh no, I came with Ma, she has some pooja.

Suh: Are you not going in?

Yuv: (dreamingly, looking at her) my pooja is over.

Suh: What?

Yuv: Oh, nothing, I was just…mm, so do you come here regularly?

Suh: Yeah, there is something very special here; everyday I get a new ray of hope from here. This place motivates me, helps me ignore all the bad things that happened and to focus on all positives. There is positive vibe here. And you see the rock over there…

She indicated to a nearby cliff.

Suh: that place never failed me, whatever problems I am in; I always get an answer there.

He smiles.

Suh: ok then, see you,

She started to leave, he stopped her.

Yuv: Wait, meet Ma.

Suh: No… I mean sometime later.

Yuv: Oh she won’t be taking long, just wait na.

Suh: (thinking) It is not that, I have a problem man.

She refused again and he compelled again, She decided to tell him, but before she could, Pratima came to them. Suhani and Pratima had a casual chat and Suhani leaves.

Prat: She is such a nice girl.

Yuv: She really is.

They smiles.


Suhani reaches home; she was worried, thinking of Pratima, for she will forget her face!

Bhavna saw this and went to her.

Bh: So whom did you meet today?

Suh: Yuvraj’s Ma, I don’t know if aunty comes there regularly, but if she does, what will I do?

Bh: Nothing to worry, I will get her pic.

Suh: how?

Bhavna smiles and leave.


The day was a fine one for Suhani, she had a show, it was nice, she got three bookings and she was happy. She came home and thought of some ideas for her orphanage show. She got some ideas and called Yuvraj to discuss it. They met in the evening and discussed about the show, and finalised.

They had some nice time together, talked about something and the other till it was dark and then Yuvraj dropped her home. Both thanked the other in mind for the beautiful evening they had.

Yuvraj was completely taken by her by then; and Suhani too was falling for him!


Late at night, when Suhani was about to write her diary, Bhavna came to her and gave her Pratima’s photo.

Suh: Di, how did you

Bh: Oh that was simple, I asked Yuvraj.

Suh: What?

Bh: Yes, he made you meet and not me, so I asked to show her pic at least and he did,

Suh: thank you di.

They smile.

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