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Swasan FF – Some answers of my questions (Episode 4)

In swaras office,she was discussing something important with her boss,after that she left her boss’s cabin and reached her cabin,rahul was already waiting for her,when she entered he showed her some files and before he left the place he said her”dont worry swara our misson will be succesful soon”;she just shaked her head in yes….but”he said hesitantly,swara rotate her head to his side and asked”but?”;”i think u should start a fresh with sanskar”he said slowly,swara just shot him a cold glare,he said nothing and left the place,,,,swara moved towards the window and slowly feel the cool breeze which was touching her face,she thinks about her life before a year”how perfect everything was!”that thing was continuously revolving in her head,she left a sigh and she began thinking, actually she never paid attention in her married life,the first and last priorty was her pari,her life,after after rahuls words she really began to think about her married life………

In sanskars office,he was thinking about something but his thoughts get disturbed by a message he sees that ,it was swaras message"can u please pick me up today,actually i have some work and it will be late,we will together take pari from ma’s house”;he replied”ok” ….he again began to think about that day”after giving a shocked expression he said to the girl”she is my child”; the girl smiled to him and asked him normally”hey sir,is she ur child,she is so cute,whats her name?”he said”;shona”;her smile fades for a while,but then she said cheerfully”nice name,shona”he said”yes but u can call her pari,its her nickname”,she said smilingly”pari,yes she is a pari,bdw nice to meet u after 7 years sir”;he came forward to her and takes pari from her arms,he also smiled back and said”nice to meet u too,so what u r doing now?studing something or doing a job Swara?(yes the girl was swara)she replied”i m doing a job sir”he thinks somethinks and replied back”oh good,what kind of job”,she said”i m a journalist in a dialy newspaper,and sir what u r doing now?,after college i have never seen u and i was also not in contact with u”he replied”actually after leaving the job of assistant librarian i have joined a bank,now i m doing a job as a bank manager”she smiled and said”;oh!nice,bdw sir come lets have a coffee together”;he said”ok lets go”;;in the coffee shop they were talking about their daily courses,but something was peircing him from inside,he was hesitantly talking with her because he could remember their past happenings,but she was just talking normally,she takes sip of her coffee and said”sir ur baby is so cute”;he said”;yes shona, she is my angel”listining the name shona from him after 7 years she thinks something and her eyes filled with tears,he noticed that and said hesistantly”sorry shona if u mind,i just give her ur nickname because she actually looks like u”;”never mind sir,there are many girls whose name is shona”she said in a murmuring tune and she immediately changed the topic and asked”;bdw where is ur wife sir?is she in home”,but this time by listining the word wife his face turns pale and he said in a cold tune”;i should leave now,actuallyi have office”;she said”its the 2nd saturday sir,i guess offices are closed today”;,”;but i have some work so i should leave”he was about to leave with pari but just then pari’s little hand hold the index finger of swara and she first time said”;MA”,swara and sanskar were shocked to listen it because it was the first time she had said something but he had never expected that word from her,swara takes pari in her arms and kissed her forehead and she said”my pari”……


In sawras cabin,after 3 months of their marriage she had first time asked sanskar to pick up from her marriage she dont know why but today some unusual things her happening to her,she also began to think about her first meeting with sanksar after 7 years,she could remember sankars words “sorry shona,i just give her ur nickname because she actually looks like u”;that time her heart sinks to listen that thing,and also her pari calling her”;ma”for the first time and the most important thing his face during their talks she knows he must be thinking that she could  talk to me so normally,but she never showed her emotions to himshe closed her eyes with lots of pain in her heart………

In the evening sanskar reached swaras office and called her,she came out of her office and goes to car she was about to sit in the back seat when he said”swara u can seat in the front seat if u like”and she closed the back door and came in the front seat and their journey begins as usual there was a huge silence between them and after half an hour they reached swara’s moms house and she get off the car and after a while takes pari out of the house,his angel was sleeping peacefully in her arms,,,,on the way to home suddenly sanskar stopped the car near a punjabi dhaba,breaking the silence he said”come swara we will have our dinner here”swara said nothing she thinks”he remembers that i love punjabi food,he again said”what happened swara,come,i think u love punjabi food”swara replied”no nothing sir”he again said”its sanskar shona”and smiled to her then they get off the car and she again began to think”why some unusual things r happening today?”and rahuls words smashed her head”should i start my married life afresh???????

Guys guys,thank u for reading my ff and guys actually this fiction was a general one but because i feel that swasan r one of the best couples of television so i titled the lead characters as swara and sanskar but there r no more characters of swaragini and guys all  the answers of ur questions will be revealed soon,because its title says that"some answers to my questions"…and sry if it was a longer one actually i dont know how much i have write today and sry for the spelling mistakes i habe witten it on mobile and i guess u will know how much it is difficult yo write in a mobile….again a big thank u,love u all😁….

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