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OmRu went away that day. For some days it was confirmed for them that Inesh won’t disturb them because he has to find men to chase them and it will take time. Anika leaned back closing her eyes. Shivay went close and kept his head over her lap and stretched his legs. This made Anika to open her eyes and she felt warm water falling over her legs.

“Shivay” she called softly brushing his hair, he held her hand and intertwined their fingers.

“Why you are so stupid to think that I won’t support you after knowing your job?” Shivay asked.

“I was not stupid… okay fine I was stupid but darling I thought not to trouble you much, and see for me you are staying like this, hiding from everyone” Anika brushed his hair.

“Don’t you dare to leave me again” he said and kissed her hand.

“Okay, now stop crying like a kid… this doesn’t suit you” she said and wiped his tears and dropped a kiss over his head. Soon Cheapda Singh Oberoi mode got switched on and he looked no smirked looking at Anika.

“One here too” he said pointing towards his lips. She blushed and looked away.

“Please” he said pressing his eyes and moving close to her face. She just kept looking at the side and he held her face and faced her towards him. He slowly inhaled her fragrance and placed his lips over her. She closed her eyes in response and pressed his head more towards her. After all the hardships and the test of their love they had the kiss they were urging for long. She went out of breath and he left her to look at her swollen lips.

Her eyes closed, her cheeks warm and red, her eyebrows and lips shivering with the feeling running through her veins and spines and her hand over his head clutching his hair as tightly ever.

“You are mine only mine… I love you because of what you are, I love you Anika” he whispered slowly touching his forehead to hers.

“I am sorry Shivay, but you are a gem believe me and you deserve a better girl than me… that bast*ard Inesh touched me before you, he made me impure for you, please Shivay think about your life and your need once” she said with her eyes closed, with her tears touching his face.

“Let it be anyone Anika who have touched you… but I know it was only me who has touched your soul… believe me, your body was not my love ever… I have loved your soul, your inner beauty… let anyone steal your virginity but I am the only one to steal your heart… heart matters more… heart is valueless” he explained and kissed her eyes.

She looked deep into his eyes and that showed only one emotion and that was his love. She captured his lips and they both allowed their tears to fall down in rhythm. After few moments they left each other and Anika looked down blushing while he got up and pulled up her chin to look at his queen.

“Woho… Ms. SP blushes too” he teased her while she smiled hitting his hand.

The night ended. Their is a line in literature saying ‘no one is perfect but they are perfect for each other’ and this line suits them because they know how to turn each other’s imperfects to perfect. She got up and noticed his mouth open and he is sleeping in that way.

“Phhoooo…” she blowed in his mouth and acted that as she is sleeping and as a result to her sudden blow that has hit his sound box he started coughing while she was trying to suppress her smile aka laughter. He noticed her sleeping holding him tightly, he turned his head and spotted the water bottle at some distance.

He stretched his hand to get the bottle but Anika was quick enough to get hold of that bottle.

“Anika… water please” he said hardly and she understood that he seriously needs water so she passed the bottle to him and he held her hand over the bottle.

“Shivay, leave my hand” she said breathing hard as his fingers brushed over hers.

“At first my good morning kiss… then I will leave you” he said in a low tone and was lowering the distance between him and his girl friend.

“Shiva…” before she could complete her lips were in his hold. She gave in and kissed him back. After they separated she said “now drink water Mr. Cheapda” and blushed.

He smiled and drank the water. After that he said “not only you are smart darling, I am also smart… at least a bit” she cut her tongue realising that what punishment she got of her prank. She hit on his hand.

He served her breakfast after she got freshened up. Mrs. Wilson was not there that day, so another woman helped Anika.

“Ahem… ahem” came two voices from the door and Shivay-Anika looked at them. They smiled wide. The actual happiness spread when Ishana and Soumya came out from behind of Om and Rudra.

“HAPPY HOLI DI” Ishana and Soumya wished Anika applying colour over Anika’s cheeks.

“Happy Holi my gang” Anika replied back rubbing her either cheeks to both of them.


“Happy Holi bhabhi” OmRu said and unison and applied colour on Anika’s face.

“Happy Holi OmRu” Anika coloured their cheeks back.

Shivay was left when he was glaring everyone. Though unwillingly but words came out of his mouth “excuse me… a guy who is eldest is standing here” he looked away after completing.

“What? About whom are you saying? OmRu… I think his screw got loosened” Anika teased and hi-fied OmRu.

“No di… no teasing today… Happy Holi bhaiyaa” Ishana said and applied colour on Shivay’s cheeks with both her hands. Soumya came close to Shivay and rolled her eyes over him.

“Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi… you are under arrest” she said in a strict voice.

“Hawww… why Ms. Inspector… what did I do?” Shivay asked acting scared.

“You didn’t apply colour on my didi’s cheeks… this is a crime” as soon she completed before anyone could have reacted Rudra jumped and made Soumya’s face all red with the red gulal (powdered colour used by Indian on Holi)

“Yayyyy… I applied gulal, Soumya won’t arrest me now… woohoo” Rudra literally started dancing when Soumya turned to him and this made his heart to skip a beat and then he noticed that she is fuming in anger. He started running and hiding behind his brother once, once behind Anika’s bed, once slipping down Anika’s bed and turning the well mannered cabin into a mess.

“You just stop… you Dumbbell Singh Oberoi… just stop” Soumya continued this verse while running behind him. Om-Ishana were looking at their Tom and Jerry’s fight. Anika’s eyes were stuck at those two. Shivay was laughing hard looking at his brother. He then looked at Anika who were lost in their (Rudra-Soumya’s) run. Shivay went close to her.

“What are you thinking?” Shivay asked.

“I so wish to run like that” she said looking down. Soumya and Rudra stopped listening to Anika’s comment.

“Who said you cannot run, you will run along with me… with us” Shivay said and scooped her up in his arms.

“Let’s run Anika” he said and started running, he ran out of the cabin. Tears of happiness fell down her eyes. Om-Ishana and Rudra-Soumya were following them behind. All the people present at the corridor were smiling looking at their bond while old people wished them and blessed them silently from the deepest core of their hearts.

He took a round of the floor with her in his arms. She was complete with her family happily around with her.

“Shivay put me down… I can walk… I am feeling embarrased” Anika pushed her head in the crook of his neck uttering this words and blushing hard by the sweet stare of everyone.

“Why? I am carrying my queen, my love in my arms… haina gang?” he looked at OmRu and Ishu-Soumya and they nodded yes saying “YES BOSS”

“Am I not heavy?” Anika asked.

“Yes a bit” he said huffing.

“Shut up” she hit his chest lightly and smilingly.

Shivay and his gang went back to Anika’s cabin and put her down over the bed.

“So Ms. did you enjoy?” Shivay asked.

“Thank You… I just can’t even explain how much happy I am to get all of you” she said.

“Hey no crying… no emotional scene please” Rudra said and wiped Anika’s tear.

She caressed Rudra’s hair and smiled. Ishana and Soumya sat on the either side of her. They were happily discussing when Dr. Smith knocked and everyone together looked at him.

“Anika… how are you dear?” Dr. Smith asked.

“Very happy” Anika replied cheerfully.

“My wife, daughter and son-in-law came here to meet you” Dr. Smith said. His wife, daughter and son-in-law walked in.

“Hello Man…” Sr. Smith’s son-in-law came and hugged Shivay.

“Thanks a lot Samuel… without you and all your help nothing would have been possible” Shivay said hugging him back.

“Shivay, you are my friend bro… helping you was my duty” Samuel Gonzalez replied patting Shivay’s back.

“Happy Holi Anika” Mrs. Advika Smith Gonzalez wished Anika applying colour. Anika in turn applied colour back on her face. Soumya and Ishana got up and hugged Advika while applying colour on her face wishing her happy holi.

Yes Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez is Dr. Smith’s daughter and son-in-law. Shivay’s friend was Mr. Gonzalez from many years so they at first in formed Mr. Gonzalez before they went to London and asked for his help. Being the most loyal friend he helped Shivay along with his father-in-law Dr. Smith.

PRECAP- DR. SMITH’S WIFE… well indeed Mrs. Smith has some connection so this precap. Any guesses though??

And please forgive me such a long update but I just wanted a holi gift as I have not gifted one holi special episode na so here comes the one.

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