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Love story of Shah sisters & Kapoor Brothers~ Swasan-Kanchi ff by ArpitaKrish (Prologue)

Hey guys ArpitaKrish here. Currently I’m writing Swasan & Kanchi ff named Khamoshiyan and You&Me. I know both are pending but dont worry I will continue that asap.

Story of this ff came in my mind today and I thought to write this combo. I know some of swasanian dont like Kanchi and some kanchian dont like swasanian, got to know from Insta war but please once try to read this. Its humble request. I’m noone to put finger on your choice. I’m die hard fan of both pair. I just tried something different. I’m sorry if I’m hurting anyone.

I did not want to cheat any fandom so mention it being swasan kanchi ff in title.

Put your reviews in comment box. Should I continue this or not??

Please once read this prologue.

Love Story of Shah sisters & Kapoor Brothers: Prologue

“Om jay ambe gauri, maiyaa jay shayama gauri. tumko nishidin dhyawat hari brahma gauri. Om jay ambe gauri.” a melodious tone came from a house.

Let’s peep inside.

A lady of mid 50 was doing aarti. Behind her a man of mid 50, was standing.

That lady turned. Just then a boy who was about 26, came. Lady gave aarti to them.

“Where is your brother? Kabir.” that lady asked.

(Yeah that boy is Kabir Kapoor.)

“Mom, he is sleeping.” Kabir replied.

“Okay. Go & bring him here for breakfast.” Lady ordered.

“Okay Mom.” Kabir nods.

“1 sec…. Kusum ” Man interrupted.

“What happened Anand??.” Lady asked.

(That man and lady is Kusum & Anand Kapoor.)

“Nothing.” Anand noded.

“He is not at home.” Anand blurted.

“What??” Kusum & Kabir became shocked.

“He did not came from last night party. He called me and said that he will be at his friend’s home. He wanted to tell Kabir but Kabir’s phone was not connecting.” Anand admitted.

“And you are saying to me now? Don’t talk to me Anand.” Kusum angrily went.

“Kusum….” Anand called.

“Hehehehe…..” Kabir laughs.

“Why you are laughing?” Anand asked being surprised.

“Cause I knew that he is not at home. He msged me later & I saw thats why I was worried when mom told me to call him but you saved me. I love you dad.” Kabir clears.

“Kabirrrr……” Anand pretends to be angry.

“Think about him. He is gone now. Noone can save him now.” Kabir laughed.

Anand also starts smiling.

Scene shifts to a park, A girl was playing football. Her eyes caught a boy who was staring her. She ignored. Again she caught him staring her.

She was throwing the ball for goal but by mistake ball hurted head of that boy. Blood starts coming out.

He shouts. Girl came running to him along with her gang. She asked her friend for 1st aid box. She got and starts doing bandage.

“This is right. 1st beat me then do aid.” boy taunts.

“Sorry. It happened by mistake but you were also staring me.” girl claimed.

“Ohh…. I was not staring you. I was staring that bike behind you. It is same like mine.” boy clears.

“Btw do you know who I’m?” Boy asked.

“Nor you are my relative neither my friend then How I will know?” Girl was being frustated.

“Okay…. Sorry. I’m Sanskar Kapoor. Can we be friend?” Boy asked.

(He is Sanskar Kapoor, younger brother of Kabir Kapoor)

“Now done…..” Girl stood up. “I dont like to make thousand friend. I just believe in one special friend.”

Sanskar also stood up. Girl turned to go.

“Interesting Miss……..” Sanskar asked.

“Swara Shah.” She replied with smile and went.

“Swara……” Sanskar also smiles and turned.

To be continued……………

Kabir Kapoor- MD of Kapoor industries, 26 years old. Funloving but serious about his work. Played by Vikram Sakhalkar.

Sanskar Kapoor- 24 years old. Completed his studies. Younger brother of Kabir & son of Anand and Kusum Kapoor. Played by Varun Kapoor.

Anand Kapoor- Owner of Kapoor industries. father of Sanskar & Kabir. Played by Sanskar’s dad in Swaragini.

Kusum Kapoor- wife of Anand and strict mother of Sanskar & Kabir. Played by Kabir’s mom in SDCH.

Swara Shah- ?????????

So this was the intro of Kapoor family. Next I will make you meet Shah family. Stay tuned for it.

Please do comment and give review on this. Should I continue or not??? I’m waiting.





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