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Udaan 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli tortures Tejaswini

Udaan 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli laughing on Tejaswini. She says time changes so soon, you have caught Chakor and caged her, now I have caged you here and made you my bandhua, I have chained Chakor’s idol as well, how are you alive till now, I wished to kill you, but I thought to use you to control Suraj in right time, now you are useless, he will not identify you, his memory is gone, he is my bandhua, he runs on my orders, Chakor is flying much, I will win elections and then kill her. Tejaswini gets shocked. Imli says Suraj will kill Chakor, she will lose elections and also her life. Tejaswini says Chakor is back, now you won’t get saved Imli, you will have lose in life and elections, Suraj will not leave you, he will take revenge. Imli slaps her and says Suraj will kill Chakor, I want to make her bandhua.

Tejaswini laughs. Imli hurts her and calls her mad. She goes.

Chakor thanks Lord. She says Ranvijay played such a bad game and still he couldn’t bring Suraj’s truth out, I didn’t know Imli could kill her husband, love ended in her, bless us to end Imli’s black reign. Suraj drinks water and coughs. Chakor pats his back and asks what happened. He says I miss my mum, she would do this when I coughed, she used to sing song. He sings. He asks why didn’t you find my mum. She says I tried hard to know about her, but I couldn’t find her. He asks did she die. She says no, she will be fine. He asks are Ranvijay and Imli behind this. She says maybe, we should try to find her again. Its morning, Ranvijay stays alert and asks Imli to be silent. She asks what happened. He says I can’t leave this gun, Suraj and Chakor have plotting against me. She doesn’t listen. They argue. She slaps him and goes. Suraj looks on and smiles. Chakor asks what, Ranvijay got mad again. Suraj says yes, he got mad after seeing Vivaan. Suraj says he will go mental asylum and Imli will go jail. She says we have to think how to make Imli weaker.

Doctor says I gave him medicines, he should get fine, else we would have to shift him to mental asylum. Imli asks him to come out and talk. Ranvijay gets conscious and sees Suraj and Chakor. He asks how did you come here. Suraj says you have played with us and our emotions, you have to die now. Ranvijay calls them mad. Suraj says you are mad, you throw things right, you create a noise, we will send you to heaven, your friends will be there. Ranvijay asks Imli to come fast and see his bandhua. Suraj says I will send Imli later, get ready to die. He shouts to Imli. Chakor signs Suraj. Imli and doctor come. Suraj and Chakor run away. Ranvijay says Suraj and Chakor came to kill me, see they have thrown things.

Imli and doctor ask him to take rest. Ranvijay says trust me. Doctor says I was afraid for this, his mental state is weak, you have to leave him to asylum. Suraj and Chakor smile. Ranvijay asks Imli to save him, he is her husband. Imli asks villagers to go. Imli says I m doing this for your betterment, we will rule here. Ranvijay says I know you well. He is taken away. Suraj says its Chakor and my first win, take care. Villagers call Ranvijay mad. Suraj asks villagers to leave. He asks Imli what happened to Ranvijay. He says I m with you till Ranvijay gets fine, just command me the work. She says I know, find a young and pretty girl, I will get her married and recover the loss. He asks what. She says I have to prepare for market. Chakor says it means Imli is going to sell some girl. Suraj says yes, we have to do something. Chakor says don’t know which girl she targeted this time.

Imli asks Gauri’s parents not to worry, she will rule after marriage. Chakor says even buyers should get punished, how can someone buy girls. Suraj says Kumud has lost her life. Pakhi says if you send me instead that bride, I will find out everything. Suraj asks are you mad. Chakor says we won’t risk your life and respect. Pakhi says what about that girl’s life and respect. She goes. Chakor asks her to listen. Suraj gets a call from Imli. He says I m going to Imli, will meet later. Imli asks Gauri to see the groom. Gauri says I don’t want to… Imli says I want your happiness, that village is very nice, the groom Vishal is rich, they have three cars there. She asks Vishal how did he like Gauri. He says I accept this proposal. Imli says I shall get sweets for you all. Suraj comes there. Imli feeds sweets to everyone.

Chagan tries to stop Gauri’s parents from getting her marriage. They scold him and don’t listen. Gauri says I love you Chagan, do something, I can’t marry, I will give my life. Chakor says no, don’t cry, none can force you, I promise I won’t let your marriage happen, don’t worry. She asks Chagan to take Gauri home. Pakhi says let me sit in Gauri’s place. Chakor says no, we won’t risk your life. Suraj comes and says yes, we can’t risk your life, we will hit Imli with another shock. Pakhi says nothing will happen to me, its my war also, I will take care. Suraj says once we get this victory, village will get free. Pakhi says we will win, let me do this Chakor.

Chakor says I m agreeing as Suraj will be with you, you have to record everything. Pakhi says don’t worry. Chakor performs in marriage. Imli asks Gauri to show her face.

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