Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:33)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
For a week, the donor hunt continued. Checking the list of already existing donors, calling friends, relatives, probing the hospital and almost every attempt was going on but no success. Once or twice, they found an almost same sample but it was around 30% differences which would create reactions in future.
Everyone was gathered at Kunj’s mansion, sitting in the hall and thinking what to do next when the phone rang.
“I’ll see.” Twinkle said and got up to receive the call.
“Twinkle is it you?” Dr. Ragini’s voice came from other end.
“Yes doctor any problem?” Twinkle asked panicking.
“Twinkle come to the hospital fast! It’s urgent!”
“Uh, OK doctor! I’ll be there soon.” She assured before hanging up.
Almost everyone rushed to Twinkle. “What happened Twinkle? Who was it?” Rishab asked in desperation.
“It was from hospital. Dr. Ragini asked me to come fast! It’s urgent!” Twinkle answered in dilemma.
“That means they found a donor!” Yuvraj exclaimed happily jumping to the conclusion on which Twinkle rolled her eyes.
“Congratulations! Finally! We’ve accomplished.” Rishab said contently before hugging Yuvraj and started making plans for celebration.
“Guys stop!” Twinkle shouted irritably. “What’s this huh? Doctor clearly stated it’s an emergency!”
“Maybe she wants to surprise you!” Disha said softly and Twinkle sighed.
“Don’t assume things guys because I don’t want to see disappointment on your faces later!”
“Bhabhi don’t worry! We’d never be disappointed as long as you’re with us happy and healthy.” Arohi spoke patting Twinkle’s shoulder.
Twinkle flashed a genuine smile. “That’s so sweet of you guys. Now I’ve to get going. Ask Kunj to wait for me at home, no need of coming there.” With those words she picked up her phone and clutch before walking out with fast beating heart.
The doctor was pacing back and forth in her cabin when Twinkle arrived. “What happened Dr? Is everything alright?”
“Twinkle you need to know this.” Saying this, doctor handed over an envelope to Twinkle.
The envelope had no date, no address and not even the sender’s name on it. She opened it and started reading very cautiously.
“Hello doctor,
I read in the newspaper, the request you had mentioned for a donor and I’m lucky enough to have the same blood group and meet the other requirements as well but I’m stuck in some personal problems because of which I can’t donate stem cells up til the end of the month. If you find any donor up till then, well and good but if not, I wanted to tell you, I’ll be there.
And I don’t want anything in return as I’ve seen someone very close to me suffering from this deadly disease and I just want to help.
You can trust me. I won’t back off.
Thank you.”
Twinkle placed the letter back on the table with trembling hands. “What is this?” It took time for her to absorb whatever she just read.
“What I’m concerned is… What if this is a prank? What if we stop searching a donor and he doesn’t show up? And Twinkle imagine how drained you’d be at the end of the month! Will it be OK to…”
“No doctor! My heart says it’s not a joke. How can anybody make a joke out of my disease? I don’t believe anyone can be so insensitive to do this!”
“Let’s just hope for the best Twinkle! But still I’d suggest to keep searching for the donor.”
“Ya! You’re right but for now this is the only ray of hope I’ve now- an anonymous letter!”
Twinkle went home with the letter and as expected everyone including Kunj was waiting for her. She after approaching them showed that mysterious letter before explaining the whole story.
“How insensitive!” Yuvraj exclaimed grimacing. “That person can save Twinkle but says he won’t come just because of some personal work!”
Kunj sighed. “Yuvi! Few days ago, you hated Twinkle for not donating blood to me right? But you see what a big reason she had! We can’t judge people without knowing their side of the story.”
“Geez thanks for bringing my guilt back! I apologized from Twinkle and she forgave me right?” He questioned looking at Twinkle with hope earning a nod with an assuring smile from her.
“One minute Kunj!” It was Rishab to chimed. “You mean we should believe this?” He asked showing the letter. “An anonymous letter with no name, address, nothing!”
“Hope is all we’ve now Rishab and I’m not asking you all to stop searching for donor but… What if we don’t find one? We’ve been searching for more than a week but no success right? What if we don’t find one for a complete month? Then, this is all we’ve got! At least he won’t betray us!”
“How’re you so sure bhai that he won’t back off?” Arohi asked.
“Because I’ve a feeling inside that this is the one person on which we CAN rely on.”
“I’m with Kunj.” Twinkle announced while sitting on the arm of chair, Kunj was sitting in. “Listen guys! We should thank Lord for sending this mystery man to solve our problem. We’ll keep searching for a donor and if we don’t find one, we’ve an option. OK?” Twinkle added on which everyone nodded convincingly while Kunj wrapped his arm around her shoulder with a confident smile.
“Ok so tonight, everyone is having dinner and party at my house.” Kunj declared.
All of them exchanged surprising glances but Kunj continued. “For that there are two reasons. One is that we found a donor and second is… It’s been a really long time since we’ve been together and who knows when we all meet again. So let’s just celebrate together and have a happy time putting a-side all the worries, pain and whatever happened in the past few days. And celebrate!” Hearing his words everyone agreed merrily.
At night, all of them enjoyed, laughed and cheered their hearts which were devoid of relief from a long time. They were linked to each other by something unexplainable. One’s bruise hurt all of them and one’s happiness cheered all of them! Because all you need is a shoulder to rely on. And this is what we call family and friends!
In the morning, all of them were a mess. YuviSha somehow adjusted on the living room couch! But one thing was common and that was the smile of satisfaction on their faces. Tears of happiness washing your cheeks is the best thing that can happen in life. Twinkle opened her eyes and glanced around her house which was looking horrific!
Yesterday Yuvraj threw some curry on Rishab and the curry fight started with them running with food items behind each other in the whole house and Kunj watching it like an interesting cricket match instead of stopping them.
She got up tying her hair in a rough bun and went to waking up each of them. “Yaar we look hideous!” Yuvraj exclaimed combing his hair through his fingers.
“NOT worse than my home!” Twinkle replied angrily when all looked around the house smiling sheepishly. Being a woman, how long could she ignore that!
“Don’t worry we’ll clean it.” Disha said smiling.
“No need the maids will do it. Now go and freshen up yourselves.” Saying this, she walked to her room for freshening up herself.
After coming out of washroom she called out Kunj while he was lost in deep thoughts. “Kunj! Help me out.”
He nodded absentmindedly walking to the dressing table and filled her hairline with vermilion, made her wear mangalsutra and earrings. He pulled her moist hair to a side to tie the dori of her kurti.
She felt so nice, so complete as his hands moved pleasantly over her back.
All the time, Twinkle kept her eyes on Kunj through mirror who was still lost in his own world. He just followed her words like she said but didn’t even look at her.
“It’s done.” He smiled which wasn’t reaching his eyes and was about to go when Twinkle held his wrist.
“Kunj! When we’ve decided to trust this, then why not completely. I trust you. You won’t let any harm come to me. Then why can’t you trust me enough?” She asked dejectedly.
“Twinkle!” He said softly cupping her face and realized that he was losing Twinkle’s trust because of his bizarre actions and unusual behavior. He sighed deeply before continuing. “OK! I’ve to tell you something.”
“What?” She asked confused.
“I… I don’t think we’ll be able to find a donor in India so I was thinking to go abroad and meet some of the acquaintances there and talk about this. I’m sure it’ll…”
“No Kunj! Don’t lose hope like this and please… Don’t talk about leaving me.” She pleaded with teary eyes. “I’ve lost you so many times not again… Please!” She cried.
He was shattered to see her in this state. “Twinkle relax! Calm down please! I’m doing this for you! For us!”
“Please Twinkle! I need your support. And… You’ve no idea how desperately I want to take you with me but if we change the doctor now, then it’ll be difficult for you to cope up. And I’ll be back even before you miss me.” He said hoping she’d understand. “Twinkle if there had been some other option, I wouldn’t have said anything but there isn’t. Please!” He paused to wipe her tears before adding. “If you say no, I won’t go but you’ve to agree. For yourself, for me.”
“No Kunj!” She bellowed. “This is my final decision! You won’t go anywhere!” Her lips were trembling as she said latter. “And if you do, I swear I’ll do something to myself.”
“Twinkle! Are you out of your mind!” Kunj exclaimed angrily. “How can you…”
“I can’t lose you again.” She said feebly. “And if I’m being selfish, then so be it!” She said and ran downstairs.
Kunj stood there stunned and astounded. He had never expected Twinkle to react so violently but the hope of finding the donor outside India had clouded his senses.
‘I’ve decided Twinkle, I’ll go. I won’t leave any stone unturned in trying to save you! It’s difficult to wait, but worse to regret! Even if it means going against your wishes.’
Twinkle didn’t tell anyone down there about her conversation with Kunj. ‘When no one is going anywhere, what’s the need of spoiling everyone’s mood without a reason?’ She explained to herself.
After some minutes Kunj also joined them and silently had breakfast like nothing happened. But no one knew what was going on in his mind. After breakfast, everyone left for their respective homes and Twinkle went upstairs to her room. She opened the wardrobe and caressed a book with love. She smiled at the silly things written in it. She heard Kunj cleared his throat and abruptly closed that book and was about to place it back but it was too late. He swiftly snatched it from her.
“What are you hiding? And what’s in it?”
“N… Nothing!” She said turning her head.
“I love the way you stutter and steal your eyes when you lie.” He smirked and put a hand on one side to stop her from escaping.
“L… Like I said nothing.”
“OK then. I’ll see myself!” He shrugged lightly and was about to open it when Twinkle shrieked.
“Fine! Leave the diary. I’ll tell you!” She screeched.
“Good.” He said pulling her cheeks and placed the diary back on it’s place.
“Kunj, I had started writing this diary when I came to know about my cancer. In it, I’ve written things I wanted to do before I die. In case, I don’t live.” She whispered audibly.
He looked at her intently holding her by waist and pulled her in his embrace tightly. “Nothing is happening to you. Soon you’ll be alright and we’ll be doing all these things no matter how crazy it sounds… Together.” He said with so much confidence that for a second she forgot that they were still searching for the donor.
She was overwhelmed with his reply and snuggled in his chest. “Yes Kunj! Soon, everything will be alright.”
At night, Twinkle clung tightly onto him afraid that he’d leave. She had lost him so many times because of so many reasons and couldn’t bear that again! Being here, in his arms felt so right, so perfect.
In the morning, Twinkle opened her eyes and saw Kunj’s side empty. She got up, wore her slippers and checked the bathroom but it was bolted from outside. She went downstairs to check the kitchen and living room but he wasn’t there either. Panic went through her veins like an electric wave as she thought, ‘no! Don’t let it be what I’m thinking!’
She ran through the corridors, bedrooms, terrace and every single corner of the house still hoping she’d find him but she didn’t! Defeated, she fraily walked to the room. Her face covered in tears and found a note there which she angrily picked it up. It read,
I know you’ll be angry over this betrayal but trust me I had no choice! I couldn’t let anything happen to you. I tried talking to you about this, explaining my point but you wouldn’t listen. I’ve to go Twinkle. Even if I fail, I’ve to try.
Please take care of yourself. I don’t know exactly how much time it’ll need but I’m sure I won’t return empty handed.
-Your, not-so-perfect husband.”
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