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‘Leela,I think she should be getting married soon’ He said.
‘Why? She is still studying… she had so may dreams for her life’ leela replied.
That’s not at all a girl’s thing… what if even she also gets a guy like mahi?’ RT said sternly.
‘Twinkle is not like that’ leela said.
‘Even Mahi wasn’t like that’ He retorted.
Twinkle wants to become a singer, she loves to sing and in top of that she has a huge dreams for her research career’ leela explained.
What? Archeology? What kind is it? It’s not suitable for a girl,I don’t know why you are supporting her’ Rt said witout any expression.
‘As a mother I should support her’ she said.
Don’t forget as a parents of a girl we should reduce our responsibility by getting her married soon’ Rt said in a determined way.
‘I know what to do’ Rt cut her off.

But poor twinkle, little did she know that her father just needs a pretext to reduce his responsibilities by getting her married. Twinkle being naive, never ever was aware of it.

The best part of the game played by life is…. changing our path of destiny abruptly, without our conscious may times we will be moved away into different paths later when we realise it and try to look back, it will be too late. Sometimes even some unknown person  will also have a huge effect on the turns our lives take, it’s just like a game chasing one another without knowing the fact that we are already being chased.

Even in these two people’s life same thing happened.
‘Dad, can you sign this?’ Twinkle said placing an application forms infront of RT.
What’s it?’ He took it and went through it.
It was an application form for twinkle’s higher studies in interior designing.
‘I want to go join this college’ twinkle said in a bit of worry.
‘Enough of it twinkle, now it’s time for you to get married‘ RT said coldly.
‘What??’ Leela interrupted even thought they had a talk on this before, she wasn’t sure about her husband’s sudden decision about twinkle’s marriage.
‘Papa, why?’ Twinkle said in a low voice.
‘Its because you are old enough for marriage’ He spoke little loudly looking at both the mother and daughter.
‘But…I want to pursue my dreams and I am not settled in my career yet’ twinkle replied as it was her time to speak now orelse she knew the fact that all her dreams will shatter if she backs off.
‘Look at mahi and learn twinkle, she got settled so soon and she realised her responsibilities as a daughter very soon and moreover before you get someone like Mahi, I should only get you married. It will be better and you….stop planning for your dreams, girls can’t fly too high with Petite wings and once you are done with your education this year, get ready to for marriage’ He literally screamed in anger and ordered her.
By this time twinkle was completely in tears, when she saw her dreams being crushed by the same hands which were supporting her.

‘Papa…but….I am….not mahi.
..’ she barely spoke in the middle of her sobbings.
‘Twinkle, stop acting like a child and you are not a kid anymore’ RT spoke rudely tearing the paper she gave him.
‘But…just listen to her once…’ Leela tried to interfere but of no use. ‘You shut up and stop supporting her and better you realise your responsibility as arena mother’ He scowled and walked away.

His act may seem like a drama but yes….even today many of the girls dreams not supported just because she is girl. Moreover here we can’t say her father is wrong, Father always thrives for the well being of their children and apart from that he also have so many issues with public and society that will be directly related to his children. In order to take the things on proper way he acts rude, he acts selfish, he acts angry and what not….but before all that he will be having love and care.

RT being a rich business man, was also an egoistic, rude and selfish being and for that we can’t blame his personality, it’s just the circumstances he faced and that turned him into cold hearted person.


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