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SwaSan: Yeh Dooriyan Season 2 – Chapter 3

Yeh Dooriyan 2


Chapter 3


It was morning, Sanskar was sleeping in his room, drone into dreams of Swara, when suddenly he felt a weight jumping onto his body. He opened his eyes with shock.


“Good morning bade Papa.” Aveera spoke to him.


Sanskar smiled seeing his naughty neice sitting on his stomach and smiling broadly.


“Good morning, Aveera. Now, if you don’t mind can you please come down from babe Papa’s stomach.” Sanskar said, holding her hand and guiding her to step down. Aveera chuckled to this.


As soon as he got up she occupied his lap posessively.


“Now, give me my gifts babe papa.” She said forwarding her hand.


“Gift? Which gift beta?” Sanskar said innocently.


“Now, don’t tell me that you forgot to buy gifts for me.” She said with shocking expressions.


“Actually, I had bought gifts for you but I forgot to bring them here.” Sanskar said to tease her.


“Then go back and get my gifts or else Aveera will get angry with you.” Aveera said crossing her arms against her chest.


Sanskar kissed her cheek.


“Awww! My bachha is angry.” Sanskar siad cutely.


Aveera nodded with angry pout.


“Then, I will return those Barbie sets because Aveera is angry soooooo….” Sanskar said teasingly.


Aveera jumped immediately and hugged Sanskar…” I am not angry, give me gifts.”


Sanskar smiled. He got up and opened his suitcase, it was full of various kinds of soft toy, Barbie sets, video games and others.


Aveera was astonished seeing so many gifts. Her happiness had no boundaries.


“Now happy?” He asked.


She nodded yes vigorously and gestured Sanskar to lift her. He did same.


“Achha, now get ready and take me out today. Okay?” She ordered.


“Yes mam!” Sanskar agreed.




“How’s you feeling Swara? Shonali told me you had nightmare last night.” Sharmishtha asked, while placing a Tilak on her forehead.


“Better ma, but I’m feeling strange. I don’t know why but I feel suffocating, I want to go out.” Swara said sadly.


“Have your breakfast, Swara then I will take you to the park.” Said Shonali while coming to the hall.


Swara smiled faintly.


“Swara, is there anything which is bothering you?” Shonali asked.


“Di, I-i want to know some- something” she spoke hesitantly.


“What you wanna know, Shona?” Shonali frowned.


“My past, di. I want to know my past.” Swara said hopefully.


Shonali was stuck, she wanted to pour her heart out, she wanted to tell her each and everything, but couldn’t, Sharmishtha would never let her do so, and like her guess, before she could spoke, Sharmishtha answered…


“Swara, there is nothing special in your past, your past is just like any normal girl’s. There is nothing specific.”


“But ma, my this injury? And many times I have seen flashes of a mam and lady, and that feels so familiar to me, as if I have lived all those moments! Why I feel that?” Swara raised her voice in disappointment and confusion.


“I have told you that you were going for some work and a car hit you from back, that’s it! And I don’t know why you are getting such flashes, now have this breakfast and stop stressing your mind.” Sharmishtha said sternly, serving her breakfast.


Swara gave up unwillingly, while Shonali kept mum even though she wanted to tell Swara the truth, but her hands were tied in the shackles of helplessness.


“I have to do something, I can’t let Swara and Sanskar living seperately. I have to talk to Kabir regarding this.” Shonali thought in mind.


“Di, I”m done! Let’s go!” Swara said excitedly.


“Sure” Shonali smiled.


When Shonali was taking Swara towards the car, Sharmishtha whispered to her, “don’t you dare to tell her anything.”


Shonali nodded unwillingly.




“Bade Papa, jaldi karo. We are getting late!” Aveera shouted.


“Coming beta, just a minute!” Sanskar said while coming downstairs.


“Sanskar, are you going somewhere beta?” Annapurna asked him.


“Aveera, tell your dadi where we are going.” Sanskar said to Aveera sweetly.


” Dadi, we are going to park! Bade Papa has bought me too many gifts, I will show all of them to my friends.” Aveera beamed, saying this.


Annapurna’s face filled with dispair, the ignorance of her son was killing the mother.


“Dad, we will come by evening.” Sanskar said to DurgaPrasad and left.


“I have lost him forever.” Annapurna mumbled.


“Annu, don’t be hopeless. Everything will be once, jab se Swara gayi hai ghar ki khushiyan he Chali gayi.” DurgaPrasad said.


“Usi ke Karan ye SAB hua hai, na Swara, Sanskar ki zindagi me aati na ye SAB hota.” Annapurna spoke bitterly.


“Insaan Ko Kabi kabhi apni khud ki galti bhi man Leni chahiye.” Saying this DurgaPrasad left.






“I feel so much relaxed here.” Swara said, inhaling the fresh breeze.


“Let’s go there, and there we will try to walk.” Shonali said, smilingly.


Meanwhile, Aveera and Sanskar were in the same park and Aveera was enjoying showing off her new toys.


“You know my bade Papa, bought me soo many gifts.” Aveera said proudly.


” Aveera, you will let us play with your new toys na?” Shikha asked.


“Ofcourse, you all come to my home and we all will play.” Aveera said.




“Swara, aaram se! Walk slowly, no need to hurry.” Shonali said, while guiding her to walk.


“Di, it feels so good to be on your legs, rather than on that irritating wheelchair.”  Swara said.


“Now, it’s enough. Sit here.” Shonali helped her in sitting on the bench, when her phone rang.


“Yes, Kabir!” She answered, but due to some network issue she was unable to hear him properly.


“Swara, don’t you dare to try to stand I am just coming.” She instructed him.


“Yes, boss! You go and talk to jiju.” Swara said teasingly.


“Swara!” Shonali rolled her eyes and left.


“Yes, Kabir”


“Shonali, Swara’s reports has came, you please come tomorrow for her checkup.”


“Why not today? Why to delay?” 


“Because, I have a surgery scheduled today.”


“Okay! Then”


“Bye, love you”


“Love you too”


Here while playing Aveera went towards the bench where Swara was sitting, she was baffled after seeing her and immediately reported Sanskar about this.


“Bade Papa! Badi maa!”


“What did you say?” Sanskar asked, as he could not register what she said.


“I have seen badi maa, she is sitting there on a bench!” She jumped in excitement.


“Where?” He asked.


“There!” She pointed towards that direction.


“Let’s go and meet her na, please!” She pleaded him.


Sanskar stood frozen, he could not believe his ears, all those moments which he had spent with her went through his eyes. He recalled the time when she was in coma, when he use to talk to her but she couldn’t reply him. The moments when she confessed her love for him, fearlessly. A drop of tear crossed the boundary of his line, showing his longing for her, his better half, his Swara.


“Let’s go na, bade Papa” Aveera pulled his hand.


His feet unknowingly started to walk towards the direction where Aveera was dragging him. He stopped at a distance, when he got the glimpse of his Swara.


“Swara!” He murmured.


Swara, who was sitting peacefully on the bench was, started to feel restless.


“Why I feel like someone has called me.”


“Bade Papa, let’s meet her na.” Aveera insisted.


“Beta, we are playing a game, remember your Mumma told you. We should act like we don’t know her.” He said, while Aveera nodded.


Here, in the meantime the restless Swara tried to get up and after getting succeed in that, she tried to move and due to lack of support she lost her balance, and her Sanskar could not let her fall, he ran and supported her, so that she can’t fall. Swara, was in Sanskar’s arms, a place where she belongs to. She got lost in his teary eyes with a strange feeling.


To be continued…





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