Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira exposes Devina

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Ira joking on Aditya. Akhilesh asks her not to tease him. He gets hurt by her. She cares for him. Devina comes to talk. Ira goes. She asks how did Sanaya’s room power and water connection get cut, didn’t you find anything fishy, I have checked the lines, someone intentionally did this, Pushpa has done this, she is jealous. He asks why will mum do this, she fights a bit, but she won’t do this. She says why would you agree to me, Singhania will come here, you will know it. She goes.

Singhania comes and says I have come to take my daughter. He gives money to Pushpa for helping him. Devina says I told you Akhilesh, Pushpa is behind this. Pushpa asks what nonsense. He says you have called me yesterday too. She says I didn’t call. He asks Singhania to make a call on

the number. Singhania calls. They see Ira’s phone ringing. Ira says I have called Singhania. He asks why did you talk such. She says I used voice modulator, I have removed light fuse and switched off water connection. Sanaya comes and says dad, you came back, what’s your problem.

Aditya says Ira and your dad planned to send you out and trouble you. Sanaya asks but why. Devina says I m sure Pushpa is mastermind. Ira says no, she didn’t know this, I did this by my wish. Akhilesh asks why. Ira says I did this for Sanaya, hear this recording. They all hear Devina’s recording. They get shocked.


Sanaya cries and hugs her dad. She apologizes. Pushpa scolds Devina for falling so low and teaching such a thing to her son. Singhania gets angry on Aditya. Akhilesh stops him. Aditya thanks him. Akhilesh slaps Aditya and gets angry. He says what’s your love, you can’t respect a woman, I m ashamed to be your brother. He apologizes to Singhania. Singhania beats Aditya. Devina asks Sanaya to stop her dad.

Sanaya scolds Devina and Aditya. She leaves with her dad. Devina says I will explain. Akhilesh scolds Devina. He says if anyone does this with Siddhi or Bhoomi, what would you go through, answer me, if anyone does this, I will not spare him. Devina apologizes. She emotionally blackmails Akhilesh. She asks her kids to come along. Akhilesh goes. Pushpa says he won’t stop you today, you have just seen his love, I know his anger, its better that you all leave.

Ira stops Devina and says you are repenting, if this happens again, I can’t stop you, go to your rooms. Ira says sorry. Pushpa laughs. Ira says I thought you will be annoyed. Pushpa says you did right thing, you have come as miracle in our lives. She hugs Ira. Akhilesh gets angry and hurts his hand. Ira does aid to his hand. He says Aditya will never regard me elder brother, I have lost. She says enough, you did right, Aditya will understand this soon and respect you. Aditya gets angry. Devina says we will take revenge, we will show we are very much ashamed, Akhilesh and Ira will convince Singhania for your and Sanaya’s marriage. Ira gets food and tries to cheer up Akhilesh. She feeds him food.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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