Mere Sai 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Mere Sai 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri tells Champa that they will not be sad and take care of Dwarka maai like Sai would have done. Bayaza thinks all Shirdi People are living Sai, and thinks he left from here, but not from their hearts. Om Sai plays. Kids clean Dwarka mai, while mhalsapati takes care of his medicinal plant. Bayaza says have to return to fulfill your promise made to me.

Kulkarni treats patients and says free treatment week is over. He asks a patient’s husband Manohar to give 1 Rupee for each medicine packet. Manohar says I can’t pay you 1 Rupee. Kulkarni laughs and asks Manohar to pay the money. He says if you don’t pay me then this old woman have to bear the consequences. Then you have to give me double money. Manohar says we will die hungry. Kulkarni asks him to take his cow and says it will

be with us until he pays all the interest. He gives him 1 week time to pay the money else will lose cow. Kulkarni thinks he got 3 cows and 1 acres of land because of Sai.

Bayaza sees Manohar and asks about his purpose of visit. Manohar tells her about Kulkari troubling many people like him. Bayaza gives him money. Manohar’s wife refuses. Bayaza says we are responsible for your condition and asks him to return to his village. Triambak feels bad. Bayaza says you got fine, and tells about Kulkarni’s troubles. He asks can you bear the burden of people’s sorrows. Sai is in the jungle and tells that trust once broken then it can’t be back.


Bhama gets labor pains. Dai Ma checks and says it is not labor pains as she isn’t in 9th month of pregnancy, we have to take him to Vaid. Madhav says Kulkarni will not help us as I took Sai’s side since Moti incident. Bayaza says she will bring Sai back. Madhav says where you will search him. Bayaza says if her motherly’s love is true then she will get Sai back. She tells Appa that she is going to get Sai. Triambak asks Appa to stop her. Bayaza tells him that her husband knows what is she doing? Bayaza comes to jungle and thinks she will hurt her and punish her for Triambak’s mistake. She starts walking. Sai stops her from getting hurt.

Bayaza tells him about Kulkarni’s tortures and Bhama’s health. She asks why is he punishing villagers for Triambak’s deeds. Sai says it was not Triambak’s fault, but it was my fault as I was unsuccessful to make him have patience and trust. He says he have to make people have trust and he has to do something. He asks her to tell Madhav to take Bhama to Dwarka Maai. Bayaza smiles. Sai talks to his Guru’s Samadhi and tells that he has to lightens trust in everyone’s heart. He closes his eyes. Some shining stems fall down. He picks it up and says I found my way. He comes back to Dwarka Mai and plants them. It shines. Sai looks at the sky and closes his eyes, stars from the sky falls on it.

Sai asks for charity standing infront of someone’s house. Suwarna Bai comes there and tells that once her tamasha starts, if he stands there then will get more money. She plucks leaves and throws on his face.

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