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Ishq mein marjawan (ardeep fan fiction ) part 5

It’s morning and Nikku wakes up arohi bhabi gives him breakfast and tells him there is a surprise

Bhabi:Nikku my sweet son do you want a surprise?

Nikku:Yes!Yes!what is it?

Bhabi:Just go to that room

Nikku runs towards the room where arohi and deep are sleeping he enters the room and is delighted to see deep but gets scared to see arohi as he thinks that she is tara suddenly bhabi enters and assures him that she is arohi Nikku jumps on Bed seeing this deep wakes up

Deep:Naughty you came and disturbed me and Bua come here

Nikku:You bring Bua back

Deep:Yes I did now go kiss her but don’t wake her up let’s prepare breakfast first for her

Nikku goes and kisses arohi on cheek and leaves the room deep kisses arohi also on cheek and goes to bathroom to change  clothes After some time deep come out and sits beside arohi suddenly nikku come with breakfast for both of them Deep takes Nikku in his arms

Deep:Doesn’t Bua look beautiful while sleeping?

Nikku:She always looks beautiful

Deep:Yes she does now let’s wake her up

Nikku wakes arohi up she sees deep beside him arohi hugs Nikku and ask him why did he wake her up

Nikku:deep uncle told me now this is your breakfast have it Nikku leaves the room

Deep:Good morning let me see if you have fever

He checks her head

Arohi:Iam fine don’t worry about me

Deep:go get freshened I will be waiting for you

Arohi goes and changes her clothes and comes out wearing a beautiful pink and peach saree arohi is standing in front of the mirror deep comes from behind and hugs her

Deep:Today is a big day

Arohi:what do you mean?

Deep whispers in arohi ears and tells her a plan

Deep:but first have breakfast


They both have their breakfast after finishing the breakfast they go out when arohi sees bhabi and Nikku in car

Deep:Don’t worry I have told them the plan

They reach the richand mansion and are glad to find that there is no one at home after some time tara Roma and virat came all the lights are off suddenly a video starts playing of them confessing their sins the lights are on tara Roma and virat are shocked to find police and deep Arohi sitting on sofa

Deep:Your truth is out mummy ji

Tara:you cheater deep I will kill you

Roma:How has this happened?

Deep:Because of my arohi

Virat:Inspector he killed arohi Nikku and bhabi

Deep:I knew you would bring that up you two can come out

Bhabi and Nikku come out of the corner everyone is shocked to see them alive

Virat:but!but! you killed them

Deep:how could kill someone whom arohi loves soo much inspector take them

Police takes tara Roma and virat suddenly tara takes a gun and shoots at deep but arohi comes in front of deep and takes a bullet to chest




Precap:Deep takes Arohi to hospital doctor says there is very few chances of her saving


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